Don't Tell Aaron
MyStreet 30
Season 1, Episode 30
Post Date February 26, 2016
Duration 18:48
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
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"Don't Tell Mom!"
"Aphmau in Love"

"Don't Tell Aaron" is the 30th episode of MyStreet. It premiered on February 26, 2016.


"Zianna takes her boys and Aphmau to the mall before Dinner!"


The episode opens up with Zianna taking a picture of Aphmau and Zane together, while Garroth and Vylad look on in the background. After Zianna takes the picture, she exclaims that she'd never seen Zane smile as brightly as he did in the picture taken. She then demands another picture in a slightly different place, prompting Zane to tell her to stop with the pictures.

Zianna is amazed at how Aphmau can kiss Zane while he has his mask on, which sends Aphmau into a nervous series of stutters before she admits that she hasn't kissed Zane yet. Garroth steps forward in a panic, revealing that what Aphmau has just confessed will not make Zianna happy.

Zianna is confused and asks if Aphmau and Zane have kissed already, while Garroth watches in dismay. Zane shouts that he and Aphmau kiss "all the time". Zianna asks why he would lie to his mother, saying that he only calls her "Mommy" when he's lying, or when he's "being a big softie". Vylad falsely compliments Zane on being smooth, asking him how he could have forgotten about the "Mommy" loophole. Zane explains that it's not his fault, but falters mid-sentence.

Zianna asks, once more, if Aphmau and Zane have kissed yet. Not waiting for a reply, she squeals in a fangirl-like way that the predicament is very romantic. She began to explain the way she and Garte got together, while Vylad and Garroth shake their heads in embarrassment. Garroth explains that it's TMI to talk about the relationship, and Vylad argues that "it's just kissing, Garroth. What, do you still believe in cooties?" Garroth denies this before Zianna reveals that in grade school, Garroth was so afraid of cooties that he would wear a cardboard box to school and call it his "cootie armor".

Vylad laughs uncontrollably at the recalled memory while the three Ro'Meave boys stand in a cluster. Vylad exclaims that he remembers. This prompts Zianna to recall an embarrassing moment for Vylad.

Zane agrees that Vylad and Garroth did do some stupid things in childhood, leading to Zianna scolding him and reminding him that he was afraid of the pet hamster in the family. She also shows Aphmau a picture of when the boys were kids, causing a classic Aphmau Cuteness Attack.

Zianna finally runs off after Garroth exclaims that a store is having a shoe sale. The Ro'Meave brothers are left alone with Aphmau in the center of the mall. Aphmau teases the boys about the picture, while Zane suggests that they steal the picture and burn it. Zianna comes back and complains that she didn't see any shoes on sale, but that she did want to take Aphmau shopping before they head to dinner. She beckons for Aphmau to follow her, saying that they can talk all about her and Zane's relationship. Zane and Aphmau haven't worked out a backstory for their fake relationship, so Vylad suggests that he agree with everything that they come back saying after shopping.

While Zianna is at the counter, Aphmau is having a mental breakdown in the corner by herself, contemplating what she's going to tell Zianna about the relationship she has with Zane. Zianna appears behind Aphmau, scaring her, however Zianna has only come to give Aphmau a caramel frappe to calm her nerves. Aphmau denies being nervous, but Zianna sees through it. She thinks that hanging with the mother of a "boy~frand" makes a girl feel nervous.

The two ladies head into Forever 21, Once inside, Zianna begins shopping while Aphmau thinks of ideas to get herself out of the situation. Zianna approaches Aphmau and asks if she sees anything she likes, to which Aphmau replies with a meek "nope". Zianna has already picked out several dresses for Aphmau to try on, and says that the two will wait until Aphmau has also picked a few before heading to the dressing room. Aphmau agrees, although saying it will probably take awhile. Because of this, Zianna offers to help Aphmau look. After merely a few seconds, Zianna asks Aphmau how her and Zane met.

To this, Aphmau answers that they'd known each other since they were kids and that surely Zianna must remember the Ro'Meaves living in the same neighborhood as Aphmau's family. This later comes up in Phoenix Drop High, where Zianna and Savannah, Aphmau's mother, are superbly good friends.

Zianna then asks about when Aphmau began to develop feelings for Zane. Aphmau denies that she had a crush on Zane in highschool (when asked), but Zianna interrupts and suggests that Aphmau invited Zane to come fix the pool at her house, and when he took off his shirt, she "fell for his devilishly handsome looks". According to Zianna, good looks also run in the Ro'Meave family. She explains that her boys are all very physically attractive, and they "have their mother's charm to top it".

