A Demon's Son
Season 2, Episode 66
Post Date

February 13, 2016



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed by
  • Aphmau
  • Dom
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"The Island Shores"

"Into the Ruins"

"A Demon's Son" is the sixty-sixth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and it was uploaded on February 13th, 2016. It runs for 16 minutes and 38 seconds.


"The group stands in awe at the events that have just taken place... Laurance has something to say about it..."

Episode Overview

The episode begins with Shadow Knight Laurance charging at Travis and demanding answers about The Demon Warlock's sudden appearance and his last words to Travis as he disappeared. Aphmau tries to stop the two, but her efforts appear to be in vain.

Laurance and Travis

Shadow Knight Laurance grabbing Travis

Both Aaron and Vylad attempt to calm him down, and after a while of arguing, Laurance gives up and follows Vylad farther down the beach to mediate and cool down.

After Laurance and Vylad leave,Travis apologizes to the group, believing the whole entire ordeal to be his fault. Katelyn demands an explanation, as she and Aaron couldn't see The Demon Warlock, and Lucinda explains to them what had happened.

Aaron states that, while they couldn't see the Demon Warlock, they could see Vylad, Lucinda, Laurance, Travis, and Aphmau's reactions, and that they all took a battle stance, even Aphmau.


Laurance cooling down with Vylad

Katelyn then asks about the Demon Warlock being Travis's father, and Travis explains that his mother had spent his entire life keeping the Demon Warlock in check and protecting those he had tormented, but she lost her life sealing him away.

Lucinda then asks why Travis's mother had a child with the Demon Warlock, but Katelyn bursts in, saying that that wasn't important, and instead they should focus on where Travis's loyalties lie.

Aphmau and Aaron both defend Travis, stating that Katelyn should trust Aphmau's judgement and trust Travis, but Katelyn just sighs and says that, while she trusts that Travis is here to help Aphmau, Travis still has to earn her judgement. Travis then says that she can count on her, and Katelyn retorts by saying he should prove it, then she walks off to make a camp farther inland, calling out for Travis to assist her.

After Katelyn and Travis leave, Lucinda says that she's going back to the ship, and when Aphmau asks if everything is alright, Lucinda explains that she wants to see if Isabell and Lilith are alright. Lucinda asks if she should tell Isabelle and Chad whats going on, and Aphmau replies that she shouldn't, but should tell them to watch for any mystical activity that's going on. Lucinda agrees, and rides a broom over to spend the night with Lilith, Isabelle, and Chad on the ship.

Flying on a broom

Lucinda riding a broom to the ship

After Lucinda leaves, Aaron says that they should head to where Katelyn and Travis are making camp, and Aphmau reluctantly agrees, saying that she wanted to check on Vylad and Laurance before they left. Aaron points out that they can't do much for him because he needs time to himself, and then he and Aphmau head into the forest to where Katelyn and Laurance are making camp.

The episode then cuts to the next morning, where Aphmau is seen sleeping in an empty camp. She then wakes up, and groggily realizes that the camp looks completely bare, and panics, calling and searching for her missing camp mates. Vylad then interrupts her, and Aphmau looks around spots him in a nearby tree. Aphmau then asks what happened, and Vylad replies that the group headed out exploring, and left Vylad to keep an eye on Aphmau while she was sleeping. He then, jokingly replies with. "Did you know that you drool in your sleep!", while trying not to burst into laughter. Aphmau glares at him for a moment before he quickly takes it back and says he was trying to lighten the mood.

Aphmau asks where Aaron, Laurance, Katelyn, and Travis went, and Vylad replies that Aaron had headed to the shore, and Katelyn, Travis, and Laurance went up to the mountain to get a better look at the island. Aphmau is shocked that the three went out together, and Vylad replies that he doesn't know why, but he thinks Katelyn can keep the group together.

Standing gaurd

Vylad standing guard

Aphmau then assumes that its just Vylad and her exploring the island, when Chad interrupts then both, saying what an amazing island it is. Aphmau is surprised, he jumps down from the tree he was standing on, and says that his comrades had told him to be quiet and not wake her up. He goes on until Aphmau interrupts him, asking why he was there, since he was on the boat the night before, and Chad replies that he was, until early in the morning Lucinda suggested that he leave the ship and explore the island, even saying that she would teleport him there.

Chad then runs off, leaving Aphmau and Vylad no choice but to follow him. Aphmau is confused, but Vylad says they should go with Chad because of the Demon Warlock's threat. Chad then comes back, saying that its a mysterious island and there might be "booty traps'' and curses all over the island, then he runs off again, and Aphmau and Vylad follow him.

As Aphmau and Vylad follow Chad into the forest, Chad dashing around and looking at every plant and interesting thing on the way, Aphmau asks how Laurance is on controlling his Shadow Knight powers. Vylad states that, while Laurance is in control for now, it takes a lot to control powers like that, and some days are good, and some are bad.

Talk my little vylad talk

Vylad and Aphmau discussing Shadow Knight feelings

Aphmau admits that Vylad is right, and she believes in Laurance, but she's afraid of Laurance losing control and killing everyone in a blind fury. Vylad then describes what being a Shadow Knight is like, the

urge to let go and kill everything, and, in attempt to decribe it, compares the feeling to a cake always in front of you but you're not able to get to the cake.

Aphmau is confused, but she attempts to understand the it as "a temptation that's constantly there, but you can't get to it". Vylad apologizes for not being able to describe it better, since it's different for all Shadow Knights. They both continue walking after Chad, and Aphmau notes that Laurance had never talked to her about the feeling, and Vylad points out that no one wants to worry someone they love, and admits that he still has his moments, when they're both interrupted by Chad finding a strange structure.


The tower-like ruins

They both follow him to the ruins of a tower-like structure, and Aphmau suggests that it might be an outpost, and Chad agrees, and suggests that it could also be a guard tower. Chad explores the ruins, jumping from block. He then runs to a house-like structure nearby, and Vylad and Aphmau run after him. Aphmau is stopped by a rusty sword on the ground, but she continues after Chad into the ruins, where a rusty shovel was lying on the ground.

Aphmau goes down a ladder Chad put down to the lower level, where a rusty pickaxe leans on a wall and another weathered sword laying on the ground. There's two banners hanging on the wall, one blank and the other has a strange symbol on it. Vylad comes down the ladder, and from upstairs, Chad suggests that the room might be a store room, then he comes down the ladder.

After coming down the ladder, Chad runs off, and Aphmau inches closer to the rusty sword, and then notices a strange smell. She goes out side to see Chad, who is on the top of the ruins, and asks him about the smell. He replies that it's "the smell of learning". Aphmau walks back into the bottom floor, and asks Vylad about his soft spot for sweets.

Down to the basement

The bottom floor to the ruins

Vylad denies having a sweet spot, but Aphmau points out that cake counted as a sweet, and Vylad then quickly corrects himself. He then mentions that his mother used to bake, not cook, but bake, and that Vylad, Garroth, and Zane would fight over the first peice of cake.

Aphmau wonders about what the bottom room was used for, but she is interrupted by Travis. Aphmau asks Travis how he got to the ruins, and Travis replied that he heard Chad's yelling. Travis then tells Aphmau, Vylad and Chad that they found something interesting and should follow him. When Aphmau asks him what it was, Travis says that he has no idea.

Mysterious Ruins

The village-like ruins

They run off, and the episode ends with Katelyn, Chad, Laurance, Travis, Aphmau, and Vylad looking out from a cliff into an old, village-like group of structures.


  • This is the first episode that The Demon Warlock is seen in the thumbnail.
  • The thumbnail for this video features The Demon Warlock