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In darkness there lays a woman with snow white hair with eyes that violet eyes that shine when the sparks lit them. Fear is the last thing in her mind. The lashing thought that this could be her end. The women screams with pain. "Sasha." A steel voice says. Sasha tears in her eyes as she stares into the dimly lighten room. A hand briefs over Sasha's silky hair. He smiles and kisses her on the forehead. Sasha brushes him off snorting. He holds her hand and whispers in her ear "I love you." Sasha nods smiling. A smile has not appeared on the her face in over 20 years. The smile quickly vanishes from her face as she lets out scream of agony. Hours pass and finally Sasha holds a baby girl in her sweat induced arms. Sasha strokes the cat ears on her daughter. As tears fall from her eyes. Exhausted Sasha falls under the spell of sleep the last thing she sees is the eyes of her husband.

Chapter 1 A cat eared thief

I walk through the sand dry and rough on my bear feet. The golden anklets rattle as I walk. A thick sweat has already formed on my brow. I wipe it away and think about what to do for my free hours. I decide to head to the market. Quickly, pulling over my purple silk scarf over my ears and over my mouth as well as my nose. I scan for any guards wishing not to be caught. I slipped over to the closest stall and grab multiple mangos and stuff them in my satchel. The owner of the stall an over-weight human man that I've stolen from multiple times but, I knew I was defiantly going to get caught eventually. I causally strolled away from the stall. As soon as I was out of the owner's view I sprinted away. The cobblestone streets felt were hot even though they were covered in junk and red sand the burned your toes if you walked on it bear foot. I could see the building of were I called home. I suddenly felt the impact of crashing into something that something a person. A guard to be exact. His helm had come off in the impact. My satchel did too still closed. Strands of hair fell in my face. I hurried to grab my bag. The guard looked at me. "I very sorry ma'm." He said. I di

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