Comm Amulet

Aaron's "broken" communication amulet

An item used in Minecraft Diaries to communicate. Voice messages are transferred from amulet to amulet. Zane and his spies and other cohorts all have a communication amulet network. Dante was given one by Gene before Gene became a Shadow Knight. It does not work, but Dante still talks into it for comfort. One was used when Aphmau was in Pikoro Village, from Garroth to Aphmau. Aaron used his to get secret information from O'Khasis to help Aphmau and Laurance. It was used in the episode when Aphmau rescued the lords from under the well.


Communication from long distances (like a cell phone that can call people who hold the other amulet). However, if one Communication Amulet is broken, the other will no longer transmute anything.