Full Name

Dmitri Von Ronsenburg




Dante's Dual Silver Katanas





Hair Color

Navy Blue

Eye Color


Professional Status
  • Scaleswind
  • Phoenix Drop
  • Heir of the Lord of Scaleswind
  • Guard in Training
Personal Status


First Appearance

"By the Lake"

Voice Actor

Michelle Marie

I don't want to go home to Scaleswind. I want to travel with you.

- Dmitri, Season 2 Episode 35


Dmitri is the son of Nicole. His father, according to Nicole, died before he was born. However, in Episode 27 of Season Two, it is revealed that this was a cover story, and that Dante is his father. But metaphorically, this could be true as Dante died in Nicole's heart when she found out that he had moved on shortly after their break up.

His first appearance was in Episode 21 of Season 2, when he came running in with stolen weaponry and angry Katelyn chasing behind him.

In Episode 25, Dmitri was shown to have stowed-away to Phoenix Drop on Aphmau's return boat from Scaleswind. Aphmau was surprised to see him and got upset. He begged her to let him stay, knowing that Aphmau would have to take care of him anyway.

Soon enough, Aphmau let him stay for one day before alerting Nicole of his whereabouts. Shortly after he appeared at the docks, Kawaii~Chan came after being called by Malachi to assess the meif'wa curse that Aphmau was placed under, bringing Nekoette~Tan, the daughter of Dante and Kawaii~Chan, with her. She spotted Dmitri and immediately hugged him tight, obsessing over how cute she thinks he is, but when she learns that his mother is Nicole, she seemed a little taken back.

Later, Kawaii~Chan told Aphmau that seeing Dmitri reminded her of Dante. It has been confirmed that Nicole and Dante were romantically involved about seven years ago before a nasty breakup, and that prior to the breakup, Dante had mentioned that Nicole was 'fatter' than usual, which may have been hinting at her pregnancy. She left for Scalewsind after the breakup, and soon discovered that she was pregnant. Three months later, she returned to Phoenix Drop to try and reevaluate the situation with Dante, as he was going to be a father and their current scenario would not have been considered preferable for the upbringing of her child, but discovered that he had recovered from their breakup, and was in a relationship with Kawaii~Chan. Despite being distraught and heartbroken, not only because of the situation with the baby but also because she still loved him, Nicole discreetly left and returned to Scaleswind, not wishing to tear apart his new family.

In Episode 27, Nicole arrives in Phoenix Drop to collect Dmitri and took him home, but asked Aphmau to bring him to the docks so that she could avoid facing anybody. When she arrived at Dante's house, where he was showing Dmitri his sword collection, she explained that Nicole has arrived and wanted to take Dmitri home, but Dante wanted to talk to her first, and stormed out of the house in a rage. During the heated argument between Nicole and Dante that soon followed, Nicole confessed that Dmitri was his son, and Dante denied it, saying that it wasn't possible, but Nicole burst into tears and continued to tell him about why he had not been alerted of her pregnancy. Dante was infuriated that he was never told, regardless of his new family, as he felt that he had a right to know that he had a child.

Aphmau said to Nicole that she needed to explain to everyone: Dante, Kawaii~Chan, Nekoette~Tan and especially Dmitri the truth and Nicole agreed to do so, but said she just needs some time to recuperate from her outburst.

However, in Episode 29, it is revealed that, similarly to how he did in Episode 25, Dmitri stowed away once again on Aphmau's ship, this time with Nekoette accompanying him. His excuse is that Nekoette had never been on a boat before, and they were both in search of adventure, and while playing a game beneath the decks while the ship was stationed in the docks, they realized that the ship would soon sail, and they secretly stayed aboard by hiding among the barrels. When the ship ran aground on an island that was not on the map, much to the confusion of the adults, Dmitri and Nekoette revealed themselves, and ran off to explore, where they were soon discovered by Asmund and his men, who threatened to kill them whilst under the belief that the children were imps, mythological beings similar to fairies or goblins, in disguise. Aphmau managed to convince them of the children's humanity, and Laurence lead them back to the ship.

Later, Aphmau left Katelyn in charge of looking after the children, while Aphmau, Laurance and Aaron went looking for the Demon Warlock, a mysterious being who Asmund said would be able to help them find their way back on course, as he claimed that the sea surrounding the island was cursed, and they would be unable to get back to the open ocean any other way. However, late into the night, an imp disguises itself as Aaron, and went back to ship, which he attacked and set on fire. The children became unconscious - whether the imp forcefully knocked them out or cast a spell on them is unknown and kidnapped, while Katelyn was left on the shore with brutal wounds.

When Aphmau, Laurance and the real Aaron found out, they were horrified, and Aphmau tries to get information out of Travis, a young man she inadvertently came across while in the woods, about where they could be. He directed her to a stone pillar in the woods, where she saw an illusion of Dmitri with clouded, pale grey eyes, and the pillar opened, causing her to be transported to the dimension of the Demon Warlock. The two children were found asleep, perched on a bit of rock surrounded by lava. When Aphmau stabbed the Demon Warlock with a sword, and destroyed his physical form, he permitted her to take the children and get out of the dimension, which left her confused as she was unsure how to do so. However, before she could try to work it out herself, Aaron, still in the Overworld, saw the pillar, and gazed at it intently, until a bright light flashed, and Aphmau and the children were back in the Overworld. Aaron refused to explain what he did to get them back, and hurried them back to the Enki Warrior Tribe, where Katelyn was being tended to, and Laurence and Travis were trying to determine how to get back to sea.

