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These are all the characters affiliated with the character Aphmau.

Her Family

  • Levin: Levin is the biological son of Matilda and Malik, and adoptive son of Aphmau. She cares for Levin very much, and even though Levin is grown up, Aphmau said, ''He's still my baby, Laurance''. When Michi kidnapped Levin, Malachi, and Zoey, Aphmau was very determined to get them back to Phoenix Drop. She even joined a thieves' guild to get information. Sometimes, Aphmau, in a humorous way, treats Levin like he's still a kid.
  • Malachi: Malachi is the second adoptive son of Aphmau. Aphmau has always cared for Malachi the same way as Levin. Currently, he is a trader for Phoenix Drop, and helping Levin deal with lord business, or commonly trade with other villages/tribes.
  • Lilith Garnet: Lilith is the adoptive daughter of Aphmau and Aaron. She was originally found by Raven on the shoreline of an island. Her now deceased biological mother was holding Lilith in her hands, and when Raven came, they took the baby, and cared for it as much as they could. Aphmau eventually adopted her. Aaron helped Aphmau take care of Lilith, for as long as he could.

The Phoenix Alliance

  • Laurance: Laurance is the guard of Aphmau. After everyone returned from the Irene Dimension, Laurance accompanied Aphmau through basically everything. Laurance has stated many times that he does hold romantic feelings for Aphmau, but she is holding back. Laurance tends to speak about his feelings for her a lot, which end up in her making a joke or a subject change. After everything they have been through together, they still keep a very close friendship.
  • Aaron: Aaron is a very close friend of Aphmau. Aphmau and Aaron cared for each other a lot. At the start, they didn't really talk too much, but they started getting a little closer after a while. Aaron helped take care of Lilith alongside her, He also played a major role in contributing to the Phoenix Alliance Village settlement, helping build most of the builds there. It's possible that Aaron had feelings for Aphmau. This can be briefly seen in Episode 81 in a flashback, before he left to open the Irene Portal, he kissed Aphmau in her sleep. But after everything, they kept a strong bond with each other although he's dead, which Aphmau is sad because of his death.
  • Katelyn: Katelyn is a former Jury of Nine guard, and currently, is the guard of Aphmau. Katelyn and Aphmau are very good friends, as seen in many episodes. One example is in Episode 81, where Aphmau is seen asking her to wake up, after being fought, and beaten by Ivy. Both of the girls do share some funny moments with each other. To the current day, they remain close friends, and still care for each other, almost like sisters.
  • Travis: Travis is the son of The Demon Warlock, and a guard of the Phoenix Alliance. Aphmau and Travis' relationship is a little on the side, but they still remain good friends. Travis likes to joke around but he does care for Aphmau as a good friend would. When they first met, they got off on the wrong foot, as Travis tried to trick Aphmau into kissing him. Later on, however, they got along better. Right now, they still keep a good bond.
  • Vylad: Vylad is the third, adopted child of the Lord of O'Khasis, and a Shadow Knight. Aphmau and Vylad have known each other for a while, or rather Vylad has known Aphmau for longer. Vylad had always felt better around Aphmau. As he said in Episode 61, he has known her better than anyone else on that ship. Aphmau and Vylad are still getting to know each other, but they still have a good friendship.
  • Emmalyn: Emmalyn is the wife of Kenmur, and a scholar of Lady Irene. When they first met, Aphmau and Emmalyn didn't get along too well. She had a very rude personality towards Aphmau when they lived together. After a while, they started to develop a much more nicer relationship. Right before Emmalyns wedding with Kenmur, she thanked Aphmau for everything. Right now, they have a very good friendship.
  • Chad: Chad is a former priest, and an inventor. Chad and Aphmau have had a wonky relationship ever since they met while escaping from Nahakra into the Sacred Forest, after Tu'la had been approaching the village. Chad apparently, had much more potential than Aphmau thought, when he revealed his ship that he created, that would help transport many people to the Phoenix Alliance settlement. After everything, both still remain friends.


  • Kiki: Kiki is a zoologist. Kiki and Aphmau have known each other for a long time. She was always very kind and nice to Aphmau, she even adopted a hamster from her. Aphmau has returned the kindness of Kiki a few times in the past. Both of the girls are keeping a good relationship.
  • Brendan: Brendan is a former Phoenix Drop resident, and the husband of Issa. Brendan and Aphmau have known each other for as long as anyone can remember. Brendan has been a good friend of Aphmau from the start, even if she sometimes poked fun at him for crying about his love life. Through all, they remain a good connection.


  • Garroth: Garroth is the former head guard of Phoenix Drop, and the first born of the Lord of O'Khasis. Garroth and Aphmau have known each other for a long time, Ever since Aphmau arrives at Phoenix Drop. He has supported her as long as he could, until he got trapped in the Irene dimension. Garroth also holds feelings for her, but he has never gotten the guts to tell her how he feels. Laurance always poked fun at his feelings. In Episode 9, he finally kisses Aphmau. They have tried to keep in contact through Aphmau's dreams. Through everything, both of them have remained very close.

Phoenix Drop

  • Dante: Dante is head guard of Phoenix Drop, formerly third in charge. Dante and Aphmau have always gotten along very well. Dante had said, that he loves her, but not in way Laurance does, but he loves her as a sister. After Aphmau left to the Irene dimension, Dante stayed and waited for her, as she told him to, for those whole 15 years. Through everything, they remain good friends.
  • Kawaii~Chan: Kawaii~Chan is the wife of Dante. Her and Aphmau have always stayed good friends. Kawaii~Chan has helped Aphmau in many ways, from making her happy, to helping cater a wedding. After all the things that have happened, Aphmau and Kawaii~Chan still get along well.
  • Lucinda: Lucinda is a half-blooded witch. Lucinda and Aphmau have a pretty steady relationship. Their first meeting was a little on the side, but she was a big help with everything. Lucinda has always been very helpful with everything. In the end, Lucinda and Aphmau have a very good friendship.



  • Zane: Zane is the second-born of the Lord of O'khasis, and the leader of the Jury of Nine. Zane and Aphmau never really got along. He has done many things to upset everyone. Many events where either caused by Zane, or O'khasis in general, For example, he caused Scaleswind to ''team up'' with O'khasis to go to war on Phoenix Drop. After everything that Zane did, Aphmau is never forgiving him, or giving him a second chance.