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Aaron Starlight

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Full Name

Aaron Lycan

  • FC
  • Aaron Wolfwere

Ultima Werewolf




December 17





Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Black
  • Red (Untamed)
Professional Status
  • Aphmau's Maid Cafe
  • Lucinda's Shop
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • Unnamed Military Academy
  • Phoenix Drop High
  • Unnamed College
  • Butler
  • Security Guard
  • Lucinda's Apprentice
Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Student Alpha
  • Student Omega

Aphmau (Fiancé)

Personal Status






First Appearance
Voice Actor
  • Jason/Dom (Adult)
  • Joseph (Young)

Aaron is a main character who first appears in Mistletoe Wars PT.2: The Kiss.


Aaron was ignored as a child because his family was always working in business. He failed to make very many friends, due to the fact that he is an Ultima, his father didn't want to risk him turning someone. His father even sent him to a military academy to keep him from becoming close with anyone. This all caused his gruff and introverted manor. In his early adulthood he was still more of an introvert. After reconnecting with Aphmau, he disregarded his father's strict rules and chose to make friends and be with Aphmau. This allowed him to become more outgoing.

Early Life

Not much is known about his life before MyStreet or even Phoenix Drop High for that matter. But according to Jeffory, Aaron transferred from a military academy during his senior year, though Aaron was and presumably still is very sensitive and secretive about his time there, as well as the fact that he went there at all, and doesn't like to talk about it.

Before Aaron attended Phoenix Drop High, he and Aphmau became friends through the internet while playing video games. Though they didn't know each other's real identity, they have been texting each other for a long time, it is most likely they met online sometime in the year before MyStreet Phoenix Drop High happened.

His family also seems strict to the point of coming off as abusive, and tends to keep an eye on him. This is proven by his mother saying "You're lucky we even let you leave for college," and his father telling him about his responsibilities and why he shouldn't be seeing people. They also say they have eyes everywhere and his mother saying they check in on the school, her exact words being "and we got a call from the school saying you left campus." Although we don't know how long this has been going on for, it has at least been long enough for Aaron to call his father "sir" and being questioned if he doesn't.

His parents also have had his and his sister's lives planned out, wanting to make them part of the family business. Even though Aaron has shown he doesn't like or appreciate this.

Because he was unable to turn into his werewolf form, no werewolf kids wanted to play with him. The only friend Aaron had in his childhood was Alexander. However, when walking the dog, Derek got distracted by his phone and accidentally let Alexander run away. This event only made things worse for Aaron.

To keep others from finding out he was a werewolf, Aaron ate chocolate, which was toxic to him, but always vomited it up later when no one was looking.

Derek revealed in "I Love You Aaron", that the reason they were strict and abusive to Aaron was to hide his Ultima powers and deep down, he regretted his decision as controlling Aaron isn't helping and that it caused him to be with Aphmau more as she helped control his powers.

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

Link Arc


Link Arc


He wore a red jacket (with the hood up and with a red bandana sometimes), black pants and black boots in the first season.

At Love~Love Paradise, he wore an opened short-sleeved red jacket and red swim shorts.

In the third season of MyStreet (Lover's Lane), he wears a red jacket with no sleeves. He also wears gloves and is very fit as you can see on the character design of his arms. It is very similar and almost exact to his Valentine's Date outfit.

Overall, he has a moderate tan and has black eyes and hair and seems to be quite fit.

In "You Should (Never) Be Alone", it is revealed that the reason why Aaron wears a torn pieced of his jacket/hoodie to avoid turning humans into werewolves using his eyes when angered. In MyStreet: The Emerald Secret he has a grayish black shirt and a red jacket or hoodie ,normal pants, and black boots. As of "Always..." his outfit is torn up. He is also wearing some bandages.

As a cat, he is very dark gray with a teeny red hoodie.

In his werewolf form, his ears and tail are dark grey with dark red tips. Because he's an Ultima, they are extra fluffy.

As of season 5, he is covered in scars. He also wears a purple jacket and swim trunks. However, due to Aphmau's healing magic attempts, the scars are slowly dissapearing.

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Screenshot 2017-05-21 at 5.30.19 PM


In MyStreet, he keeps his calm, kind, helpful and understanding personality with him. Like his Minecraft Diaries counterpart, he often talks briefly or not at all. During the holidays, while the girls and the guys had a decoration contest, Aaron's house stood out the most as he covered his house entirely, officially winning the contest. 

He tends to keep to himself, often isolating from the main group and prefers to do things solo. Aaron shows up on the nick of time, especially during the auditions of the play, where he gladly accepts to play the part of Romeo. His looks and personality tops the guys as they see him as a threat. His character is good-natured, measured by Celeste, who stays with Aaron when Aphmau is busy.

