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Brendan is a farmer and Kiki's brother who loved a Shadow Knight called Sasha before he fell in love with a girl called Kawaii~Chan. While Brendan was in love with Kawaii~Chan, a girl called Emmalyn had feelings for him. Although, as time progressed, Brendan lost his chance with her. Brendan was the one who built the docks, and was also one of the five or six men responsible for the changes/improvements in Phoenix Drop while Aphmau and the others were away on the journey to the wolf tribe that took a month.

15 years later, Brendan now lives in the Chicken Shaman (Castor)'s old place, and Castor calls him the 'Horse Shaman', which is a lie but it keeps him and his wife Issa safe from bandits. He and his wife are actually horse breeders. He no longer lives in Phoenix Drop, but he does visit and pretends to live there once in a while. He and his wife now have a baby girl named Dell. They are now slowly moving in the Phoenix Alliance Village.

In Season 3, he is seen with Aphmau at Phoenix Drop, talking about the worshippers that wanted to hail her. Later, he is seen talking to Zane in disguise but his loud and self-prideful demeanor disgusts Zane, and when Gene arrived with Dante, he too, like everyone else in the village, had his memories manipulated by Gene.


Brendan has black hair and green eyes. In Season One, he wears green clothes with this lime green double cross thing on the front of his shirt.

In Season Two, he wears a tattered jean jacket with no shirt, blue jeans, white socks, and black shoes.


Brendan oftens shows his socialness and exudes confidence. He often appears nervous in front of Sasha, Nicole, and Kawaii~Chan. In Season Two, it's revealed he married and had a daughter whom he cares deeply for.



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  • The name Brendan is an English name that comes from the name Brendanus, the Latinized form of the Irish name Bréanainn, which was derived from a Welsh word meaning "prince".
  • Voice actor is Patrick M. Seymour who also voices Travis.
  • Brendan's skin comes from a popular nickolodean show named Korra. Brendans's skin is the character named Bolin, one of the main characters of Korra.
  • His skin is the same skin that Roy the Farmer has in Minecraft Diaries Origins.


Kawaii~chan makes the best sweets! Aphmau.... I think I'm in love! ♥

~Brendan, S1 E49