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Hair Color

Golden Blonde

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Professional Status

Unnamed Thief Guild



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Amber (Mermaid Tales)

First Appearance

"Nahakra Village"

Voice Actor

Michelle Marie


Amber first appeared when she stole Levin's music box from Aphmau. In the following episode, Aphmau follows her into a secret tunnel. She claims she wants to join a thieves' guild. She and Aphmau make a deal. The deal is: If Aphmau lets Amber use the music box to join the Thieves' Guild, Aphmau will join the thieves' guild and afterwards Amber will give her the music box back.

She wants to join the Thieves' Guild because she admires the leader very much. However, the leader does not reciprocate her feelings, as the leader thinks she is a pushover, which could be true since she is not as brutal as the other thieves and is bad at lying.

In Episode 41, Season Two of Minecraft Diaries "The First Trial", she finally completes the first challenge. She steals something of diamond worth from Aphmau's guard and friend, Travis. He catches her and states he is going to take her to the guards of the village. Aphmau, not wanting her to get caught (probably because of the whole music box deal), knocks Travis out and briefly apologizes. They run into the woods to talk. Amber tells Aphmau that she stole physical objects and learned valuable information about an ancient treasure. The Boss shows up and tells them that people say that the abandoned village they're talking about is said to be cursed. The Boss leaves while saying they have made it into the next round where they have to steal something from O'khasis.

In S2 E43: "The Hour of O'khasis", Aphmau is interrupted when O'khasis is invaded by ships with symbols of the Tu'la Region's tyrant king. Aphmau spots Amber among the fleeing villagers and frantically asks what is happening. Amber briefly says that they need to get out of O'khasis and tell the Boss of the situation. However, when they return to the guild, Amber is disappointed to learn that other thieves have already informed the Boss. While speaking privately with Aphmau, it is revealed that the Boss cares for Amber as she gave up her chance to become a member to warn the Boss of the invasion as after invading O'khasis, the invaders would likely go after the next powerhouses such as Scaleswind, then Nahakra Village and eventually the Thieves Guild. Aphmau and Amber share heartfelt goodbyes and Amber addresses Aphmau as a friend.

She appears again later on in the episode "Reunion with a Thief" and she recognizes Aphmau just by the sound of her voice, when Aphmau activates a secret tunnel opened with the dagger Amber gifted to Aphmau, which turned out to actually be a sigil. Amber is wary at first, stating she fully trusts Aphmau, but not her friends and even goes as far as to wondering if Aphmau has betrayed them, which of course, she has not. As of right now, Amber is preparing to take them into O'Khasis as a guide.


She has golden blonde hair and purple eyes. She wears a black hooded jacket over a long dark red shirt, black shorts and brown boots.


Amber is a bit of a pushover. She wants to be a thief, but is thought to be too nice for the guild. She seems innocent, but does not want to be. She wants to be just like the boss. Amber is also very sneaky and in terms of the skill needed to pickpocket people, does not seem to be bad at being a thief, but is considered to be too compassionate and gentle. However, she seems better off to be a guard with a little extra training and definitely in lying. It is also evident that she is a terrible liar, as she has a tendency to smirk or try to hide a giggle when lying. Kalzul told Aphmau that Amber could not bring herself to kill anyone.


  • The name Amber is an American baby name. In American, the meaning of the name Amber is "Jewel". Given that thieves are stereotypically renowned for primarily stealing valuable items such as jewels, one could consider this name to be rather fitting.
  • She is the first character in Diaries or any Aphmau series to be confirmed as not cishet.
  • Amber has a keen for detail as she was able to sew clothing to make Aphmau appear as Zane and as a thief is known to hide herself well.
  • She receives her first voice actor role in "Battle of O'Khasis" with an unknown voice actor. 


As a thief, she is skilled in stealing belongings from unsuspecting people.


Promise you won't tell anyone? The boss is amazing!

- Amber, Season 2 Episode 40

I'm going to stay here and prove myself a master thief. Then I'll come for ALL YOUR TREASURE!

- Amber, Season 2 Episode 43

I will. Goodbye, my friend.

- Amber, Season 2 Episode 43