Aphmau Plays Cupid
Phoenix Drop High 20
Season 1, Episode 20
Post Date May 22, 2016
Duration 12:56
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
Episode Guide
"Aaron's Friend"
"Meeting FC"
"Aphmau Plays Cupid" is the 20th episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop HighIt premiered on May 22nd, 2016. 


"Aphmau attempts to get to know Zane better in hope that he'll open up to her and become her friend!"

Episode Overview




  • Two werewolves receive speaking lines but their voice actors remain unknown.
  • Zane's interest of Ponies appears to be high during high school.
  • In her high school year, Michi dyed some of her hair bright yellow. She appears to have a more calm, kind, and controlled demeanor. 

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