Cookie was one of the four dogs found in the crate that washed up on the Crazy Cat Lady's island. With the Crazy Cat Lady's hatred towards dogs, Aphmau took Cookie and the others for herself. When Aphmau started to leave the town a lot and Cadenza was feeling sad, Cookie took a certain liking to her and stayed with her for most of season 1.

After the 15 years gap, in Season 2, we found out from Cadenza that Cookie stayed with Cadenza and had just recently passed. She also lived longer than most dogs do. And she also had puppies, one of them is called Crumb. It is safe to believe Cookie had Husky Puppies as the father was a pure husky, but it is unknown how many Cookie had, and who they went to.


Cookie has the default tamed wolf texture, aside from her pink collar, yet very cute!


Cookie is sweet and caring, especially with other villagers.


  • Cookie was given the "Puppy Eyes" trait which (according to the Doggy Talents mod) "will cause your dog to warm the heart of any villager". This might be part of the reason why she stayed with Cadenza during her time of need.

Fellow Dogs

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