Fight or Flight
Phoenix Drop High 13
Season 1, Episode 13
Post Date May 1, 2016
Duration 16:15
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
Episode Guide
"Skipping School"
"Operation: Slumber Party!"
"Fight of Flight" is the 13th episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High. It premiered on May 1st, 2016. 


"Caught by the police, Aphmau will have some consequences to face alone."

Episode Overview

After the police catch Aphmau, trying to clean up the mess, they bring her to her home. Her mother says, "There must be some mistake," and tries to defend her daughter. The police officer can not prove she tagged anything, and Savannah, Aphmau's mom, kicks him out of their home. Savannah assumes Aphmau was kissing a boy at the park, instead of trying to clean up her mess. Savannah sends Aphmau up to her room after a bit of breathing and calls Zianna. Savannah thinks Aphmau has had her first kiss and not told her, then Zianna says she'd kill the boy that kissed Aphmau, leaving Garroth wide eyed.

Aphmau, up in her room texts Laurance about the situation. She tries to confront him on the kissing Garroth incident. She says her best friend's friend kissed the boy they liked. Laurence replies, saying it was the wrong thing to do. Aphmau, not wanting to break his and Garroth's friendship, ends the conversation.

The next day, Sasha, Zenix and Gene were talking about "Kitty," and how they couldn't believe she actually skipped. Gene starts to laugh evilly, and Zane comes from behind him and starts laughing as well. Gene orders Zane across the field and tells him that's the distance he should keep for the rest of his life. 

At lunch period, Aphmau managed to avoid the Shadow Knights, Garroth, and Laurence. Zenix and Gene think they hear her voice and start to look for her. She flees into the empty music room, and Zenix and Gene walk away. She starts crying, and Aaron, behind the door, and Aphmau can't see him, asks why she is crying. Aaron plays guitar, and Aphmau tells him her situation. He says that they shouldn't push her around, and not to let them win. The bell rings, and Aphmau says his guitar in playing is nice, and maybe she'll stop by. Aaron replies, saying she can stop by anytime she likes. 

She bumps into Gene, and tells them that they can't control her. Gene says okay, and he leaves. Gene pushes Zane for getting to close, and she tries to see if he is okay. He says she made him look puny. She threatens him and fans off screaming. Gene says he'll find another way to control Kitty, because he still has the picture. Aaron bumps into Gene, and steps on his phone breaking it, presumably for Aphmau.

Aaron and Aphmau bump into each other and he calls her a potato. She blows him a raspberry and leaves. Aaron watches her as she leaves the school.



  • The title "Fight or Flight" comes from the fight or flight response. It is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.
  • The thumbnail does not physically happen but it can be interpreted as Aaron protecting Aphmau by confronting Gene and destroying his phone to delete the photo.
    • The thumbnail also shows Aphmau being confused as to why Aaron is protecting her, suggesting that the episode was going to be planned like that. 
  • Although anonymously, Aphmau notes the song Aaron was playing behind the door. This is an easter egg to Aaron, who enjoys playing the guitar.
  • In the episode "Operation: Slumber Party!" Kawaii~Chan is revealed to have been hiding behind the water fountain when Aphmau and Aaron bumped into each other. She then ran away. 
  • This episode is the first to be done with full voice acting and machinima in the prequel.