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Dark Brown

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Phoenix Drop High

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  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Alpha of his pack
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"Werewolf Class"

Voice Actor

Cole Petty

  Balto is the tertiary antagonist in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High


Balto was also seen in an episode of Phoenix Drop High, "She-Wolf". He first talks to her in the begining of the episode, after hearing her yell at Aaron and talks to her after class, as well as hitting on her. He also asks if he will talk to her again soon. Thus earning a very scary death look from Aaron after Aphmau says yes and leaves.

He is seen again near the end of the episode, after Kawaii~Chan turns Aphmau into a werewolf. Kawaii~Chan meant to turn Aphmau into a meif'wa, but grabbed the wrong potion. Kawaii-Chan also makes Aphmau put on a maid outfit. This is all done for a bake sale going on in the cafeteria and Kawaii-Chan, unbeknownst to Aphmau, is making her own bake sale, tricking Aphmau into going against the witchcraft bake team.

While Aphmau is helping Kawaii-Chan, Aaron walks by and sees her in her maid outfit, causing him to blush. After the sale, Balto talks to Aphmau and upon noticing her ears and tail, claims being a werewolf looks good on her. As he gets closer, he smells grass and charcoal, which was Aaron's fault, as earlier, Aaron purposely ran into Aphmau in his gym clothes, which according to her and everyone else, smell like grass and charcoal. Upon smelling this scent on Aphmau, Balto assumes she and Aaron are dating, causing him to run away.

In "Aaron's Friend", he was seen in the boys' washroom and was confronted by members of his former pack. They seem to tease him, telling us his rank as Alpha was taken by Aaron when he had thrown him out the window. He is also the first Alpha to be beat by a human, this most likely meaning Aaron is the first human Alpha. Once the members leave, Gene walks out of a stall and tells him they have the same goal, to beat Aaron and they should work together. Balto reluctantly, after much persuasion, agrees to work with Gene. When they notice Zane getting himself involved in their chat, they brutally beat him up.

Gene had tasked Balto to get Aaron to fight him so he can record it and get Aaron expelled. Balto threw constant punches on Aaron to make him fight back, which had ended up being recorded by Garroth and Laurance. They told the two delinquents to stop or they will show the video to staff. Kawaii~Chan then comes in with a cat potion and turns Gene and Balto into cats. She then chases them away with a stick.

He is later seen trying to provoke Aaron into challenging him so he can reclaim his title as Alpha. He first did so by attempting to wake up Aphmau when she fell asleep in class. The second time is when he paid Ivy to steal Aphmau's plush so he can use it to bribe Aaron. Both attempts caused him to get thrown through a window.


In Phoenix Drop High, he has dark brown hair, brown werewolf ears, red eyes and pale white skin. He only has been seen wearing a male Phoenix Drop High uniform.


Balto seems to have a very feisty personality and is very zesty towards the ladies and men. He seems to only care about his pride and will go great lengths to reclaim it if it's lost.

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  • He is the former Alpha of his pack.
  • His counterpart in Minecraft Diaries does not have a human form and is just a werewolf.
  • He was one of the first werewolves onscreen to introduce a human to werewolf violence.
  • The hair on his player model is asymmetric on the sides. This was where the previous werewolf ears used to be before the models were added.


"Being a werewolf suits you."

Balto to Aphmau, Phoenix Drop High Episode 18 "She-Wolf"


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