Abby The Golden Heart





  • 9 (Pre-Timeskip)
  • 24 (Post-Timeskip)


Hair Color

Golden Brown

Eye Color

Light Green

Professional Status

Mercenary Guard for Hire

Personal Status
  • Jeffory (Father; Deceased)
  • Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
  • Fenrir (Good Friend/Possible Love Interest)
  • Nicole (Good Friend)

Abby (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"The Missing Lord"

Voice Actor

Anairis Quinones


Abby is the daughter of Jeffory the Golden Heart, an ex-member of the Jury of Nine. Her mother is thought to have died giving birth to her and her father was brutally murdered due to his disloyalty to the Jury of Nine. She seeks revenge to this day, as she looked up to her father immensely has a child. 15 years later, she is currently being kept prisoner by the Werewolf King due to Fenrir being a close friend of hers.

Abby is also known as Abby the Golden Heart. She is a guard for hire. She knows Nicole the Lord of Scaleswind.

In S2 E21, she is rescued from the dungeon by Aphmau, Laurance and Katelyn, but quickly runs off after they escape the castle because she does not wish to be associated with anyone who murders, due to obvious reasons. Katelyn goes after her as she runs off.

In S2 E26 Abby says she has nothing to do with Katelyn (coming from Katelyn herself). She has plans for her "revenge" but not much more is known about it.


We never meet Abby as a child in MCD, except for a picture, but as an adult she wears her golden brown hair at shoulder length with the same windswept fringe that partially covers her right eye and the remaining strands of hair drapes over both of her shoulders. She wears a pale grey dress that appears to be slightly torn at the hemline and the sleeves with white shoes. In the photo, Abby has mint green eyes and pale chestnut brown hair in a braid that drapes over her shoulder. She wore a pink and white striped tank top.


Not much is known about her except for the fact that she looked up to her father. However, she seems to not want to be a person to involve in matters that could affect her or cause trouble, which is a noble act upon showing care for others.


  • Abby is a Hebrew name that, quite ironically, means "father's joy". When Jeffory first met Aphmau he said that Abby was his joy, so the name Abby suits her well.
  • She is not aware that Fenrir is in love with her and only thinks she's being kept prisoner because they're good friends.
  • Before being captured by the werewolves, Abby was often hired as a guard, and so have to move around the land a lot.
  • She met Fenrir when they were children and he returned her lost puppy to her.
  • Her full name is "Abby The Golden Heart" because her father was "Jeffory The Golden Heart".
  • Abby is currently 24 years old. She was 9 in the first season and Season Two takes place fifteen years afterwards.
  • In Season One, during the episode in which Jeffory dies, his dying words were "Not this way, Abby".