Abs-olutly Lovers
The Big Move 3
Episode 3
Post Date

November 9th, 2015



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
Directed by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
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"The Picture"

"The Date"

"Abs-olutly Lovers" is the third episode of the Minecraft Side Stories miniseries "The Big Move". It was uploaded on November 9th, 2015.


Laurance and Garroth seem to have learned their lesson about assuming things.

Episode Overview

The episode starts out with Garroth and Laurance coming from Kawaii~Chan's apartment limping and in pain. They see Aphmau and Aaron walk in a cake shop and Laurance begins to assume the worst, but Garroth quickly calms him down. They decide to spy on the two for a few minutes just to make sure nothing is going on. The scene switches to Aphmau and Aaron where they wander around the cake shop, Aaron then asks why they went to the cake shop. Aphmau explains her plan of bringing a cake to Olive Garden, Aaron asks why they couldn't just order a cake at Olive Garden and Aphmau fumbles for an answer but simply replies, "That would just be too complicated."

Aaron shrugs it off then asks what cake she'd like to get, Aphmau thinks about this for a second then says, "I honestly don't know." Aaron walks up to the baker and asks if they could sample cakes which Aphmau tries to reject, Aaron says, "Why not? Plus it's free cake." Which ends their dispute quickly, Aaron looks for the fridge where the samples are held while the baker chats Aphmau up on Aaron. Aphmau becomes embarrassed and Aaron calls her over saying he found the fridge.

Aaron asks what her favorite flavor of cake is and she replies distracted, "I Like red abs." Quickly realizing her mistake she tries to apologize and explain, only making it worse, Aaron simply remained quiet. Aaron tries his cake and exclaims that his cake is bitter, she points out frosting on his face and he tries to wipe it off his face. Aphmau helps him get it off and the scene switches to Garroth and Laurance looking into the window, they see Aphmau wiping frosting off Aaron's face and (as usual) they misunderstand it and assume the worst. Aphmau questions how the cakes were bitter this then realizes hers is bitter as well.

Aphmau and Aaron go up to the baker and report the issues with the cakes which she yells, "MICHI GET YOU BUTT OUT HERE!" Michi emerges from the back and asks whats wrong. Her boss yells at her for making the sweets bitter again and she gets fired which she claims which she claims didn't even need the "dumb job" anyway. The scene switches to Michi storming out of the cake shop and Laurance says to follow Michi which Garroth questions. The scene switches back to Aphmau and Aaron and they get handed a free cake as an apology for the incident, Aaron asks where to next and Aphmau says they should be making their way to Olive Garden and they leave for dinner.

Everyone is now at Olive Garden and Aphmau thanks everyone for coming then notices Laurance and Garroth are acting weird. Which she walks over and asks about but they brush it off, Aphmau decides not to question it any more and then returns to her seat, she also asks why Kawaii~Chan is glaring at the two guys. Kawaii~Chan brushes it off and Aphmau asks if she wouldn't take any more pictures of her and Aaron, which she agrees to "ask before taking a picture". Aphmau half groans and looks over at Aaron who is shaking his head, Katelyn and Nicole both ask why she's letting Kawaii~Chan ship her and Aaron. Aaron gets up and she asks if he was leaving which he explains he's just going to the bathroom, the camera follows him and he gets swiftly knocked out. Garroth and Laurance rush to the bathroom and they meet Michi who hands them his clothes then demands to be payed, which Laurance objects at first but then pays her.

Garroth then gets handed Aaron's clothes and is directed to put them on so they can find out Aphmau's new address. They go back to their table and Aphmau hasn't realized what's going on yet, Garroth asks what her new address was again but he uses a horrible excuse to do so. Aphmau has realized what's going on and then she begins to fake talk about what she and Aaron did while they were gone, which Garroth tries to go along with. She then makes one final fake comment about how "Red Velvet is the perfect flavor of cake for our Wedding Cake". Which Garroth objects foolishly and Aphmau calls him out for it. Aaron walks out of the bathroom and asks for his shirt back, while doing so every girl around him [except Aphmau, she simply blushes a deep red] faints, and Laurance yells if the day could get any better. Shortly after his comment the cats they got earlier came back to attack him once more, and the episode ends.



  • The length of this episode is thirteen minutes and fifty-six seconds.
  • Abs-olutly, originally the word absolutely, is misspelled by leaving out an "e" between "t" and "l". However, this is a joke, possibly referring to Aaron's abs.
  • Michi is revealed to not like Aaron for his silent type, but in the MyStreet episode Date Begins! - Valentine's Date PT.2," she is seen falling for him and future episodes.
  • When Kawaii~Chan ships Nicole and Dante, Nicole remarks how she will never be found with Dante, not in 15 years. This is a reference to how Dante and Nicole were in a relationship during the 15 year time skip that happened in Minecraft Diaries, though they broke up before the 15 years, hence why Nicole would NOT be found with Dante.
    • When Nicole asks why Kawaii~Chan doesn't just ship herself with Dante, this could also be a reference towards how Dante started seeing Kawaii~Chan and eventually married her after him and Nicole broke up in Minecraft Diaries.


Abs-olutly Lovers Minecraft Side Stories The Big Move Ep13:57

Abs-olutly Lovers Minecraft Side Stories The Big Move Ep.3 Minecraft Roleplay

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