Ancient Secrets
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February 19th, 2016



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
Directed by
  • Aphmau
  • Jason/Dom
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"Into the Ruins"

"The New Village Begins"

"Ancient Secrets" is the sixty-eighth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on February 19th, 2016. It runs for 15 minutes 20 seconds.


"What will the group find in the ancient ruins...?"

Episode Overview

The episode begins with Aphmau, Laurance, and Katelyn looking at the temple while thunder and a clock chiming is heard.

Aphmau looks up at it and exclaims how amazing it was. Katelyn replies that the temple was the only thing standing in the ruins. Laurance asks if it looks familiar to anyone else, and Katelyn and Aphmau agree, saying that it looks like the temple in the Irene Dimension.

Inside the castle or temple

Inside the temple

They then decide to head inside, and Laurance notes that it is built like a sanctuary. Katelyn replies by asking how it was related to Irene, and if it was a church. They continue exploring, and Laurance comments that everything is just unbelievable, that they might be the first people to step foot in the temple in a very long time, and that it is exciting.

To ship, or not to ship

Aphmau and Laurance in the hole

Katelyn and Laurance start arguing about the place being exciting, and Aphmau tries to stop them arguing, but just as she steps forward to stop them, the ground crumbles beneath them and Aphmau falls and lands on top of Laurance.

Katelyn calls down if Aphmau was okay, and when Laurance replies, Katelyn snaps at Laurance, and Aphmau replies, trying not to make them argue again. Katelyn then says that she's going to to look around for a way to get down to them, and sets off.

Katelyn lookig at cha

Katelyn looking at Laurance and Aphmau in the hole

After Katelyn leaves, Aphmau gets off of Laurance, and tells him that Katelyn has a point,  that its the second hole he has fallen down in days, and that he might have a problem. Laurance retorts that the hole found him, and Aphmau teases that holes might be out for him, and that admitting that he has a problem is the first step, but he shouldn't take any more steps if he doesn't want to fall down a hole.

The two begin to look around, searching for a way out. They note that it looks more like catacombs than a cellar, and that they might lead under the ruins. When Aphmau notes how dark it is, Laurance hands her one of his redstone torches, and Aphmau explores the tunnel until Laurance asks her to come over. He leads her to a wall that has a strange mural on it.


The mural

Laurance suggests that it could be Lady Irene, and when Aphmau asks whet it could be doing down there, Laurance replies that her guess was as good as his, and that there might be clues in the room that could tell them more. Aphmau starts to take a closer look at the mural, and notices some strange runes on the side of the mural, and calls Laurance over to see if he recognized them.

Laurance replies that he hasn't seen any language like the runes, but he notices five symbols at the center of the mural, and that one looks like Kul'zak's symbol, only altered a little. He then tells Aphmau that he has figured out what the room could possibly be, a crypt, or a burial chamber. Aphmau is surprised, commenting that she hadn't been expecting a room like that.

The burial

The Crypt

Laurance then says that there might be a burial chamber for one of the Divine Warriors, and when Aphmau asks how he might know that, Laurance beckons Aphmau farther to the room, where a very fancy resting place is, and points out the mosaic on the headstone could be for someone important, but he then admits that its just an idea, and that he is just going to keep looking around.

They then hear Chad exclaiming what a complex system of corridors it was, and how it was a perfect maze. Aphmau seems frustrated that Chad was there, and asks Laurance if he heard him, and when Laurance asks what he heard, Chad then yells how fascinating the catacombs where, and Laurance says that he did hear that.He then points out that Chad could know something about the place or the mosaic, and that they should go find him and see if he could provide them with any information.

Aphmau agrees, and she goes out to get him, finding him very easily. He says how glad he is that they decided to explore the temple with him and when they reply that they fell down a hole, and Chad says that falling down a hole is the best way to explore ruins. Aphmau then tells Chad that they found something mysterious, and she leads him to the mosaic.


Katelyn finding Aphmau, Chad, and Laurance

Chad looks at the mosaic, and replies that he hasn't got a clue, and that he is a man of science, not an art historian. He does notice that its an image of Lady Irene, and that there was a strange sigil above her that a scholar that was well educated in Irene could possibly decipher what it was. Aphmau then realizes that Emmalyn could tell what it was, and then they're interrupted by Katelyn finding them.

Katelyn is about to lead them to the surface when Aphmau stops her and shows her the mural. When Katelyn asks what it could mean, Aphmau replies that, with all the things Hyria and the Demon Warlock have told her, the island must have been related to Irene's Dimension, or even Irene herself.


The ending shot of the mosaic

The episode ends with a shot of the mural, and Aphmau saying that they were there for a reason and that it was the new home of the Phoenix Alliance.


  • The thumbnail for this video features a statue of Lady Irene

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