Demon Warlock is a character who appears as the quinary antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: War Of The Magi & a minor antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector.
Demon Warlock
Demon Warlock
Full Name

Demon Warlock

  • Flame Sword
  • Curses




Eye Color

Amethyst Purple

Professional Status

Demon Warlock

Previous Partner

Enki (Former Lover; Deceased [Not the Divine Warrior]

Personal Status

Travis (Son)





First Appearance

"On Angel Wings"

Voice Actor



The Demon Warlock is an evil man who resides on the Enki Warrior Tribe's island. He was luckily trapped there because of Travis's mother, who had given her life to stop his reign of terror. He was first mentioned by Asmund as being the only possible way off the island and later first seen in Episode 32 of Season 2 "On Angel Wings", where Aphmau is able to destroy his physical form. His spirit form is still present however and can be seen and "felt" in an aura form many episodes afterwards, like when Aphmau first landed on the island that would be the home of the Phoenix Alliance.

The Demon Warlock's powers include dominion over the imps, a mostly evil race of shape-shifters, as well as the ability to curse the surrounding sea; hence the name "The Cursed Sea". This makes it impossible for the inhabitants of the island to leave and can also be used to lure people with strong power to enter the sea, where he will steal their powers for himself.

He appears to know more about Aphmau's divine form and some people believe that he is actually one of the Divine Warriors who turned evil, the most popular two being either Enki or Shad. Although he never says this, it seems he thinks Aphmau is Lady Irene.

He was killed by Travis by using a book and a sword, which went right through the Demon Warlock's chest. His spirit and his physical forms are dead as of Episode 13 Season 3.


In his physical form he has purple eyes, black horns and black skin. He wears purple and gold clothing. He also seems to have goat-like legs.

In his spectre form he wears a dark gray cloak and has small red eyes. He looks very similar to the Shadow Lord.


The Demon Warlock is a very hostile person, taken from the fact that he had tried to kill his son Travis at the very moment they met.

He also had neglected Travis during his childhood and left Enki, Travis's mother, to raise their child by herself in the mountains.



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  • Warlock's skin appears to be an edited version of Zero, from Code Geass, by banchouforte1
    • This would make the Demon Warlock's physical appearance almost similar to Zero's outfit, except with no mask and the cloak being hooded.
    • The horns and leg shape is likely an edit within the CustomNPCs Mod.
  • It's unknown what this character's "real" name is, since he's only referred to as "The Demon Warlock", as an alias.
    • In Episode 65 of Season 2, when he asked Aphmau who he is and she refers to him by his alias, he merely laughs it off.
  • In the Episode 66 Thumbnail, the Demon Warlock doesn't have horns.

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