Beach Puppy
MyStreet 2 2
Season 2, Episode 2
Post Date June 11, 2016
Duration 16:54
Written By *Aphmau
  • Castor
  • Kristina
Directed By
Produced By Dom
Edited By
Storyboarded By
Episode Guide
"Love~Love Paradise!"
"Blast From The Past!"

"Beach Puppy" is the 2nd episode of the second season of MyStreet and the 37th overall. It premiered on June 11th, 2016.


"Travis finds out he's not alone! Celestia is here to help! She'll find everyone for Travis...right? Back at Love Love Paradise, Aphmau and everyone go to the beach. But why is Aphmau nervous about it? Is she hiding something?"


This episode starts off back at Aphmau, Katelyn and Kawaii-Chan's house. Celestia is seen running around the house, looking for someone. Busting out the door, she runs to Garroth, Laurence, Dante, and Travis' house, where she is met by a lonely and seemingly desperate Travis laying on the living room floor.

Celestia then starts jumping all over him, in what seems like her trying get a lead on where everyone else went. She leaves out, with Travis saying, "She's going to go get help." It is only assumed that she ran  Aaron's house and possibly try and find a way to him and the rest of the group.

In the next shot, it follows Katelyn as she, with couple-like nicknames, wakes up Aphmau, who groggily giggles and accidentally called Katelyn "Aaron" until she sees who it really is.

Aphmau then hours down to wake up Aaron, who had to sleep on the downstairs couch with Garroth because Katelyn refused to let him sleep in the same bed as Aphmau.

After the morning wake up routines, the gang sits down and tried to plan out what they will do. After Aaron and Dante shows/gives everyong all-access passes, Lucinda and Kawaii-Chan goes to hula lessons, with what can be assumed as Garroth possibly following them.

While they are doing that, Zane, Dante, Aaron, Katelyn, and Aphmau go to a Shoppe before heading down to the beach. Once they get down there, Dante, Katelyn, and Aaron go down to the water and swim while Zane and Aphmau stay in the sand, under an umbrella.

Under the umbrella, Zane notices Aphmau looking at the water and sighing, knowing it wasn't about Aaron. Aphmau gives in quickly and admits to Zane that she can't swim, telling him that her mother never taught her how to swim (saying there were sharks in the ocean.) Also, that her family was poor growing up so she could never get the lessons.

Aphmau then tries to get Zane to tell her why he came, since he burned VERY easily and seemed to not like any aspect about the beach. At this point is when Celestia comes.

Zane points out Celestia to Aphmau, and she goes running to her puppy. Yet, instead of Aphmau, Celestia runs to Aaron, obviously showing in what might be a little bit more favouritism towards him than to Aphmau. This leads Aphmau to cry out "You're supposed to be my dog ."



  • This episode was originally called "Puppy~Love," however it was changed to "Beach Puppy."
    • If the title stayed, this would have been the 3rd time episode named Puppy Love. An episode of Minecraft Diaries and Minecraft Kindergarten have used this previous title prior. 
  • During the flashback, Savannah appears.
  • The end features Aphmau and Aaron promoting the Love~Love Paradise T-shirts.
  • There is an error where the gang sits at the beach. Their towels are marked with each person's favorite color. However, this is change with one towel being colored green.
  • Aphmau is revealed to not know how to swim.
  • Celeste receives a new look by changing into a 3D model.
    • Celeste also appears to be more fond of Aaron than Aphmau.
  • The thumbnail features Aaron holding Celeste, but his hood is missing. 


Puppy~Love - Love~Love Paradise MyStreet -S2-Puppy~Love16:55

Puppy~Love - Love~Love Paradise MyStreet -S2-Puppy~Love.2 Minecraft Roleplay-

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