When he is alone with Aphmau, he is more outgoing, loud and social. Aaron is more teasing too. 

After the kiss with Aphmau, he is more social and wanted to ask Aphmau a question but is interrupted by Travis' arrival.

In the Valentine's Day arc, Aaron showed his more carefree and playful behavior to Zane and Aphmau. He enjoyed Zane's embarrassment, but meant nothing harsh.

During Katelyn and Lucinda's competition to see who could figure out more about Aaron and Aphmau relationship wise. Aphmau revealed that Aaron had attempted to sing the "Love is an Open Door" duet with her. She did not reveal but rather just remembered fondly how he helped Aphmau tailor her dress to her taste by putting it on.

During Zianna's visit, he showed clear jealousy towards Zane, who at the time was pretending to date Aphmau for Zianna's wishes.

In the second episode of A-Con 2016, Aphmau teased Aaron of the fact that he hides his knack for the guitar and Zane enjoys ponies. He also has known of Aphmau since seventh grade (according to him) but this is quite controversial. Considering the fact that he shows no acknowledgement towards Aphmau in any of the classes they've been in together. However, he was most likely referring to himself as FC and not himself, in A-Con, part 2 he says "Well, I've know OF her since middle school, it wasn't until..." (Aphmau, at this point, has interrupted) he says this After being asked (by Zane) how he and Aphmau met.

In the final episode of A-Con, Aaron asks Aphmau to be his girlfriend. Aphmau does not want to say yes at first, worrying about what the others would think, especially Garroth, Laurance and Zane. Zane walks in and tells Aphmau that Aaron asked him if he minded them dating and that's all that matters. She finally says yes. Garroth and Laurance accepted that Aphmau and Aaron love each other and that they can't do anything about that. In Kawaii~Chan's picture that she takes out the end of the episode, Aaron is seen kissing Aphmau. (That episode is also known as 'The Best Day Ever' for Aarmau shippers, and 'The Worst Day Ever' for any other-mau shippers (Garmau, Laurmau, etc.).

He also is quite cunning as in "Omega" he hatches a plan to keep Ein from the Werewolf Games. He uses the fact that Ein stole Aphmau's phone to give Ein false information and make him miss the Games.

His love for Aphmau has been shown to be strong. When asked what he knew about her, he was able to give several facts such as a cat face she makes when she pouts and her favorite dish in Olive Garden. For 3 months, he went through hard labor and several jobs, determined to earn enough money by himself to make Aphmau's dream of going to Starlight Wonderland come true. Also, when Aphmau was under control by two forever potions, he took lethal punishment, even from her, just to get her back. He is also shown to accept Aphmau moving on. This is shown at first when he saw her with Ein and decided to make him alpha. Also, when given a choice on whether to free Aphmau from Ein or maker her not hate him, he picked to have her still hate him, knowing that she would at least be free to choose her own path. He also lets her scratch his ears, but finds it annoying if she does it without asking. Also, when Aphmau popped the question about turning her into a werewolf, the same question that Ein demanded Aaron to do, he decided to not do it out of fear that it will hurt her more than her fearing to hurt him, after all, he worry that she wasn't careful and accidently opened her eyes when she stopped him from attempting to harm the Ein-lookalike.

Like Aphmau, Aaron also suffers from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), due to the tragic incident at the lodge, but in a more severe form called complex post-traumatic stress disorder, or C-PTSD, which can sometimes occurs after surviving psycological and emotional abuse, which is what Ein and Aphmau (under the forever potion) did to him. According to "Scars", Aaron mention that he couldn't sleep as he had a nightmare. He kept hearing Aphmau's cruel words from "I Will Always Love You" in his mind echoing all over again despite people telling him to forget about the incident and move on, and keeps talking about how her mocking about his loneliness and her true feelings about their relationship are true. He also mention that during his coma, he had a recurring nightmare where he was trapped in absolute despair, being unable to move or breathe or scream. He could only watch in horror as he keeps seeing a vision of Aphmau, who assumingly succeeded in killing him, living a happy life with Ein as they hang out alongside the rest of the gang, who acted as if he never existed, and the nightmare keeps repeating and repeating and every time it repeats, he kept begging that he wake up from his nightmare. Regular nightmares are usually visual, but complex PTSD are also emotional, which is why Aaron spend the first five minutes explaining his overwhelming rush of hopelessness during his nightmare to Aphmau.

