Eastern Wolf Tribe is Hot LITERALLY

The Eastern Wolf Tribe first appeared in Episode 69 of Season 1. Aphmau, along with Laurance, Dante, Garroth, and Malachi Headed out to the Eastern Wolf Tribe to save Logan, as he was imprisoned for looking like one of the Southern Wold Tribe Werewolves. Another reason for being imprisoned, may be becouse he is a werewolf that loves a human.

Aphmau and her Guards were spotted by the Werewolves, and thrown in prison. In that prison, they met Lucinda, and saw Logan, who was badly injured. Lucinda made an escape eventually, which had Aphmau turn into a wolf pup. Aphmau had a mission to go look for a Barrier Magicks Staff, and she later found it. They then immediately left. Later on, In episode 76, They all go past the wolf village another time. When they see the village, it was all up in flames. The village was on flames, because Zane had said that they were greedy. Before the Werewolf alpha died, the Alpha told Aphmau to go to the prison, and save his son Yip, Which she does, finding him in the prison, hiding.

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