First Day of School!
Phoenix Drop High 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Post Date March 17, 2016
Duration 19:41
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
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"Werewolf Class"
 "First Day of School!" is the first episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High. It premiered on March 17th, 2016. 


"It's a new frontier! High School awaits!"


The scene starts with Aphmau at her house sleeping while her mother tries to get her up for the first day of high school. Aphmau rejects getting up, then realizes it is the first day and is energetic. She quickly dresses up.

Her mother comes in to find Aphmau crying in her closet shortly after she gets dressed because she is nervous about going to a public high school, and explains that she had been homeschooled for a year now, with no friends. Her mother comforts her with some "sweet" advice.

Soon after, she gets to school and takes a photo, but Aaron bumps into her whilst taking the picture. She seemed to be quite offended and rude to Aaron, who just sighed and walked away. She proceeded to walk around and worry about her upcoming high school experience, until she runs into a girl named Teony who seems to be really nice to her, but soon had to leave to help a teacher.

Aphmau starts to panic as she waits for school to begin, but she trips and falls into Garroth's arms, who seemed to be concerned about her and asked for her well-being. Aphmau, dumbfounded, tried to find words, but she said a confusing sentence. Garroth assumed that she was a freshman and left saying that he will see her around. Aphmau, completely shocked by Garroth's looks, soon snaps back to reality as some girls approach her. The mean girl threatens Aphmau by saying Garroth is reserved for her and accused her of playing the role of a freshman. Aphmau, still angry at the girls, watches as they walk away.

School starts as Aphmau tries to find her schedule. Confused, she asks a teacher for help and he seems somewhat rude, but wanting to help. After done talking with him, Aphmau goes in line for her packet.

A few minutes later, Aphmau is lost and frustrated about the school layout as she struggles to find her homeroom. She is approached by Laurance, who wants to help her. He explains that he knows that Aphmau is attracted to his looks, but she denies this, however this appears to be untrue. He helps her find her class and compliments her on her uniform. 

Aphmau, nervously enters class, but is stopped by her homeroom teacher. She hastily explain her situation with previously attending homeschool, which he let slide as he continues his attendance roll-call. After he finishes, he lets his students get acquainted with each other before they attend the club social event, planned by the upper-classmen.

Aphmau decides to be confident and talk to the person next to her, which is Travis, who seems to be quite shy and isolated. He expresses that he does not know how to control his emotions well, with anxiety being present. Aphmau takes this as quite forward, as he apologizes. The two then decide to be friends. 

The teacher announces that they will be leaving to the social event. Aphmau and Travis choose to stick together at the event to ease their angst. 


  • Sylvana (First Appearance)
  • Aphmau (First Appearance)
  • Aaron (First Appearance)
  • Nicole (First Appearance)
  • Kawaii~Chan (First Appearance)
  • Teony (First Appearance)
  • Unnamed Teacher 1 (First Appearance)
  • Mrs. Peacock (Mentioned)
  • Garroth (First Appearance)
  • Ivy (First Appearance)
  • Alex (First Appearance)
  • Unnamed Teacher 2 (First Appearance)
  • Laurance (First Appearance)
  • Unnamed Homeroom Teacher (First Appearance)
  • Travis (First Appearance)
  • Zane (First Appearance)


  • At 19 minutes and 41 seconds, this is the longest episode released to date in the series. 
  • All of the characters are given notably slightly higher-pitched voices to fit with their younger age. This is more noticeable in male characters, such as Zane.
    • Height is another example, some characters are taller and shorter. This is more noticeable in freshman, such as Aphmau.
  • Aphmau's line "Let me take a selfie," is from "#SELFIE," a song released by The Chainsmokers.
  • The pink-haired girl who insulted Aphmau is credited as 'Garroth Admirer' in the description. The same applies to Aphmau's mother (credited as 'Aphmau's Mother').
    • The pink-haired girl and black-haired girl are credited as Ivy and Alex in the episode "Cat Fight!"
    • Aphmau's mother name is revealed to be 'Sylvana' in "Cool Moms."
  • Phoenix Drop High appears to follow the American school system, which offers a four-year system. (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior). Students also receive a schedule and must attend a homeroom class before their first period, with all classes being intermingled between grades.
  • Dante, Katelyn, and Lucinda are the only main characters from MyStreet to make no appearance in the first episode.
  • The thumbnail shows a 'Phoenix Drop High School: Welcome New Students' sign, but this sign isn't the sign in front of the school (that one doesn't say 'School' in 'Phoenix Drop High School' and 'Welcome New Students,' and has not been shown in any of the episodes in the entire series.
  • When Aphmau fell into Garroth, right before (when it was Aphmau's first-person-view) she backed into him, but when Garroth is shown catching her after, she is facing him (he was behind her before). The sound effect happened right after first-person-view Aphmau 'fell,' and Garroth is shown to have caught her after the black screen/transition faded. This whole event only happened in a few seconds, so there is no way Aphmau could not have turned around that quickly.
  • This episode reveals that Aphmau harbors a crush on Garroth and Laurance in high school. This is reversed in MyStreet, where the two have feelings for her.
    • In "Her Best Friends," Travis reveals that he and Aphmau used to be close friends. This episode is evident to his statement. 
  • Aphmau recently moved back to MyStreet and was homeschooled.  
  • In "Don't Tell Aaron," it is stated that Aphmau met Garroth, Zane, and Vylad when she was younger, but it appears she doesn't remember them when she sees Garroth and Zane at school.
  • Vylad is likely in middle school due to Zane being a freshman. This is true because Vylad is the youngest of the Ro'Meave brothers. This was confirmed in a Pixel Painter episode. This changed when Vylad transferred to Aphmau and Zane's homeroom class in "Shadow Knights Rule!
  • It is implied by her mother that Aphmau has cried in the closet before. Her mother sometimes wishes that Aphmau was claustrophobic so she could stop hiding in the closet and other small places in their house.
  • Aphmau's mother calls Aphmau "mija", which is a portmanteau of the Spanish words "mi" and "hija," translates to my daughter.


First Day of School! MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Ep

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