Enki Warrior Tribe

The Enki Warrior Tribe is located in the Gal'ruk Sea on an island. It is lead by Asmund, and his wife, Helen. When the Demon Warlock caused havoc to the people, Enki sealed him on the island at the cost of her own life. Imps still caused havoc however, and the blame was put on Travis since he was the Demon Warlock's son when in fact he was the one protecting the village by himself. When he finally got rid of the Demon Warlock, his reputation from the village didn't change, if not, got worse as they saw him as a bad omen and even the deliberate cause of the attacks when he left the island.


  • The villagers of the island are know to be very superstitious about the supernatural after the Demon Warlock attack.
    • No matter how much the people are told of the truth, they choose to rather ignore it and hate Travis, even deciding to mock his mother for being with the Demon Warlock instead of looking back at how she saved the village.
    • The people also overreact to witches no matter if they are good or evil. A simple act of kindness by the use of witchcraft would be considered a threat.
  • The town was originally meant to be used in Minecraft Isles.