Other symptoms of his trauma that are somewhat specific to C-PTSD is how he seems somewhat nervous to hang with Blaze, Maria and the trio pups other than that he's trying to adjust to his werewolf life as Ein tormented him by revealing he's not human. He is also somewhat socially awkward near Aphmau herself as he keeps apologizing and accidentally exhibit werewolf behaviors that he's too embarrassed to explain, such as licking, as it was Aphmau who tormented his mind the most as she actually harmed and killed him. Just like when Aphmau was alone on the beach, Aaron thinks negative about himself and has self-hating thoughts, calling himself a "failure" and "worthless" because he felt he failed to protect Aphmau. Also, in episode 7, he spotted a werewolf guest that looked almost similar to Ein, save for the eye color and hair dye, causing him to remembered the trauma and snapped. He awaken his Ultima eyes, and was about to attack and possibly kill the guest in a blind rage, another sign of PTSD: aggression. Fortunately he was able to snap out of it by Aphmau, who gave him a bandana. Aphmau even mention that anything that reminds him that he's not human will make him snap in anger.

However, symptoms of C-PTSD can be seen even before Emerald Secret, meaning it's possible parts of his PTSD have been influenced by his traumatic childhood.

Phoenix Drop High

In Phoenix Drop High,he is shown to be hostile, angry, and defensive. In "Werewolf Class", he was aggressive towards Balto, a werewolf student, with the fight escalating and Aaron throwing Balto through a window beside the desk. Aphmau attempted to disrupt to fight beforehand, not wanting anyone to get hurt, but Aaron expressed frustration at her actions. His hostility caused Aphmau to feel intimidated and she backed away. After the fight, she tries to befriend him, but this fails as he showed clear displeasure and brushed off her apology.

They are later seen sitting next to each other in detention and Aphmau once again tries to get on more friendly terms with him, but he asks her to go away and asks what she doesn't understand about him wanting to be alone. When she says that she personally doesn't like being alone, he responds, saying "Just because you can't stand it doesn't mean that someone else doesn't like it. Now. Go. Away.".

In the episode "Fight or Flight" Aaron's personality became quite tsundere, as he softens to Aphmau through the door of the school's music practice room. He plays his guitar while consoling Aphmau and helping her situation against Gene. He also later in the school day destroys Gene's phone along with the picture, showing that although he's cold and hostile on the outside, he has a heart, deep down in him that he only shows to Aphmau (similar to Zane in official MyStreet). He still acts hostile to her refusing to show his softer side until later in the series. He also seems to know how to fight other people such as Gene, as it is mentioned that he has been in 5 fights so far.

In "Aaron VS Aphmau", his competitive side is viewed. During the competition, he went against Aphmau and her group but ultimately lost. The lost caused him to become more aggressive, showing displeasure when he does not win. Later in the episode, Aaron showed his deceiving side when he and Aphmau did the running competition. Once Aphmau's guard was left wide open, he ran to the finish line, leaving her speechless and furious. Later in that episode, Ivy locks Aphmau in his locker, which lead her to fall on top of him. When she did, he blushed. 

In "She-Wolf", Aaron sees Aphmau as a werewolf in a maid outfit and blushes again. 

In "Aaron's Friend", he thinks that the werewolf thing was fake and tries to grab Aphmau's tail and ears. When he finds out they are real, he blushes and tries to defend himself by saying that he asked if they were real and Aphmau says she didn't like the way he did. Later on that episode, we find out that Lily (his deceased wife in Minecraft Diaries) is his friend, which tends to flirt with him without his notice. She is also seen talking with him in the background of the episode "Aaron VS Aphmau". However, according to "Meeting FC", It's revealed that Lily was only using Aaron in accordance with Gene's plans. 


FC is Aphmau's Internet friend in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

He made his first appearance via a text message in "Werewolf Class", and in "Meeting FC", he made his first physical appearance, revealing him to be Aaron in person.


In the episode "Meeting FC", it turns out FC is Aaron. When Aphmau finds out FC is Aaron she tries to leave, but Aaron tells her "It's going to be okay.", then they start to talk. This is how Aaron and Aphmau became friends in the first place, according to Phoenix Drop High.


On Aphmau's phone, it is a sword icon. He is Aphmau's online/internet friend going by the name of FC, which most fans presumed to stand for Falcon Claw, Aaron's old village in Minecraft Diaries, which he was lord of before everyone died because of Zane. However this was denied by Jason saying that it's an abbreviation of the username he was known under when met Jess and the two instances are purely coincidental.

