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    youtube  aphmau 

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  • SwiftManor

    We know the these three were trapped in a dimension, but we don’t know what one. I think it might be the Irene Dimension. Here’s why: 1. We know that getting out of the Irene Dimension requires a life sacrifice, or an immortality sacrifice. We also know Michael is good with magic, like Zoe, and we also know he is currently inhabiting Terry, indicating he is now some kind of spirit. 2. Why they didn’t get out sooner. If it had been a dimension, I feel like they should’ve been able to get out pretty fast, but it took years. If it was the Irene Dimension, where time passes differently, that could be why. 3. We know they can open portals to the irene dimension. There aren’t many realms we know of that have portals to them, this would be suitab…

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  • MissCaiCai

    I'm leaving

    June 7, 2018 by MissCaiCai

    I made the decision to leave the Aphmau fandom after being in it for almost a year and a half I think. I believe I'm getting too old for Aphmau (two years before I'm an adult) and since school has put enough pressure on me, I simply don't like it when S6 adds more emotional pressure to me. I really miss the old days where Aphmau was focused on Diaries, the serious roleplay, and MyStreet, the funny roleplay, and since the latter series basically transformed into Diaries, it adds a bit more pressure to me and a lot of fans ever since TES. Also, the fans have become too toxic on Aarmau which resulted in a flame war against Einmau during TES and PDH and Aaron x Jenny during FCU.

    In short, I'm getting too old, her once funny MyStreet roleplay ad…

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  • SwiftManor

    We already know that Aphmau is Irene, Alina has Shad’s relic,and Garroth has Esmund’s relic, but who else? As far as I know Travis didn’t want Enki’s relic and might never want it.If that’s the case, the relic will seek someone of like personality to Enki, probably a scholar of some sort. We don’t know much about Kul’zak or Menphia to really guess the personality that their relics will be attracted to, or who their descendants are.

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  • Ulitma werewolf

    Hello my friends

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  • Ant Craft1

    It has been a while since I last made an appearance on the wiki, mostly due to the fact that my life got quite busy and that season 5 of MyStreet had ended. But recently, my life has got calmer and more relaxed. Also, as we all know, season 6 of MyStreet started 3 weeks ago. With these two events combined, this should hopefully get me back on here, editing and creating wiki pages. Time will tell, but this is what I hope to happen.

    Just out of curiosity, how are you finding S6 of MS and what's been your favourite episode so far? Personally, mine was episode six. It had everything you could possibly want: the werewolf gang, a chase scene, Aphmau as a werewolf, a thickening plot of Travis and his demonic side, more of the Travlyn ship, Kim exp…

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  • Romulus Ravenclaw

    This theory was written most in July 2016, but wasn't produced until a year later and aired on August 12th 2017.

    The reason for the delay was that I didn't thik anyone would be interested a video about Aphmau. Oh, how wrong I was, for it soon became my most viewed video ever and changed my community for good.

    SInce it was mostly written around Season 2, it mostly talks about the plothole around PDH Season 1 and MyStreet Season 1 and the role Dante and Gene may have played in everyone forgetting the beloved character. Let me know what you think..

    First aired on December 20th 2017. Contrary to popular belief, this song was NOT inspired by "Behind These Emerald Eyes" by Patrick M Seymour. It's actually a parody of Limp Bizkit's version of "Behin…

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  • Cbuugdrama9

    I have figured out a way that a few already knew, but I'm actually using it to put a plan into action.

    If 'Her Wish' takes place after MS S6, anyone who shows up must survive the season! So, let's keep track of who survives, by keeping track of who was in Her Wish.

    If they are killed or appear dead in MS S6, they'll be on here (in case they were in Her Wish), but their name will be different. This is what it will look like.

    People in HW:













    Eric (Thank you to SwiftManor!)

    Please, help me keep this updated and accurate by helping me see who was in HW. Let's figure this out together! :)

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  • EnchantedWerewolf


    May 3, 2018 by EnchantedWerewolf
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  • MissCaiCai

    What just happened?

    April 28, 2018 by MissCaiCai

    There's something bothering me about Ein. When he appeared in MyStreet as an evil, cruel enemy who ruined the Aarmau ship by making Aphmau evil and make her kill Aaron, people are obsessed with making him pay by "killing" him, make threats to his VA and Jess, and even harass and bully Einmau shippers. Then a few months after Emerald Secret and PDH S2 ended, people started to like and respect Ein for his addition to the plot and being adorable, though there are some who still hate him and the comments usually make fans roll their eyes and tell them everybody knows. Then, when he appeared in Starlight, the reaction was mixed and split again. Now, a majority of the fanbase like Ein due to his appearance and how he made the slice-of-life MyStr…

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