The front gate of Falconclaw; memory of Aaron's.

Falconclaw was a village found between Nahakra Village and O'khasis, but years before the events of Minecraft Diaries a tragic event took place that killed everyone there. Zane had given Aaron's son Jacob an amulet, which he took to his father. When Aaron touched it, everyone in the village instantly died, including his son and wife. Since then the population of the Ru'aun Region have been made to believe that the Lord (presumably Aaron) had gone mad and murdered everyone. To this day the people believe that they can feel the souls of the dead people haunting the area.

Old, Known Residents

  • Aaron: Old Lord; Alive Seasons 1-2; Deceased Season 2 Episode 81
  • Lily: Aaron's Wife; Deceased
  • Jacob: Aaron's Son; Deceased



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