Episode Appearances

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

Season 1

Season 2

The Big Move


Season 1

Season 2

The Bigger Move

Season 3

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Season 4 Prequel

Season 4

Aphmau's Year

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  • The name Aaron is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name varies and can sometimes mean "lofty", "enlightened", "exalted", or "high mountain". Biblically, Aaron was Moses' older brother (and keeper by God's command).
  • His last name Lycan is a shortening of lycanthrope, the scientific term for "werewolf" (literally "Wolfman") further hinting at him being a werewolf
  • According to Jeffory, Aaron transferred from a Military Academy during his senior year and had gotten into three fights in his first week.
  • Based on the episode "How the Zane Stole Christmas" Aaron waits awake by his fireplace with a bat, presumably to prevent Santa from coming into his house, though the exact reason why has never been explained.
  • In MyStreet episode "Aaron and Aphmau", Aaron cosplays as Gray Fullbuster from "Fairy Tail", which was a favorite character of Aphmau's when she was in high school. It may be notable to mention that Aphmau told Aaron that she thinks Gray Fullbuster is hot in high school and he said that he looks stupid for him.
  • In "Cosplay and Chaos!" of MyStreet, Aaron mentions that he's known of Aphmau since middle school.
  • When Sasha did Aphmau's palm reading, she said that her fate line conflicted with someone she knew, most likely Aaron.
  • Aaron can play a guitar.
  • When it comes to "the birds and the bees", Aaron gets so uncomfortable that his nose begins to bleed and sometimes he passes out.
  • It was confirmed that Aaron is FC in "Meeting FC".
    • Contrary to popular belief, FC does not actually stand for Falcon Claw, the village Aaron was the Lord of in Minecraft Diaries. It was an abbreviation of the username that Jason used when he met Jess. The two were simply pure coincidental.[1]
  • Aaron knows how to cook very well, saving dinner in the episode "Who's Coming to Dinner?" as his Dad often burns dinner, making him fortunately pick up a few tricks.
  • His hoodie appears to have changed to be more of a dark red color. This is first shown in the second season of MyStreet
  • Aphmau is Aaron's first kiss, confirmed in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High episode 30, "Their First Kiss".
  • At Love~Love Paradise, Aaron no longer wears a hoodie. Also, in The Neighboorhood Play story arc of MyStreet Season 1, Aaron no longer wears his hood and mask, allowing his face to be seen.
  • It was said that in Aaron's senior year of High-school, he was 6'1. He may have grown but it is not confirmed.
  • In Emerald Secret (MyStreet Season 4), episode "I Will Always Love You", Ein confronts Aaron and states that the Lycan family is a direct bloodline to the Ultima Werewolf, or as Lucinda states in the previous episode, the first werewolf that ever existed. Ein makes note that Aaron's last name is Lycan (a play on lycanthrope) and knows that he is the Ultima descendant.
    • This helps explain some instances in the past, such as his enhanced sense of smell (snoother), his ability to run great distances in seconds, his knowledge of werewolf culture, and his superhuman strength.
    • This might also be the reason why he was put in werewolf class during his senior year.
  • In episode "You Should (Never) Be Alone", it was revealed that whenever Aaron loses control of his temper, when his eyes turn red. Any human who looks at his eyes at this state turns into a werewolf. This is the reason why Aaron has a bandanna over his eyes in Season one of Mystreet.
  • Due to his lack of control, Aaron had to hide his ability of turning humans into werewolves. This is due to humans fearing ultima werewolves again.
    • In the episode "Always...", Aaron is shown to be able to convert werewolves into humans as demonstrated in his fight with Ein. It appears that werewolves that are turned human from an Ultima, become immune to Ultima eyes, as Ein had looked at Aaron when they were still red and hadn't begun turning into a werewolf again.
    • It is revealed the next episode that Aphmau soothes him, allowing him to control his eyes.
  • Aaron is the only character in MyStreet to have died, but have come back to life.
    • Though, after the episode, "Always...", Aaron collapse into a death-like coma due to the injuries and needs to take a year of recovering, both mentally and physically.
  • Following the events of "Always...," Aaron is revealed to be in a comatose state.[2]
    • He woke up 5 months later, a week before the 30th of October. This is revealed by Melissa in "We Met...".
    • As of "...And Then We Said Goodbye.", Aaron is perfectly fine and is back on his feet.
  • He is planning on proposing to Aphmau at "Starlight Wonderland" ("Starlight" for short), a place where Aphmau has always wanted to go but never did due to her mother not having enough money.
    • However, Aaron didn't have enough money to take her there, so he tried to take on odd part-time jobs to get the money, thus, resulting in the events of The Emerald Secret, since his father (Derek) offered him a job at the lodge, along with Garte with his son, Garroth.
    • In "In My Dearest Memories", Aaron wears a sleeveless jacket similar to what he wore during Love~Love Paradise but in purple. this is probably to mirror Aphmau, who is wearing red, Aaron's signature color.
    • As of "In My Dearest Memories ", Aaron has his tail and ears out. He also has scars covering almost his entire body.
  • It was revealed by Aphmau in "Alone For Awhile" that Aaron's favorite type of cookies are oatmeal cookies.
  • As of "It's Time...", he is now engaged to Aphmau and vice versa.



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