*The episode begins with Aphmau walking out of her room. Aaron is walking upstairs. The two meet and start talking.*

Aaron: "Morning!"

Aphmau: *Yawns* "Morning... I couldn't sleep."

Aaron: "Hahaha. Yeah, I saw you walkin' around like a zombie earlier. Hah, it was hilarious."

Aphmau: "Pfft. Please, I'm adorable."

Aaron: "You won't get an argument out of me."

Aphmau: *Screams* "So, did you sleep alright?"

Aaron: "Not at all. Ugh, those new neighbors are really loud."

Aphmau: "Ugghh. They're the worst."

*Aaron turns around to look out a window.*

Aaron: "Hey, it looks like they're out on their roof."

Aphmau: "Really? Let me see!"

*The two walk over to a window.*

Aphmau: "Ah, it's a couple! Oh! And I think they're kissing! Oooh!"

Aaron: "Then maybe leave them alone."

Aphmau: "Are you kidding? After they be acting like they wanna try and run the world, I've earned the right to spy on our new fun neighbors." *Mumbles* "'Cause I can be fun too. They just don't know about it 'cause I'm really fun."

*They walk over to a balcony to get a better look at their new neighbors.*

Aphmau: "Hey. Do they look familiar to you?"

Aaron: "Oh no..."

*There is a view of the two new neighbors, who are Aphmau's mom, Savannah and Katelyn's dad, Eric.*

Aphmau: "MOM!?"

*Aphmau's mom looks over to the balcony where Aphmau and Aaron are standing.*

Savannah: "Uh, Aphmau!"

*Aaron starts slowly backing away.*

Aphmau: *Freaking out* "...My mom. MY MOM!? My mom is over there! My mom is right over there! Oh my g-! What is she doing over there? My mother! AARON! MY MOM! MOM! Aaron, that's my mom!"

*Aaron and Aphmau's mom look at each other. Aphmau's mom is extremely angry.*

Savannah: "YOU!"

*Aaron looks away.*

Aaron: "Uhhh..."


*Aaron runs. Then, the MyStreet Season 2 Intro Animation plays with a view of the water park and the resort. After that, Aphmau and Aaron stand in front of their new neighbors' house.*

Aphmau: "Okay. So the plan is to get my mom to love you, and then, we tell her we're dating. Though... we could just outright tell her but--"

Aaron: "Do I look crazy to you? Your mother hates me."

Aphmau: "Hate is an understatement... Heh..."

Aaron: "I am not ready to die."

*Aphmau moves closer to Aaron.*

Aphmau: "Hehe. Good. 'Cause I've got plans for you."

Aaron: "What kind of plans?"

*They get interrupted by Aphmau's mom.*

Savannah: "There you are!"

Aphmau: "Ah! Mom! I can't believe it! Heh."

Savannah: "I know right, mija. Who would of thought we'd run into each other," *Looks at Aaron* "HERE of all places?"

Aaron: "Haha, yeah. Crazy right?"

*The next scene is Aaron, Aphmau, Eric, and Savannah sitting on the couch on the roof.*

Aphmau: "So... How did you guys manage to get tickets for this place?"

Savannah: "Ohhh... right... yes... How we got here... Well, that's simple... we... uhh--"

Eric: "I got these tickets from a friend of mine."

Aphmau: "Really? Woah! Your friend must have connections. Isn't it super hard to get reservations here?"

Eric: "Hehehe. You're not wrong, but you see, my friend had some other friends and well, let's just say--"

Savannah: "TICKETS!"

Eric: "That they had tickets to this place. Hehehe, yeah."

Savannah: "Hahaha, yup. And isn't this place amazing? The air feels so clean and have you seen the view from the roof? Ahh, it's just beautiful."

Aphmau: "Yeah, it's so nice. Aaron and I were on the roof earlier and..." *Gasps* "THE ROOF!"

Savannah: "Yes, honey, that's what I said."

Aphmau: "We saw you on the roof... KISSING!"

Eric: "Uhhh... Now Aphmau I know what you're thinking, but your mother and me--"


Savannah: "Sweetie, calm down."

Aphmau: "Are you... and Katelyn's dad... DATING!?"

Eric: "Okay, yes. You're right. I am seeing your mother. It's just... she's one of the gol darn prettiest gals I've ever known and... it's been a might lonely back home. And one thing led to another and..." *Almost crying* "And... I'm sorry we're just a bunch of rotten liars."

Aaron: "Was he always like this?"

Aphmau: "Are you kidding me? Like... all the time! Remember Katelyn's prom meltdown? He's a hundred times worse than that!"

*Aphmau's mom moves close to Katelyn's dad.*

Savannah: "Awww, you big teddy bear. There, there. It's alright."

