Caucasian (Pale)

Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Brown

Professional Status

Aphmau's Sister

Personal Status


  • Aphmau (Sister)
  • Andy (Son|Bonnie)
First Appearance

FNAF Roleplay Season 1 Episode 1

Last Appearance

FNAF Roleplay Season 1 Episode 5


Claire in the FNAF series is Aphmau's sister and Andy's mother. She seems introverted and depressed. She lives with Aphmau in the FNAF series.


Claire has long black hair and brown eyes. She wears a pink top, blue capris and plain brown loafers.

Story In FNAF Roleplay

Night 1: When she got back home from the grocery store, Aphmau made breakfast for Claire and Claire asks Aphmau why she is so happy. Aphmau confirmed she got a new job, when Claire asked what her new job was Aphmau stated it is security for a phone company (Though she is trying to find out what the mysteries in Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria are) and Aphmau says she can pay her half of her rent and Aphmau says goodbye for work.

Night 2: The day started with Claire sitting in the chair going to turn on the TV, quite a few seconds later Aphmau came stating she wanted to eat in a restaurant or get something from a coffee shop, but Claire quickly denies the offer and Aphmau begins begging Claire to get something to eat, as Claire hates Aphmau's offer (Due it's possible she already ate in the house) she angrily denies Aphmau with a loud voice. Aphmau who is shocked says both of them can eat together when Aphmau gets her paycheck.

Night 3: The day starts in Aphmau's bedroom where she is working on her computer and Claire makes some breakfast for Aphmau. She asks Aphmau what's going wrong, Aphmau states she had a nightmare and Aphmau says she has to do saving at an arcade and has to go to a coffee shop first. Claire got confused when Aphmau said "an arcade" , then Aphmau quickly said it's like an arcade for a phone company. Claire left Aphmau's bedroom then she said "I need to be alone for a while" after Claire got out of the room Aphmau states that Claire was always alone.

Night 4: Aphmau goes to Claire's room and asks her if she is okay and Claire states nothing is wrong, but Aphmau get worried about the thought that Claire would depressed forever. Aphmau said everything's going be right, Aphmau leaves.

Night 5: The day starts with Aphmau watching TV, Claire found a Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria outfit and asks Aphmau with panic expression what it is. Aphmau was frozen and could not say anything. Claire crys after Aphmau lies to her and Aphmau tries to stop Claire, but Claire said she has the worse sister ever and her final appearence was her locking herself in her room.


Claire becomes a loner after Andy goes missing. She disliked the Freddy Fazzbear Pizza. She is introverted, depressed and seems sarcastic and kind of rude , but is a good person on the inside. 


  • Many people thought that Andy was her fiance or husband.
  • She is Aphmau's sister.
  • It's possible in Minecraft MyStreet world there's still a Claire even though she does not want to see Aphmau anymore.