Bigglesworth is Lucinda's pet familiar. He is found by Aphmau before she meets Lucinda for the first time. She takes him so he won't die. Malachi gives him the nickname Owly. When he is reunited with Lucinda in a dungeon, they work together to escape along with Aphmau and some of her friends.

15 years later and so on, it is unknown of his current status as he does not any appearance In Season 2 or 3 of MCD. He is not even mentioned by Lucinda.


He has a yellow/orange eyes and gray/white feathers. His wings are very tiny, so he usually hovers above the ground. his head is surprisingly big and has little tufty horns on his head.


When Aphmau turned into an owl, he talks to her. During this talk, he seems to have a funny personality.

He also seems to like to hangout with "Owl babes". He hung out with Lucinda's Ex's own owl familiar in the "Spirit World" that held a party meant for familiars. (Pets need parties to ya'know!)


  • His name is a reference to Mr. Evil's cat, Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin powers series.