Mod Mod World is an old(ish) completed and at the same time ended Minecraft Roleplay series that started out as a mod review series. The story progressively became a roleplay with each episode. The series started on May 21, 2015 and ended on September 18, 2015.  

There are 25 episodes in this series following Aphmau and other characters know as Professor Polly, Professor Modzilla, Megan, Prince Reese, Prince Marsh, Tommy, Laila, and many, many others. In the beginning of the series, Aphmau implemented small roleplay bits into episodes as she did mod reviews. Aphmau then began to add characters into the story, with developed backgrounds, a good example being Professor Modzilla. This story often breaks the 4th wall and includes many inside jokes for long-time Aphmau fans.  

Mod Mod World is in the list of Aphmau's well-known roleplay stories/series. It's not as well made, as Minecraft Diaries since it was an earlier roleplay series. If you want to know more about the characters involved in the story, just check out pages about them below!