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  • LegalDiamondSparkle

    Aphmau~Senpai's new episode is about Aphmau~Senpai challenging Ein~Kun so Aph~Senpai can dethrone Ein~Kun and he will never take his lead of being Alpha male at Phoenix Drop High. last episode Jackson~Kun and Ryder~Kun took Aph~Senpai's phone when they already know that she's the Alpha Female. After days when Aphmau~Senpai Was Finding her phone, Jackson~Kun and Ryder~Kun Showed Aphmau~Senpai's phone to Ein~Kun (Aphmau~Senpai's FAKE RUMORED Boyfriend). But when Ein~Kun Saw That Aph~Senpai And Aaron~Kun Was Texting, he had to put an end to it. When Aaron~Kun was texting on Aph~Senpai's Phone Ein~Kun Was Saying some Cruel things to Aaron~Kun (Since he was the Alpha Male Last year and Season), It Made him Cry and made his Eyes turned fully Ult…

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  • Therockdragon

    aaron and zane would be talking and so would jeffory about abby and man was the 3 of them surprised when each of them told each other what they wanted to "jeffory, zane aphmau is pregnet with my kid" aaron would say happy. "well so is abby with our kid" zane would say and jeffory would just say "well katelyn is going to have a child and its ours, and you got my duaghter pregnet!" jeffory would say with a bit of anger but mostly surprises and joy in his voice finnaly he was going to have grand children. and aphmau, katelyn and abby where talking about the same thing exepct katelyn didn't take to kindly about the zane thing cause she was about to go find and kill him if it wasn't for that he was already a shadow knight and that aphmau and ab…

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  • Nevaeh~Chan

    MY Aphmau Life

    May 23, 2017 by Nevaeh~Chan

    I love Aphmau with all my heart and I will never stop. I feel like im always apart of her videos Imaging What I would look like in all of her series. Aphmau has inspired me to be just like her. She is a really good role model for mature fans like us And if you're an Aphmau fan, then promise me this

    You'll  NEVER,EVER Leave Aphmau's side

    Some times I Wanted to ask her if i Can Voice act for her but im afraid  that if im too young or if im not talented enough for her and when thinking about it, it kind of breaks my heart. But Aph is not a heartbreaker because for my past Life id be watching Jessica, She's always fun,loving, quirky,sassy,shy,exciting,caring,succesful,memorable and praised  Woman Because Without her I would be in a Bed Full of t…

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  • Oiniteoderfla12

    Lucas stared down both Kia and Olly, watching the two exchange blows before Olly simply fell over, as red as a fire truck. He looked up at Adelaide, just smirking with delight as she entered the living room.

    "Well," he said, trying to explain as best he could, "Kia made the insinuation that you two were dating," he said, trying his best not to laugh. "To be completely fair, I can definitely see that happening. Adelaide in the beautiful white dress, tailored by the finest folk around, Olly in his fancy tux that he made himself..." he began to drift off, snapping himself back to reality when he realized he was doing so.

    "Nonetheless, I'd think it'd be a cute couple. What about you, Kia?"

    Olly hears this. His eyes open. His left eye glows bright…

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  • ThePhoenixGhirl


    Long ago before regions where formed lived the Divine Warriors!   

    They were a band of gods born to destined their relm and, if given the chance, many others. 

    It is said that once they appeared the Warriors would fight many wars and rid the land of caos. Then there would come a time of silence. The Divine would disappear and not return untill needed.

    This is their story.......

    Prolouge Irene walked along the dusty country road, the only thing that showed any form of life had been here was the old wired fence that protected a farmers crop's. The black haired woman sighed. She wanted to die, she wanted to stop feeling how she felt. 

    She didn't want to live forever. To many immortality would be a gift, a blessing. For Irene however It was a…

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  • -Lily-

    Snake Eyed Man Theory

    May 21, 2017 by -Lily-

    I know that since the newest episode of Aphmau's new series everyone has been thinking "Travis is the snake eyed man" I was looking closely into this because Travis has just seemed so innocent? Remember how in Phoenix Drop High S1, He seemed quite scared and shy, I don't know what happened during then, but even according to this wiki, Travis USED to have light gray eyes, but then he gained green eyes, I'm assuming he's under a spell/potion that a warlock as put on him or something, but he is definitely under control of someone IMO, Please comment what you think and let me know if you have any idea of what it could be. P.S this is just a theory, a youtube theory *game theory music*

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  • ThePhoenixGhirl

    Hey guys! So about a month ago I made a post about a new wiki, the Aphmau Fantasy Wiki. The wiki is a place where fans can talk about MCD and DOE in more depth as those series aren't as popular and tend to get less atention.

    When I made the first blog the response was great and i got quite a few who where commited however alot still needs to be done. With over 100 wanted pages and only 6 active contributors things have been pretty slow. I would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and even just make a page. You don't have to add alot of content because everything counts right now.

    Now before I end this off I would just like to make something clear. Anything that has to do with MCD and DOE will still stay on this wiki. The Aph…

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  • MissCaiCai

    Even after MyStreet semi-confirmed Ein's death to the wolves, many fans are still triggered by every negative action that he does to Aphmau during PDH, like when he persuaded the entire school that he's her girlfriend and in episode 15 of TES where he bitch-slapped her. If you're planning to troll his page out of pure hate, can you stop.

    I'm just annoyed by how Ein is getting so much hate during the recent episodes of TES and PDH, even though he's dead and that Chris Escante, his voice actor, is a nice person. Really, there was a recent time where Ein's page was trolled to show how much hate...

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  • Therockdragon

    aaron would be crying as aphmau would run up to him and would hug him and would get a big hug from alina and lillith as they would be yelling daddy as they would be crying as well along with aphmau and they would be able to live happy for once in there lifes aaron would be hugging his new family and would smile as he would finnaly have a new family after all those years after zane had killed his family he finnaly had a new one and he would not let anything happen to this one. jeffory would see zane and tell zane to come over and zane would be speachless as he thought he had gotten rid of aaron but it wouldnt last long as aaron saw zane and charged at zane with his demonic broad sword and his shadow knight broad sword and would attemplt to …

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  • TheGears125

    I noticed this during episode "Dante's Brother ," when we are told how Gene died. It was because he was caught trying to change the memories of the king's daughter to make her love him. We also know that Gene has the ability to change peoples memories. I thought to myself, "If he can erase memories, then why didn't he change the minds of everyone who found out or blame it on someone else with said powers." I shruged it off because I figured that his powers probably aren't that strong and he wouldn't be able to change the memories of multiple people at once. Though in the episodes "A Demon's Curse ," "A Warm Welcome ," and "Not Forgotten ," we are shown that Gene was able to change the entire towns memories of not knowing who Dante, a citiz…

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