*She moves away from Eric.*

Eric: "I-I'm sorry. I-I panicked. I didn't know what to do. I know what we said, but Aphmau... your mother and me have been seeing each other for a while now. We said that we were gonna wait before telling you, but I didn't want to keep secrets from ya. Truth the matter is, I like your mother a heck of a lot and... I just want you to like me too."

Aphmau: "Aww, that's really sweet! But I already like you."

Eric: *Crying* "You mean it?"

Aphmau: "Of course I mean it. I've known you most of my life, and... I can't think of anyone else I'd like to see with my mother."

Savannah: "Thank you, mija." *Turns toward Eric* "See, boobear? What did I tell you?"

Aphmau: "Oh, wow! I'm so happy for you guys! But this is a little crazy... Oh, I can't wait to tell Katelyn!"

Savannah: "NO!"

Aphmau: "What? Why not? We have to tell her about this! She should know!"

Savannah: "Well, yes. You're right. And we will tell Katelyn... It's only that--"

Eric: "My sugar pea... doesn't take too kindly to her old man going out on dates."

*A flashback appears. Young Katelyn and her father are talking in their house.*

Young Katelyn: "What do you mean you're going on a date?"

Eric: "Now, sugar pea, it's just to get some coffee..."

*Young Katelyn pulls out a flint and steel and starts lighting the house on fire. She also screams while doing so. She sits on a chair while her father breaks the window and runs out of the house. Then, the scene is back in Love~Love Paradise.*

Aaron: "He's... got a good point there."

Eric: "It's not like we wanna keep it from my little sugar pea."

Savannah: "That's right. We're going to tell her... We just want to wait for the right time."

Aphmau: "Fine..." *Sighs* "I'm not happy about it, but as long as you plan on telling Katelyn soon, I'll keep your secret."

Eric: "Phew. Thank ya. It means a lot to me."

Savannah: "Oh, enough about us. Are your other friends from high school with you? We know that Katelyn and..." *Stares at Aaron* "AARON are here."

Aaron: "Good to see you too."

Savannah: "But who else? Ooh, what about your not-alone-buddy? What's his name again?"

Aphmau: "Travis? He's not here, but we've been trying to call him... no answer. Eheh. But I'm sure he's fine! I wonder if Katelyn actually called him today..."

*The next scene is at the boys' house on MyStreet. Travis is in Garroth's room and on his computer.*

Travis: *Singing* "Looking through Garroth's browser history~. Ah, say you like to look at wattpad do you now, Garroth~?"

*Brendan walks in.*

Brendan: "Hey... uh... Travis?"

Travis: "Ah! I wasn't looking at anyone's browser history! Haha."

Brendan: "Huh, really? Wow, what a great roommate. If it were me, I'd look through everyone's browser hist--uh... Oh right... uh... So, I may or may not have... uh... burnt the cookies?"

Travis: "How bad?"

*They hear a smoke alarm going off.*

Travis: "AHH! MY COOKIES!"

*They walk into the kitchen to see the entire kitchen is on fire. They start freaking out. Then, we're back in Love~Love Paradise.*

Savannah: "Such a nice boy."

Aphmau: "Ugghh. Yes, mom, I know you liked Travis."

*Savannah turns toward Eric.*

Savannah: "Why don't you run along and get us some drinks from the kitchen? I don't get to see my beautiful baby girl nearly enough!"

Eric: "Sure thing, my schmoospie bear. One paradise lemonade coming right up! What would you like, Aphmau?"

Aphmau: "SCHMOOSPIE BEAR? Did you-- SCHMOOSPIE BEAR! My mom is--"

Aaron: *Aphmau's still freaking out while he talks* "Ugghh, she'll have the same."

Eric: "Okey doke. Two paradise lemonades coming right up!"

*Eric starts walking off but is stopped by Savannah.*

Savannah: "Oh, and teddy bear, could you fix some of those delicious strawberry puffs you make so well too?"

Eric: "Anything for you, loveboat!"

*He walks away.*

Savannah: "Now... There's something very important I want to discuss with you."

Aphmau: "Mom? Is everything alright? What's wrong? *Worried* You're not dying, are you?"

Savannah: "Mija, calm down. Everything is fine. I have no idea where you get this flair for the dramatic from. No... What I want to talk about is... babies."

Aphmau: "BABIES!? Hahahaha, aren't you getting a little old to have a baby?"

Savannah: "Don't be fronting yo'. I'm a fine woman, still in my prime."

Aphmau: "Uhh... No disrespect yo'. I just didn't think that was still your thing."

Savannah: "Babies are always my thing, buttercheeks! Though you're not entirely wrong, it's grandbabies I want, from you."

