Aphmau's current powers in Minecraft diaries (as far as we know)

(Please take note these information is until further notice) 

Currently we are unaware of most of Aphmau's power but what we do know is that she has them, "Kawaii~Chan knows you have great powers in you Aphmau~Senpai" -Kawaii~Chan 2015

Current Powers include

  • She can travel dimensions; For example the Wyvern world or when she found the heart of darkness.
  • She can heal people like she did Dante from that deadly wound without any much damage after.
  • She can bring people back to life 
  • She can transform into a angelic form.

(Some of the magicks listed above are just magical happenings that were NOT done by Aphmau, so the one listed below are magicks that Aphmau uses herself.) 

  • Healing

It first appeared that on Season Two, Episode Four: Dance of the Swords that Aphmau had complicated healing magicks. Near the end of the episode Aphmau somehow healed Dante to near perfect health after he got shot trying to save his daughter [Nekoette] from a gang of thieves that kidnapped her. This was the first revealed power of a few that Aphmau received from absorbing the Relic from the Irene Dimension on Season One, Episode One Hundred.

  • Dream Dimension

On Episode Nine of Season Two: Dream or Reality?... Aphmau fall's asleep after getting to New Meteli then gets transported to a Pocket Dimension where she can talk and interact with her guard Garroth. When there her physical body disappears. When she awakes she returns to the spot she was previously to going to the Dimension.

  • Reviving the Dead

As shown in Season Two, Episode Twenty-Two: Memories of the Past, Aphmau can bring the dead back to life. But this power is the offspring of Aphmau's healing magick's. Near the end of the episode Aphmau revived a dead child revealing this new found power.

  • Angelic Form
Diaries Aphmau Angelic

Aphmau in angelic form

As shown. In Season Two, Episode Forty-Two: Angel Wings, When Dmitri and Nekoette were kidnapped by the Demon Warlock, Aphmau came to his pocket dimension. As she became more aggravated she suddenly transformed into a form with angelic wings and received massive amounts of power. She sliced him in the stomach once and his physical body was destroyed only leaving his essence behind. Another instance is when the bandit leader refused to give Aphmau's sons back until she turned into her angelic form in blind rage. This is triggered by her emotions and it is unknown if she can control this at will.
  • Seeing Memories

On Season Two, Episode : Aaron's Lament approaching the end of the video Aphmau approached Aaron at the ruins of his old village then suddenly saw his memory of how everyone died from the dark magic of the amulet.

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