MyStreet 21
Season 1, Episode 21
Post Date January 28, 2016
Duration 13:47
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"The Kiss - Neighborhood Play PT.3"
"Fan Fiction"
"Aftermath" is the 21st episode of MyStreet. It premiered on January 28, 2016. 


"Aphmau confides her secret to her best friend."


After the previous night, Zane receives the news of Aaron's and Aphmau's kiss. Aphmau is unsucceful of calming Zane down as his anger reaches heights. 

Back at the guys' house, Garroth and Laurance sense a disturbance and suggest to check on Aphmau immediately. Dante ridicules the two of their obsessive nature, discouraging them to resume their plans. Forgetting their plans, Garroth and Laurance continue their day by reading fanfictions, which Dante mocks them greatly on. 

At Aphmau's room, Zane talks about the previous night and recalls Aphmau's and Aaron's strange behavior. He also reminds her of the split second in which the two were holding hands. Aphmau sighs loudly and is bewildered by Zane's burst of anger. 

Zane retiliates that the problem is the two not dating. Adding on that Aaron making a move would result in becoming a couple with Aphmau. Baffled by his explanations, Aphmau explains that someone can't be forced into a relationship due to the conveniency. Zane storms off and wants to confront Aaron.

Crossing the snow covered streets, Zane is stopped on his tracks by Aphmau. She asks Zane on his sudden change of attitude, especially his overbearing and protective nature. Zane explains that since he became friends with Aphmau, it was his duty to protect her, which she find sweet. 

Aphmau then clarify her stance with Aaron and their relationship. She expands on the idea that she and Aaron would keep things casual and occasionaly go on dates to further grow their relationship. Although confused about the situation, Zane promises that as long as Aphmau is happy, he would be to. Before completing his sentence, a potion is tossed at him by an unknown individual. 

Zane falls flat on pavement, leaving Aphmau speechless. Lucinda is revealed to have thrown the potion, mistakenly thinking that Zane was harming Aphmau. Aphmau then forges that Zane is kinder now, stopping Lucinda's attack instantly. Lucinda apologizes and says to take him inside. She also adds that they need to catch up on the recent events as she hasn't been home recently. 

Peacefully sleeping on Lucinda's couch, Aphmau and Lucinda catch up on the previous events and her reason on moving back to MyStreet. Lucinda reveals that she has broken up with Ivan due to his uncaring nature and commitment on watching a series together. During their conversation, Lucinda's curiosity forces Aphmau cornered upon the mention of Aaron. Before bursting in red, the doorbell is rung. 

Aphmau anxiously walks toward the door, thus  leaving Lucinda in awe. Aphmau answers the door to show that it was Kawaii~Chan. Greeting her neighbor joyfully, Kawaii~Chan's introduction is cut short as she believes that Aphmau has moved into a new home, causing her to cry. 

Behind Aphmau, Lucinda welcomes Kawaii~Chan to come inside. Starting off well, Lucinda and Kawaii~Chan recall their employment on a maid cafe. However, it is revealed that Lucinda added potions on the pastries and drinks, causing the customers to take effects. This angered Kawaii~Chan and scolds Lucinda for her actions. Their conflict is resolved as Lucinda tosses a potion on the awaken Zane, turning him into a cat, leaving the girls in laughter. 



  • The blurb says that Aphmau confides her secret to her best friend. This means that she considers Zane as a best friend.
  • Aaron and Aphmau decides to keep their kiss a secret and to stay casual.
  • It is revealed that Kawaii~Chan and Lucinda were once friends and worked on the same maid café where it turned out successful. However, a problem emerge when Lucinda began adding potions into the sweets and drinks. This resulted in maid cafés to becoming banned for quite sometime. 
  • It is revealed that when the Cat Spell is put on someone they can only speak "Meow" but they say it only in their normal voice, this was seen again in Cat Fight!
  • Before Zane leaves Aphmau's room, he brings out a black metal broadsword, which is a reference to his Minecraft Diaries counterpart who weilds the exact same sword. 
  • This is also the first time one of the character's weapon is exposed in MyStreet, which was Zane's sword, possibly implying that all characters in MyStreet have the same weapons as their Diaries counterpart. 


Aftermath Minecraft MyStreet Ep13:48

Aftermath Minecraft MyStreet Ep.21 Minecraft Roleplay


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