Date Begins!
MyStreet 25
Season 1, Episode 25
Post Date February 11, 2016
Duration 12:16
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"Secret Lovers"
"Valentine's Disaster"
"Date Begins!" is the 25th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on February 11th, 2016. 


"Aphmau and Zane have a little discussion about the Valentine's Day date when someone walks in..."


In Aphmau's room, Zane is furious at Aphmau for setting a date Michi. Aphmau reassures Zane that the date is casual and isn't taken seriously, but Zane is reluctant that he may catch some feelings for Michi. Aphmau makes a comment of the possibility of them becoming a couple. After minutes of encouragement, Zane grudgingly accept the date. 

Zane ponders if this date would be considered as Aphmau's and Aaron's date, to which she reacts to nervously. While Aphmau is turning bright red, Zane makes a comment on her being cute when she's nervous. Aaron, who was hiding behind her door agrees as well. Aaron asks Aphmau if this date would be their first, which he prefers it to be. 

Zane then steps in and warns Aaron on brining Aphmau on her curfew, he then add son aboutkeeping his hands to himself. After she cools down, Aphmau formally introduces Aaron and Zane, commenting that the two would become great friends. 

Travis enters the room, which Aphmau responds to in annoyance. Travis explains his plans for the date and hopes to get a kiss from Katelyn. Aphmau and Zane tease at Travis' "charm" by speaking in a robot-like manner. Acknowledging their sarcasm, Travis leaves and enters Katelyn's room and receives a beating. Aaron says his goodbye, while Aphmau and Zane finish their conversation. 

In the following day, Aphmau arrives first at the water fountain and observes that she is the only one there. Aaron shows up next, who gives a bouquet of flowers to her. Then, Zane shows up and notes of Aaron's closeness with Aphmau. Travis is next to show up and notices the flowers that Aphmau is holding. As Travis go haywire, Aphmau gives the bouquet to Travis to give to Katelyn. Grateful for her kindness, Travis hugs Zane as a thank you, which is commanded by Aaron. 

Dante, Kawaii~Chan, and Michi appear next. Aphmau introduces Michi to Zane, who makes a note of her shallow personality. Garroth and Laurance arrive next and are surprised by his date. Michi enthusiastically runs to Laurance, but asks to stay away. Nicole and Katelyn arrive, who are both greeted by Dante. Travis then hands the flowers to Katelyn, who notice his odd behavior. 

Lastly, Cadenza, Lucinda, and Reese arrive at the destination. Travis annouces their first destination, the arcade. The group begin swalking, but Aphmau is still hesitant. Aaron notices Aphmau and politely guide sher. Michi then makes a plan to steal Aaron from Aphmau before the night ends. 



  • All the characters receive a formal attire throughout the duration of the arc with the exception of Katelyn, who is wearing her regular attire from the beginning of the series.
  • Whilst talking in the bathroom, the girls reveal that Aaron is the first guy she has feelings for since their high school days, implying that all the characters went to the same high school.
    • The girls also mention that Aphmau has not had a major crush since high school, suggesting that she had a crush on Laurance and Garroth, but something occured.


DATE BEGINS! - Valentine's Date PT.2 Minecraft MyStreet Ep

DATE BEGINS! - Valentine's Date PT.2 Minecraft MyStreet Ep.25 Minecraft Roleplay


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