Majority of the Ships in Minecraft Diaries.

This is a list of the majority of ships in Minecraft Diaries, and a little bit of info about them. Some of them have actual pages, such as Garmau and will be linked too. Feel free to add ship moments, and other info about the particular ship. Do not add personal opinions though, keep those in the comments please.


( Garroth X Aphmau ) - First ship in Minecraft Diaries. This is one of the extremly popular ships, shipped from the very beginnig. First started to be shipped after garroth put a wedding ring in a chest aphmau had opened, but being the oblivious person she was, she didn't clue in. There is a fair chance of this happening in mystreet, but not so much anymore since Armau is sailing above all others, and has a big chance of becoming canon. The ship was sinking in the episodes leading up to the war Between O'Khasis, ScalesWind, and Phoenix Drop, due to Garroth being manipulated by Zane and Lillian. In the Irene dimenson, Garroth was no longer manipulated after Zane almost slayed Aphmau, and told her he loved her. Later on in the episode, "Dream or Reality." Aphmau is teleported to a Dream Dimenson, where she met Garroth, and Garroth had kissed her. They had met a couple more times, discussing what had been going on. After awhile, Aphmau had began to get worried that he was dead, talking to Travis one night telling him that he was the first guard she ever had. She has not seen him since, getting extremly fustrated about it. In a later episode after landing on the island the Wyverns were on, Raven confirmed that Garroth was still alive. In earlier episodes, there were moments such as when Aphmau was building Levin and Malachi's tree house. When she was putting fences up so no one would fall off, she saw Garroth and was about to greet him, except she fell off herself, and he ran to catch her. The episode is called. "Fallen Angel."


( Laurence X Aphmau ) - Second ship in Minecraft diaries. First started to be shipped after Laurance flirted with Aphmau when they first meet. He has been a big Catsanova for the longest time, and Aphmau had Garroth talk to him about it. He had a word. but Laurance was not stalled. Later, when they went to rescue The Chicken Shaman from the Nether, as they were leaving Laurance told them to go ahead, he would hold the enemies off. After they left he was turned into a Shadow Knight, and had escaped the realm barrier with his Wyvern, Ungrth. Ungrth sacrficed himself, dieing so Laurance could escape. After Laurance had made it out, they brought him to the extra room in Aphmau's house. There, his tattered clothes were replaced with new, and Cadenza had cut his long orangeish hair and dyed it a light brown. He had been blind for a breif period, then after a while something had happened, and he was no longer blind. There are certain moments, such as when Laurance had hugged Aphmau on the path. In season 2, when Aphmau was about to be married to Fenir, Laurance had transformed, going mad. He had slayed many of the werewolfs. The king, terrifed as Laurance was coming at him, edged backwards and fell off the balcony, dieing. Laurance would've killed Fenir, except Aphmau was pleading to him to stop. Eventually, Aphmau had ran and kissed him, making him realize who he really was. Afterwards in the forest they had a deep talk, and Laurance said that he would wait until they got Garroth out, to do anything with progressing there relationship. Afterwards in Scaleswind, when they were talking, Laurance had kissed her again. There are few moments here and there, so if anyone knows of them please add on.


Aarmau ( Aaron The Stranger X Aphmau ) - First started to be shipped in Mystreet when aphmau and Aaron were seen together at a Ihop and Kawaii~Chan thought they were dating. Has been growing since. Has a fair chance of happening in Minecraft Diaries.(Please add more info.)


Tablemau ( Table X Aphmau ) - A joke ship, started when Laurance said " Too late, my heart is already Taken by this table " And aphmau started flirting with the table. Will happen to matter what ( Just kidding, you can't marry a table )..(Please add more info.)


Celestemau ( Celeste X Aphmau ) - Another joke ship, first shipped when Celeste Kisses Aphmau under the mistletoe in Mystreet. .(Please add more info.)


Danmau ( Dante X Aphmau ) - No one actually Ships this anymore, Dante is already married to someone else, but I felt I shouldn't leave it out..(Please add more info.)


Gaurence/Larroth ( Garroth X Laurance ) - On the edge of being a joke ship ( Because it has a slight possibility of happening. ) First shipped when Laurance kissed Garroth in the Romeo and Juliet play. Has a slight ( Very slight ) Possibility of sailing..(Please add more info.)


Kemallyn ( Kenmur X Emmalynn ) - The only ship in Minecraft Diaries that has sailed. Currently Emmalynn and Kemur are married in the main series.(Please add more info.)


Laurable ( Laurance X Table.) - A Joke ship. Shipped for the same reason Tablemau is shipped..(Please add more info.)

Are there any Ships I missed? There Surely are. Comment any down bellow! Stay sweet ;)

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