Minecraft Isles is an old, canceled roleplay series created by Aphmau on June 24, 2015. The series involved multiple YouTubes such as, Aphmau, LDShadowLady, SmallishBeans, Graser10, Aureylian, 8bithomo, Kiingtong, and Castor. The story begins with Aphmau and the rest of the crew on an island because their ship crashed. They then fight over who will be the new captin and end up finding a village called Tankered Bay filled with pirates, thugs, theives, and bandits. Everyone comes to the agreement that the one with my most treasure and money will become captin, and then part ways. The story starts out as a just for fun series rather than a serious roleplay like Minecraft Diaries, but becomes more like a roleplay as it progresses. This story is mostly forgotten due to Aphmau canceling it after 9 episodes, but it used to be one of Jess's most popular roleplay stories. Not much can be said about the series or characters since there was only 9 episodes.