Aphmau Has a Baby!?
Phoenix Drop High 25
Season 1, Episode 25
Post Date June 6, 2016
Duration 14:40
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
Episode Guide
"Aphmau Has a Baby!?" is the 25th episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop HighIt premiered on June 6th, 2016. 


"Aaron asks Aphmau to help him with something..."

Episode Overview

Aaron goes to a woman's house and he is thrown into a babysitting job since his parents are working. Aaron is confused on what to do then he gets a call from Aphmau. Aaron asks Aphmau if she is good with babies and she agrees to help Aaron babysit the baby. Aaron heads over to Aphmau's with the baby.

Aphmau begins to fangirl over the baby then she starts to cry. Aphmau burps the baby and the baby stops crying. Aaron admits he doesn't know how to take care of babies. Aphmau teases Aaron about him not knowing everything. Aphmau tells Aaron that she has a lot of experience with babies because her mom has 8 siblings. 

Aphmau gives Lilith a nap then Aaron and Aphmau head upstairs into Aphmau's room. Aaron sees the plush that he gave her on her bed and asks if she has been sleeping with it. Aphmau quickly tosses the plsuh of the bed and says "no." Aphmau talks about Gray then Aaron tells Aphmau that she told him about Gray.

Aphmau hears a crash downstairs and Lilith escapes the crib. Aaron and Aphmau go back upstairs then they hear another crash. Lilith has once again excaped the crib. 

Aphmau gets ready to feed the baby. She suggests Aaron tries to feed the baby. Aaron gets scared and thinks the baby will bite him. But Aphmau gets him to feed the baby anyway. Aphmau goes to get a napkin then when she comes back the baby food is everywhere. Aphmau goes to get the bath ready then when Aaron turns around the baby is gone. 

Aphmau and Aaron begin to run around the house and they notice the backdoor is open. They search the backyard and they can't find Lilith. Aphmau begins to freak out and so does Aaron. Aphmau says that she needs to make a baby then Aaron gets a nose bleed and he asks her if she knows where babies come from and she goes on her phone to look up the phone number for a stork. An apple falls and Lilith is in a tree. Aphmau assumes a stork tried to come and steal Lilith. Aphmau climbs the tree to get Lilith down. Aphmau gets Lilith and safley climbs down.

Aphmau bathes Lilith and puts her down for a nap. Aphmau calls Aaron by his name. She notices there is food in his hair and tires to get it out. They have a little moment and then Aphmau's mom shows up and gets really angry at Aaron. Aphmau's mom sees Lilith and calms down. 

Aaron then runs while he can.


  • Aaron
  • Aaron's Parents (Mentioned)
  • Olivia (First Appearance)
  • Lilith (First Appearance)
  • Aphmau
  • Sylvana


  • Aaron's parents appear to have a busy schedule as they have no quality time together. 
  • Aphmau mentions liking the color purple recently. This change is later seen as she reaches adulthood. 
  • Aphmau finds Gray Fullbuster attractive without a shirt. Aaron may have been influenced by her comment as he does not wear shirts in MyStreet and later cosplayed as Gray in A-Con 2016. 
  • There is some continuity errors within the episode and series.
    • In Minecraft Diaries, Abby is much older than Lilith. However, in the series, Lilith is more older than Abby as she has yet to be conceived.
  • Aphmau's more naive as she has yet to learn how babies come from. 
  • Aphmau and Sylvana are revealed to be baby lovers 


Aphmau Has a Baby!? - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High -Ep

Aphmau Has a Baby!? - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High -Ep.25 Minecraft Roleplay-