Christmas Cat-Tastrophe
MyStreet 6
Season 1, Episode 6
Post Date December 9, 2015
Duration 19:30
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
Episode Guide
"A Present of Love"
"The Decoration Fight"
"Christmas Cat-Tastrophe" is the 6th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on December 9th, 2015. 


"Christmas is in the air and so are cats... but these aren't just any cats! These are special cats!"


Katelyn receives an unwanted visit from Urla, the crazy cat lady down the street. Urla explains that Kawaii~Chan was planning to catsit her cats but mistakenly gives her cats to Katelyn, who was not interested at all.

Angered by the drop-off, Katelyn screams for Kawaii~Chan's name but get no response. Aphmau goes downstiars to informs Katelyn on Kawaii~Chans's absence and is attracted by the presence of the cats. She then notices that one of the cats is missing, causing a panic.

Katelyn and Aphmau decide to split up to cover more ground. Aphmau takes the second floor while Katelyn searches the main floor. Heading to her room, Aphmau finds Celeste is lying down on the bed, which Aphmau scolds her, but forgives her immediately. 

Checking in Katelyn's room, Aphmau mutters threats of revenge if Katelyn were to bestow the responsibility of the cats to her. She scans through Kawaii~Chan's room, with no find. 

At the living room, Aphmau and Katelyn regroup to on their current status. With one place to search, Aphmau desperately begs to avoid the basement due to her previous encounter with the shrine.

Aphmau slowly calls out for the cat, evading the shrine. Seeing the shrine once more, chills cover her body and plans revenge on Kawaii~Chan. A loud cry of Celeste alerts Aphmau to head back upstairs. 

In her room, Aphmau finds Celeste surrounded by the other cats. As Randy, the leader of the group speaks, Aphmau is speechless, denying the occurence entirely. Randy turns Aphmau into a cat to explain the cats' plans. 

With the transformation, Aphmau is greeted by Celeste, who can now communicate with Aphmau verbally. Following the orders from Randy, Aphmau heads outside to fulfill her duty

Quick to her feet, Aphmau knocks on the guys house and is answered by Garroth. Intrigued by the cat, he brings her in for a wash, as purple fur is assumed to be dyed. Garroth recalls that the fur color is definitely purple, impossible to remove. The guys brainstorm on their plans on "Sprinkles." Horrified at the idea of the vet, Aphmau breaks out using Dante's room by shattering his windows.

Back outside, Aphmau is greeted by Zane, who takes interest in caring for the cat. Aphmau then follows him home, where the two are seen sitting on a couch. Zane explains his past experiences with animals and lets Aphmau free.

Before leaving, Aphmau gifts Zane her sweater, making Zane teary-eyed. Once the spell lifted, Aphmau is turned back to her regular self and exits breaking Zane's window, leaving a speecless Zane. Believing that it was a prank, Zane plans for revenge. 


  • Urla (First Appearance)
  • Randy (First Appearance)
  • Dasher (First Appearance)
  • Dancer (First Appearance)
  • Prancer (First Appearance)
  • Vixen (First Appearance)
  • Comet (First Appearance)
  • Cupid (First Appearance)
  • Donner (First Appearance)
  • Blitzen (First Appearance)
  • Katelyn
  • Kawaii~Chan (Mentioned)
  • Aphmau
  • Celestia(First Appearance)
  • Garroth
  • Dante
  • Laurance
  • Zane


  • The eight cats are named after Santa's reindeer while Randy does not follow this rule.
  • According to Randy, cats consider Meif'wa more human than cats.
  • It's revealed that Aphmau's favorite color is purple, though this is a very known fact.
  • Although Christmas is included in the title, it is not Christmas in the series. 


Christmas Cat-Tastrophe Minecraft MyStreet Ep19:31

Christmas Cat-Tastrophe Minecraft MyStreet Ep.6 Minecraft Roleplay

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