The children were put into beds, and left to get rest. When Dmitri woke the following morning, he was asked what he could remember of the evening, and said he could only remember the imps appearing, and had assumed that Katelyn fought them off. Not wanting to alarm him, Aphmau said that his assumption was correct, which, to an extent, it was, but did not go into any further detail.

The following morning, a ship is prepared, and they set sail, and return to Phoenix Drop so they can return the children to their parents. On the way back, Aphmau approached Dmitri again, this time with concerns about how he was still oblivious to he fact that Nekoette was his half-sister, and asks him theoretically how he would feel if Nekoette was his sister. He said that he thought it would be cool, and that he might as well have been considering how much he protects her, though she could sometimes be annoying. Aphmau then leaves the subject alone.

However, when they arrived, Dante was there to greet them and told the children to go back to his house, leaving Dmitri confused and saying "Don't you mean just Nekoette?".

There was then an awkward silence, but Dante still persisted that he went as well. When Aphmau and Dante go back to the house, Aphmau recounted the past few days, and the two talked about what happened. Then, Aphmau told Dante that he needed to tell the children about their relation, and soon. Dante agrees, and calls the children downstairs.

He then explained to Dmitri that he was once in love with Dmitri's mother, and that they were in a relationship. Nekoette was confused, so Dante had to reassure her that he was now in love with Kawaii~Chan, and that his love for Nicole was in the past. Returning to Dmitri, he went on to say that Nicole had never told him that she had had a child with him, who was Dmitri, and that he was sorry for not being there for him, and that he wanted to be able to a good father to Dmitri now that he knew. Dmitri was distraught, and screams that he didn't believe him, and that Dante was to leave him alone, before storming out of the house and running away. Aphmau chases after him, with Travis, who had been eavesdropping through the door, accompanying her.

They found him beside a large tree, where he was sulking. Travis approached him, and told him that Dante cared about him, and that Dmitri should give Dante a chance, and also said that in Travis's case, his father never even bothered to be there despite knowing of his son's existence, and even tried to kill Travis when the two first met. Dmitri went silent, and looked away. Travis returned to Aphmau, telling her to give Dmitri time to think about things.

Later that day, Dmitri hurried back to the village and saw Dante at the bottom of the path, looking at him. Dmitri ran up to him and hugged him.


Dmitri has blue hair, that seems to vary in shade between cyan and navy blue, and grey eyes similar in color to his mother's, but with a tint of blue from his father. He wears what appears to be a traditional judogi that is either white or pale grey in color, with a black belt and orange wristbands. It seems that he does not wear shoes, and walks around barefoot.

He appears to have a lot of physical resemblances to his father, Dante.


He can be a bit of a brat and seems to be pretty rude, particularly to strangers and guests in his mother's household, though he is obedient to his mother. Nicole has described him as "a little firecracker", stating that her father would have said the same about her when she was his age.

He appears to have a tendency to be protective of both his and his mother's belongings, and if someone has an item that looks similar to something that his mother owns, he automatically assumes it was stolen from her and with do anything to get it back and "return" it to his mother, who then tells him off and will give him some form of punishment, such as running laps a certain amount of times.

However, he has also been shown to be kind to those who are friendly to him, and show him respect and kindness. In Episode 26, he is seen playing draughts with Nekoette~Tan, who unbeknownst to him at the time, is his younger agnate sister.

As shown when he took Katelyn's weapon, he appears to be a great thief, who has an ability to steal items without the person noticing. This appears once more in "Dmitri Arrives!", whilst he is cornered by a monster, is is revealed that he has stole Katelyn's weapon once more, but failed to use it properly. 



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I don't believe you. I don't believe any of this.

- Dmitri, Season 2, Episode 35


  • Dmitri is a transliteration of Dmitry (Russian: Дми́трий), a male given name; the Russian version of the Greek name Demetrios (Δημήτριος Dēmētrios). The meaning of the name is "devoted to", "dedicated to", or "follower of Demeter" (the Greek goddess of agriculture).
  • In German, von is a preposition which approximately means of or from. When it is used as a part of a German family name, von is usually a nobiliary particle and indicates a noble father's lineage. In medieval or early modern names the von particle was also often part of commoners' names; e.g. the name "Hans von Duisburg" meant "Hans from [the city of] Duisburg".
  • Rosenburg is an variant spelling of Rosenberg, a Germanic-language family name and toponym. Its principal meaning is "mountain of roses", from Rose + Berg. However, as a toponym, in some locations it may have originally meant "red mountain" or simply "red hill", from rot + Berg.


  • In Episode 25 of Season Two, it was confirmed that Dmitri is six years old, when Kawaii~Chan asks him how old he is. Kawaii~Chan's daughter, Nekoette~Tan, is also six years old.
    • In Episode 27, it is revealed that Dmitri and Nekoette~Tan are agnate siblings (also known as paternal half-siblings) meaning they have the same father, but different mothers. This explains a few similarities in their appearances, including blue hair, though the shade varies drastically.
  • According to Dante, Dmitri is an expert at using swords. Either he has simply inherited skill from his parents, both of whom are skilled in combat, or his mother had been training him.