*Aaron looks away, his face bright red.*

Aphmau: *Shocked* "WHAT!? ...Ehehe... Well, I'd..." *Looks at Aaron* "Love to have babies."

*Aaron passes out, his face still bright red. Aphmau realizes what she just said, and her face turns bright red too.*

Savannah: *Sighs* "I'm glad you two are just friends. See how immature he is? Can't even handle talking about babies."

Aphmau: "I... don't think...--uh Aaron--In any case, I'm not ready yet, y'know? I kind of need to have a boyfriend first. Hehehehehe."

Savannah: "I know! That's what we need to talk about. I'm not getting any younger, and I want to enjoy those grandbabies! Also, I want you to have lots of them!"

Aphmau: "Mom?"

*Eric comes back. Aaron also wakes up.*

Eric: "Are we talking about babies? Have I ever told you about my Katelyn as a baby? She was the cutest darn thing I'd ever laid eyes on. Looked just like a little sugar pea." *Almost crying* "Made me feel gushier than a strawberry puff."

Aaron: "Strawberry puff?"

Aphmau: "J-Just roll with it."

*Eric pulls out a table and places it down and then places the drinks on the table while talking.*

Eric: "Ahem... Here you go ladies, a paradise lemonade for each of ya.

Savannah: "Thank you, Eric. Now, listen to me mija, we have to get you a boyfriend. You've been single long enough.

Aaron: "Boyfriend, huh?"

Savannah: "You've got a problem with that, tough guy? You've already had your chance when you took her to prom. I won't let you get in my way again."

Aphmau: "Mom! I told you this before, I don't need a boyfriend!"

Savannah: "I know what you said before, and even if you say you don't, I know you do."

Aphmau: "Eheh, you do?"

Savannah: "Of course I do. It's in the way you say it, soulful of loneliness. Why else would you of adopted a dog?"

Aphmau: "Celestia?"

Savannah: "Yes, Celestia. She's a great dog, but you're on a slippery slope. First, you tell yourself you don't need a boyfriend. Then, you adopt a dog. Next thing you know, you adopt 20, all strays off of the street. You just drive around the neighborhood, looking for another dog to keep you company. I've seen it happen a hundred times."

Aphmau: "You have, huh?"

Savannah: "It's just so sad, and I don't want that to happen to you, mija. You're just too pretty to not have a boyfriend at this age."

Aphmau: "What happened to the mom who used to chase boys away from our house?"

Aaron: "I remember her."

*Savannah gets angry again. Then, Katelyn walks up the stairs and sees the group talking.*

Katelyn: "Oh there you are. Kawaii~Chan said you might be here--DAD!?"

Eric: "Uhh. Hey there sugar pea!"

*Aaron stands up.*

Savannah: "Hi, Katelyn."

Katelyn: "And Aphmau's mom? What are you guys doing here?"

Eric: "Uhhhh..."

*Aphmau walks over to Katelyn.*

Aphmau: "Uhhh... Surprise! Aaron and I invited your... dad and... my mom to the island! Hehe... It's been a long time since we've... we've either seen... both of us y'know haven't seen our parents, so I thought it would be a perfect time to catch up! Heh, isn't this great, Katelyn? Hehe."

Katelyn: "Sure, I guess. It has been a while since I've seen my dad."

Eric: "And you never call."

Katelyn: "Not this again..." *Sighs*

Savannah: "Oh, Eric, you leave her alone. Ignore him, Katelyn, we have more important things to discuss! Like who would make the best boyfriend for Aphmau!"

Katelyn: "Boyfriend? But isn't--"

Aphmau: *Coughs* "Not now." *Coughs*

Katelyn: "Uhh... Isn't that something you never wanted for Aphmau? You were always scaring boys away back in high school."

Savannah: "Not all of them. I was just talking to Aphmau about Travis. What do you think of the two of them together?Pretty cute, right?"

Katelyn: "Travis and Aphmau? HA! Hahahaha! Ughh, Travis..."

Aphmau: "You know what we should do? We should TRAVEL--hehe--back home, that's right. Hehehe. Besides, we spent too much time here. C'mon Aaron, Katelyn, let's go! He."

Katelyn: "Well, I'd love to stay longer, but I'm actually tired from playing beach volleyball all day. Hmm... Speaking of Travis... Oh wait, I was suppose to call him!"

*Back at MyStreet, the boys' house is in flames, and Brendan stands outside. Travis is still inside. He's next to a pile of boxes filled with feathers.*

Travis: "Gotta grab all the fireworks before the fire makes them explode the house! Uh... Let's see. There's feathers, feathers." *A box of exploding feathers gets set on fire* "OH NO!"

*Travis gets flown through the air, and he screams. Then, the episode ends.*