After Aphmau makes up an excuse about how she and Zane got together, Zianna notices a My Little Horsies shop across the mall. She exclaims that they should get Zane a pony. During this time, it is revealed that Aphmau was the one who introduced Zane to ponies when they were children. Aphmau is surprised by remembering, but she protests that Zane is a far bigger fan of them than she is, even though her collection is bigger. Zianna orders Aphmau to try on several dresses. Once she finds one she likes, Zianna will buy it for her. While Aphmau is preoccupied doing that, Zianna says that she is going to buy Zane a pony. Aphmau consents and Zianna runs off.

Aphmau comes out wearing a purple dress. Zianna, fangirling, squeals about how beautiful she looks in it. Aphmau thanks her for the dress when Zianna remembers that she forgot her card in the store. While Zianna is running off to find her card, Aphmau is once again left alone.

This is when Aaron shows up. He approaches Aphmau from behind and greets her. Aphmau asks what Aaron is doing at the mall, and he explains that he was going to get a gift for a girl he likes, but he may come back another day. Aphmau asks why and Aaron explains that it wouldn't be that much of a surprise, revealing that Aphmau was the girl he was talking about. Aaron compliments her outfit. Aphmau starts freaking out and rambles to Aaron that she's here with--

"Zianna," Zianna suddenly says behind Aphmau. She introduces herself to Aaron and vice versa. Zianna calls Aphmau her "future daughter-in-law", creating an arc of confusion between the three. Aphmau explains that Aaron is one of her extremely good friends. Zianna flatly tells Aaron to put his feelings aside and stop staring at Aphmau, although she agrees it is in the human nature to do so. She also says that Aphmau is taken by Zane, and that she is sure Aaron had many chances to tell her how he felt, but was too late.

Vylad, Zane and Garroth come into the central plaza of the mall once more. Vylad notices Aphmau, Zianna and Aaron talking, and Zane realizes that Aaron is with them. He begins to freak out and Garroth asks why Zane is overreacting. Zane, who knows of Aaron and Aphmau's relationship, quickly tells that he will explain everything later. The three run over to try to settle the conversation in the simplest way they can.

Aaron asks Zianna what's going on, and Zianna continues rambling about how Aphmau is "taken" by Zane. She is asking Aaron to move to the left, breaking out into a Beyonce song, when the Ro'Meave brothers come up and stop her. Zane asks what's happening, and Aaron says that that is what he's wondering too.

Aphmau states, through a lot of difficulty, that her and Zane are dating. She says very slowly that Aaron has known this, and that Zianna is simply Zane's mother. By doing this, she is trying to silently convince Aaron to play along.

Zane agrees with what Aphmau has just said, and carefully explains that Aaron and Aphmau are best friends, as well as Zane's. Zianna agrees that the story makes sense, now leaving Aaron alone. Garroth jumps up and down and exclaims (again) that there is a shoe sale across the mall. Garroth prompts Zianna to follow her. Vylad takes off running too, yelling, "To the discounts, Mom!" This leaves Aphmau, Zane, and Aaron with plenty of time to get the story straight. After a full-blown explanation, Aaron sighs and says that he understands. Zianna, Vylad and Garroth come up, with Zianna chastising Garroth on his poor taste in shoes. She invites Aaron to join everyone for dinner, to which Aaron refuses. Zianna insists, and says that she won't take no for an answer. Aaron begrudgingly agrees. The episode ends with Vylad, Aaron, and Garroth. Aaron and Garroth are both upset while Vylad says that he has no idea what's even going on anymore. The last thing the viewer sees before the outro is a view of the pony stand where Zianna bought Zane his pony.



  • Several UnderTale references are shown through the episode.
    • Throughout the video, the soundtrack "Dating Start!" from UnderTale plays.
    • At the 7:02 mark, the "Random Shopper" in the background wears a Frisk Skin.
    • In the corner of the Forever 21, (near the front), there is an angry yellow flower figure seems to resemble Flowey.
  • Zane's obsession of Ponies is because of Aphmau's exposing the series to him early on in his childhood, which is carried to the present. 
  • It is apparent that the boys' father has blonde hair, and is also very shy, like Garroth. Based off of genetics, and the information given, it is most likely that Garte also will have blue eyes. 
  • Zianna has many embarrassing moments with her son;  it is said that when Zane was little, he was afraid of the family's pet hamster.
    • Also once when Garroth was little it is said that he was so scared of getting cooties from girls, he wore a box on his head and called it his "Cootie Armor". 
    • Vylad also did something embarrassing, he forgot to wear pants to school and just wore his teddy bear covered boxers. 


Don't Tell Aaron - PT.2 Mom Ro'Meave - Minecraft MyStreet -Ep

Don't Tell Aaron - PT.2 Mom Ro'Meave - Minecraft MyStreet -Ep.30 Minecraft Roleplay-


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