Bright Port Village
Some attributes
First Formation: unknown
Second Government: Lorddom
Third Unknown
Other attributes
 Bright Port is a village known for it's amazing medical knowledge and being a major trader partner with Pheonix Drop and Old Meteli.


Brightport Welcome sign

Bright Port is the village that is across a sea from Phoenix Drop, not a very long journey if by boat. It is the first village Aphmau visits in order to drop off Vischer's body and Paul. It is revisited many times throughout the beginning of the series mostly for medical help from the doctor that resides there. Later on in the series, Aphmau rescues Lord Burt and they join the Phoenix Alliance.

Within Season 2 it is seen that Bright Port has not done any remodeling. It seems the villages has not grown, but it is not in as bad of condition as Phoenix Drop. John, the son of Visher and Merida, has become the lord of the village with Lord Burt's passing.

They are still friendly with Phoenix Drop and even trade with them.

In Season 3, Bright port has done some remodeling. Where the southern wolf tribe used to be, is now the bright port junior guard academny(with permission from the wolfs). This place not only is for young guards to train their, but also holds the nether portal, which at the end of s3 ep2 has poofed and is now somewhere else. Now Katelyn has become lord of Bright port, we don’t know what happened to the other lord though.

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The unkown statue near Bright Port


  • Lord Burt (Lord, Status Unknown)
  • Azura (Head Guard) (Retired & one of the Dragon Wards in Season 3))
  • Visher (Local Farmer/Husband of Merida/Father of John) (Deceased)
  • Merida (Wife of Visher, Status Unknown)
  • John (Son of Visher and Merida) (New Lord of Bright Port)
  • Paul (Local Farmer)
  • Lyra (New Head Guard)