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Welcome to the Aphmau Wiki!

On this Wiki you can learn more about Aphmau, her roleplays, and her channel. We need YOUR help to make this place even better! ; )

Remember, this isn't really run by Aphmau, it is edited mostly by her fans! If you're going to add some information please check the site to see if it hasn't been added, as some of us can't delete pages!  

See something wrong, off, or not there and it can only be changed by Admins? Check our Site Ideas/Clean-Up page!  

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  • Please read our rules and guidelines here before posting or editing!
  • In regards to setting up pages on Aphmau's videos and episodes along with transcripts of those episodes, refer to here.
  • Please, all fan-fics, ocs, theories, etc. should go in BLOG POSTS. Do not make your own Wiki pages for these things or they will be deleted. If you currently have one of these pages up on the Wiki, be sure to move it to a blog post! :D

Popular Series From Aphmau:


Minecraft Diaries
First Day of School! MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Ep19:42

First Day of School! MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Ep.1 Minecraft Roleplay

In the prequel to MyStreet Aphmau and the gang share their High School story! Playlist

Minecraft Diaries Origins Ep22:59

Minecraft Diaries Origins Ep.1 - Royalty Reborn!

A sort of "prequel" to MCD, although you don't need to watch it to get the MCD story. Playlist

The New House Minecraft MyStreet Ep16:32

The New House Minecraft MyStreet Ep.1 Minecraft Roleplay

In Aphmau's MyStreet, see the MCD characters as their lives might have played out 'in the real world'! Playlist

New World Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep18:26

New World Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep.1 Roleplay Survival Adventure!

The official Season 1 of Minecraft Diaries! A long exciting story starts here... Playlist

Love~Love Paradise! MyStreet Season 2 Ep12:55

Love~Love Paradise! MyStreet Season 2 Ep.1 Minecraft Roleplay

The official Season 2 of MyStreet! It's summer and the group managed to get tickets to the crazy resort "Love~Love Paradise"! Playlist

Welcome to Phoenix Drop Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep25:58

Welcome to Phoenix Drop Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep.1 Minecraft Roleplay

The official Season 2 of Minecraft Diaries! What happens when Aphmau returns to Phoenix Drop? Playlist

Mini Games

The Guys House - Minecraft Prop Hunt18:17

The Guys House - Minecraft Prop Hunt

A game where Aphmau and crew disguise themselves as props and hide from the other team! Playlist

Baby Kawaii~Chan! - Minecraft Hide and Seek10:40

Baby Kawaii~Chan! - Minecraft Hide and Seek

A bit of a more relaxed "mini game" feel on Aphmau's channel where the crew plays hide and seek! Playlist

Aphmau gaming minecraft fanart by queencrabbyblue-d92a618

Aphmau's Links:

Main Channel Fantasy Channel Vlog Channel

TwitterTumblr Instagram Wattpad Beam

Twitch Merchandise Page Google Plus

Facebook (Aphmau's official Facebook. Note: There won't be any activity on it!)

Official Website

Fan Ran Pages

Deviant Art(Official)

Reddit (Unofficial, but Aphmau Wiki approved!)

YouTube Hub

Amazing PhilAnnoying OrangeAphmauBand AdventuresBee and PuppyCatChad WardenCharlie McDonnellConnor FrantaThe CreaturesThe CubeCutiePieMarziaDan and PhilDrunken Peasants PodcastEddsworldEDP445Element AnimationEpic Rap Battle ParodiesEpic Rap Battles of HistoryFilthy FrankThe Game TheoristsHowToBasiciHasCupquakeI Hate EverythingiiSuperwomaniiIvander's SM64 BloopersJoeysWorldTourJerry The MathleteKPoppKushowaLDShadowLadyLeafyIsHereLifeSimmerMarkiplierMittyMoxxMistylyneNigaHigaOnisionPewDiePiePressHeartToContinueRayWilliamJohnsonRhett & LinkRiceGumShane DawsonTroye SivanScarceSeinfeldspitstainSmoshSpeedPaintersStacyPlaysStarman3Stephen GeorgSuperMarioGlitchy4SuperMarioLoganTeam CraftedDantdmTheSuperBaxterTobuscusTwo More EggsVanossVengelfeVete a la VershWhiteboy7thstyammy xoxThe Yogscast

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