Ask the Girl
Phoenix Drop High 27
Season 1, Episode 27
Post Date June 13, 2016
Duration 14:46
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
Episode Guide
"Our Last Dance"

"Ask the Girl" is the 27th episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High. It premiered on June 13th, 2016.


My oh my♪
Looks like the boy's too shy♪
Ain't gonna ask the girl♪"

Episode Overview

Aaron and Aphmau are sitting in the bleachers of the soccer field, studying during free period for finals. Aaron explains Aphmau's math homework to her while she gets frustrated and begins to play with her calculator, which he scorns her for. Then, one of the werewolves comes up to her and request to talk to her in private. Aph agrees and they go behind the bleachers.

Aaron, anxious about what the werewolf has to say, eavesdropping on their conversation and the werewolf's prom-proposal. Aphmau, taken back from the question, rejects him as nice as she can, explaining she doesn't know him too well. The werewolf, angered at her response, begins to raise his voice. But, he is then distracted by the stick Aphmau pulls out and throws. Aaron, coming out from behind the bleachers, is impressed how she handled the situation, but then is appalled by Aphmau's incorrect terminology about werewolves.

Back inside the school, Aphmau stops at her locker for something and Aaron waits for her. He then drops his Prom flyer on the ground and attempts to ask Aphmau on her opinion of prom (failing notably). Another werewolf then interrupts to ask her to prom privately, she rejects Sven nicely and he scurries away from Aaron looming in the background.

As the bell rings, they part to their separate classes and a montage of different werewolves asking Aphmau to prom starts. All of them getting rejected, the montage ends on her running to avoid being asked again.

As she is asking herself why all these werewolves are asking her out, saying that she knows she hawt and everything, Balto approaches her. Already, knowing what he is going to ask, she rejects him saying she that now, doesn't want to go to prom with ANYONE! Aaron appears on the scene and asks Aphmau if this is true. Balto laughs and comments that this is awkward since Aphmau and Aaron are "going out".

Blushing, Aphmau says that Aaron and her are nothing more than classmates and says she wouldn't go to prom with him. Hurt, Aaron says he's glad because he wouldn't want to go to prom with a "short potato". Aphmau, enraged, states that prom with him would probably be terrible. The two begin to argue as Balto watch, eating popcorn. Angry at each other, they separate ways, leaving Balto to wish he had more popcorn.

It cuts scene, to Garroth and Katelyn, who are standing in front of the school at the end of the day. Garroth asks if Katelyn could help him with prom, since he is helping the teachers organize it. Katelyn agrees and when Garroth asks her to come to prom with him they agree to just go as friends. Katelyn leaves to go in the car where her dad is picking her up. He asks her why she is so happy. As she explains, Eric yells that he is going to find the guy who is taking her to prom. Garroth, hearing this quickly runs away.

At home, Aphmau is still waiting for FC (aka Aaron) to come online. When he doesn't do so, she realises that she was a total jerk to him. She decides that she's going to visit him to apologize.

As she leaves the house, she bumps into Aaron who had the same idea to apologize. They talk for a while, briefly apologizing, until Aphmau's mom interrupts her by asking who Aphmau was talking to. Aphmau urges Aaron to hide, who finding no other option, climbs up a random ladder onto the roof. Aphmau's mother comes out and asks Aphmau why she hadn't left to her "friend's" house. Aphmau distracts her mom by saying something was burning. Panicking, Aphmau's mom runs back in. Aphmau climbs onto the roof where Aaron is sitting.

They talk about what happened earlier and Aaron says he was hurt about what she said. They apologize to each other and reconcile their friendship. Aphmau says she is sure anyone who goes to prom with Aaron would have a good time. Aaron suddenly gives Aphmau back her calculator which she had been looking for as she had lost it and was scared because it was expensive. Suddenly she sees a message on the calculator, "Want to go to prom 8D". Aphmau laughs about it and asked if Aaron was sure he wanted to dance with a short potato. Aaron said he would. Blushing, Aphmau accepted to go to prom with him...



  • One of the few episodes in which Aphmau uses a song in an episode. "Take a Hint" by Elizabeth Gillies and Victoria Justice is used from the Nickelodeon TV series Victorious. The Nightcore remix of the song is used.
  • Alex has a brief cameo at 7:47, at the right corner.
  • Aaron and Aphmau sitting up on the roof is a callback to a Hide and Seek episode "Babies with Aaron."
  • The episode parallels to "Heartbreaker," in which both uses songs during a montage. Both episodes also includes a person asking someone to a date or prom for this episode. 
  • At 13:35 you can see a creeper's face in the moon.
  • Prior to the episode release, Aphmau uploaded photos on her Twitter.
  • The blurb uses the lyrics of the song "Kiss The Girl" from The Little Mermaid, but instead of "kiss the girl," the lyrics are changed to "ask the girl."


Ask the Girl MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Prom PT.2 Ep14:47

Ask the Girl MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Prom PT.2 Ep.27 Minecraft Roleplay

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