• Supoz

    Me when I first see the Aphmau Wiki History:

    Ooooooo! What's dis?

    • Open*


    • finds only one other person in the history but only one edit*

    SockMaster1415....The Wall...WHY ONLY ONE EDIT BRUHHHHHH

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  • Laani~327

    Let's get it started

    November 17, 2017 by Laani~327

    Hello there! I can see you made it to my page... i will hopefully keep making blog's for the thing's i enjoy... such as Yaoi, Shounen Ai... Y'know gayness, like in Anime, cartoon's, and liv'e action..... ENJOY THIS PAGE! *hopefully*

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  • Ultima Lorelai

    My Nonsense Dream

    November 12, 2017 by Ultima Lorelai

    (Dear people, This is an actual dream I had. Aph is a human and Aaron is a werewolf in this dream.)

    Aph and Aaron go behind a curtain as Sylvana squeels her life out. When they come out from behind the curtain Aph has an egg...(that represented her being pregnant). Aph and Aaron then go to play a mini game with Garoth, Kaytlyn, and Zane.

    They are tossing bags of flour into a ring across a lake/river. After Aphs turn she goes to retrieve her bags when Aaron comes to help. THEN THEY GO BEHIND ANOTHER CURTAIN!!! When it opend... the egg has hatched into... 12 kittens...

    One is lime with spots, one has blue zigzags on gray, and the only other one I got to see up close was one that was gold and black...(all of the tail decorations were glitter) So…

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  • Supoz

    Whatis your favorite series out of all the series Jess and her gang had made so far. Mine is Mod Mod World, MyStreet (Only MyStreet S1 & 3), MCD, and Angelsville.

    Comment down below what your favorite series are! (if this even gets noticed. .--------------------.

    (note: u can add fotos too)

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  • Nalioma

    So what am I doing?

    November 10, 2017 by Nalioma

    Okay...Before you yell at me I know I've been gone for forever or i'm talking to myself because who even reads these? Anyway I can't use school as an excuse because school hasn't been hard and i've kept my smae routine of: School, Aphmau, then half of my homework. Anyway I have just been really lazy and I know I broke my steak on the Aphmau wiki and I really regret it. There have been many tmes where I would watch Angelsville and see something o add to the wiki but I would'nt do it. I am just very lazy right now and personally I am getting fat (My friends say I'm notbacuse i'm only 74 pounds but I used to be 60 before 6th grade). Sp basiclly I just wrote this to get myself back into the aohmau spirit. I have ave been a little afraid of wro…

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  • Konata Kagami

    hi i just came to create a blog post, so that i could improve as a FANDOM Wikia editor. yes this is really pointless

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  • Popiecake

    who is Michles son?

    October 28, 2017 by Popiecake

    so im pretty sure everyone here has seen the 2nd last episode of Starlight Wonderland right? well if not then dont read this unless you want to be spoiled! so when Derek was explaining the story to Melissa remember when derek said "I think Michel could've had a son" well if he did have a son then who would it be? and also i think that its pretty wierd how Terrence Travis's dad wasn't in that story. Could he be Michel and Travis was the son? Travis might be in the spell of the forever potion too because in the end of Emerald Secret Travis had grey eyes and now he has green ones.

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  • Popiecake

    ok so i want to know which ship people ship more. obviously Travlyn but who know's? there might be more people on aphmau wiki that ships Kailyn. but i ship Travlyn more i mean like Kailyn is a cute ship i guess but i think Travlyn is better

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  • 4954cat101

    I ship Zane chan

    October 28, 2017 by 4954cat101

    This is one of my ships i ship.zane is emo and cute.Kawaii chan is pink and cute as weel

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  • TheRealSylveonChild


    October 21, 2017 by TheRealSylveonChild

    Have u wondered why Ein turned into what he is now? One day, I was eating cereal (I WANTED TO DRINK POOPSI BUT MUMMY SAID NO) and I suddenly went like, "Hey, Ein so mean but why...?" 

    So I when like, "Maybe he was bullied by his parents or maybe in school. (U know. Bc ppl dont just turn bad for no reason.)" 

    I kind of pity him. But then I went..."Wait, a second..... He had a forever potion on him rite? So.... He could have been controlled...."

    I imagined him(Child him) lonely, stuck in a corner. Caged up maybe. Being tested with potions. I wanted to cry. What if the potion (one day maybe) wore off.. he will hated by humanity and even by his own kind. I felt sorry for him. What if he decides to kill himself (O-O)!!!! 

    Well I can only hope for t…

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