-The episode starts in front of Aphmau's house. The camera then enters the house on the second floor staircase near Aphmau's bedroom door. Sylvana comes up the stairs to wake Aphmau up.

Sylvana: "(Sweetly) Aphmau, Aphmau!"

Aphmau: [Groans] "Nooo.."

-Sylvana open the bedroom door and make her way to the side of her bed.

Sylvana: "Aphmau, get up! Come on!"

Aphmau: "(Annoyed) Mom, just like, five more minutes.. then I promise i'll get up.."

Sylvana: "You always say that, and it turns into 20 minutes, ...if not the whole day. Now get your butt out of bed!"

Aphmau: "Okay, okay! I'm awake. I just need like, 4 more minutes to rest my eyes."

Sylvana: "[Sighs] Fine. Sleep in. Such a shame; you're going to be late for your first day of high school. And yesterday you were so excited, too. *tsk* Oh, well. - [Chuckles in Spanish]"

-Aphmau realizes that today is first day of high school.

Aphmau: "Mooomm, today isn't even- [Gasps] It's the first day of school! Oh! I'm so excited! ... [Giggles] Backpack, check! Pencils, Check! College rule paper, ...Mm, check! Stuffed animal?... Pfft! No! [Scoffs] I'm a highschool freshman now? I need to be cool. Mmh... sorry, Honekoneko Uniform, check! [Giggles] This is going to be awesome! My first day of high school! I can't wait to go to my classes and make a first impression! Ah, I've been preparing all summer for this moment! Nothing is going to stand in my way of making new friends and awesome grades- Nothing, I tell you! [Cackles fiendishly.]"

-Aphmau then looses her confidences and hides in the closet.

Aphmau "[Literally sobbing. Then whining] I don't wanna goooooo."

-Sylvana comes in the room once more to find her in the closet

Sylvana: "Aphmau? ...Aphmau? Are you crying in the closet again?

Aphmau: "(Still in the closet) [Stammers] N-no!"

Sylvana: "[Sighs] Sometimes I wish you had claustrophobia .because of these little hiding spats you have. (enters the closet) Tell mama what's wrong"

Aphmau:" Mom, I'm scared...I- don't want to go to high school anymore."

Sylvana: "(Surprised) What!? But sweetheart, you've been so excited for this since we've moved back here"

Aphmau: "no but mom I've been homeschooled for what seems like ever."

Sylvana: "calm down sweetie it was just a year."

Aphmau: "still even before then my old middle school I didn't really talk to anyone I haven't seen another kid my age in person in a year."

Sylvana: "Well I tried to get you to go out but you wanted to stay inside and play your internet games. Miha look... you're going to be fine sure it's going to be a new experience for you and a lot of kids probably won't like you very much because you're really annoying sometimes."

Aphmau: "mom..."

Sylvana: "But really in all honesty if they find you annoying that you don't need to be their friend in the first place. Just have fun and be you you'll find people who love you for the beautiful person I know you are. Just keep that smile on this."

Aphmau: "thanks mom. You're right, I can do this I just need to stay positive and smile"

Sylvana: "that's my girl. Now get your butt to school. I've got to get to work. You gonna be okay walking there by yourself?"

Aphmau: "(Confidently) mhm I can do this."

Sylvana: "Great, see you tonight. Have a great first day. Oh and don't talk to any boys they're nothing but trouble"

-Sylvana leaves the room.

Aphmau: "okay well that eliminates half the people in school i can actually talk to that even though mom gave me some really sweet advice. Well, here goes nothing

-Aphmau walks off. The camera now shows the Pheonix Drop High School.

Aphmau: "hmm this is it. I can do this, but first let me take a selfie. Perfect."

-Aphmau bumps into a guy (Supposedly Aaron)

Aphmau: "Hey, watch where you're going. Jerk. Anyway, let's see. How to make sure that posted right. Um ... (Bring up the photo on phone) here we go. Perfect. Okay well, I guess I better get to classes. There's so many people here uh-huh. All right... (Trying to open the school doors) but what? How come the doors locked? did they forget to open it on the first day."

-From the back, Teony talks to Aphmau

Teony: "i'm assuming your freshman?"

Aphmau: "(Startled) huh?"

Teony: "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, jumpy one, eh."

Aphmau: "Um, sorry, this doors locked at."

Teony: "Don't worried about that. Don't bother. They usually lock the doors on the first day here."

Aphmau: "Oh, I see"

Teony: "Then to let everyone flooded and bam! Chaos everywhere.

Aphmau: "that sounds weird huh?"

Teony: "You're really nervous. you're shaking a lot."

Aphmau: "I'm sorry you're really the first person I've seen in a year"

Teony: "(Surprised and jump back) Wow whoa. What does that mean? Someone keep you in a dungeon or something?"

Aphmau: "No it's not like that. I mean I was home-schooled.

Teony: "That sounds awesome. Getting to stay home every day. Best school ever!"

Aphmau: "It's more lonely than anything but uh..."

Teony: "Uhuh, that poor smile is cute. Cheer up, freshman. You'll get the hang of things in no time."

Aphmau: "Um... hey. Would you want to be my friend?"

Teacher: "Teony, Miss Peacock is looking for you."

Teony: "What! Already? The school isn't even open yet."

Teacher: "She need you right now. Something about missing papers for homeroom"

Teony: "[Sigh] I bet she's not wearing her glasses those papers are probably right in front of her [Groans] fine i'm on my way now. Sorry freshman. I'm a teacher's aid and I need to help my teacher right now.

Aphmau: "Um.. Ok ..."

Teony: "just keep your head high and you'll be fine. See you around cutie."

-Teony leaves Aphmau to help Ms. Peacock.

Aphmau: "Oh, what? Can I go with you? Yeah, never mind. She seems so nice and confident. I wonder if she was never classmen and maybe she was like some kind of super freshman who took a summer class or something... (Looking around the school grounds) Um everyone's in a group and I the only one without someone to talk to. School starts in 10 minutes, so I have to settle until then. Oh no. I don't know. Everyone's gonna look at me and uh huh. So just like is there somewhere I can go I..."

-Aphmau bumps into Garroth.

Garroth: "Hey, are you okay?"

Aphmau: "I'm so sorry. I'm fine. I just I didn't mean to run into you."

Garroth: "You should really watch where you're stepping this time. I could have been a nasty spill for you.

Aphmau: *Wow, he's so dreamy*

Garroth: "Hello? are you okay?"

Aphmau: *Is he's talking to me? He is talking to me, he is holding me in his arms and I just drooling over him... just say something smart* "uh-huh you cool thanks for help me." *Oh my what did you just say*

Garroth: "Do you need to go to the nurse's office or something?"

Aphmau: "It's my first day."

Garroth: "Oh freshman. No wonder you're acting all weird."

Aphmau: "Yes, that's totally the reason why I'm acting weird. uh-huh. Thanks for catching my phone."

Garroth: "No problem. You really just running to me. You should watch where you're going."

Aphmau: "I will"

Garroth: "Take care. See you around."

-Garroth leaves Aphmau.

Aphmau: *wow he was so dreamy* You cool. Thanks for help me? Uh I'm such an idiot.

-Ivy comes up to Aphmau.

Ivy: "Well, wow. Didn't you look pathetic? Drooing all over him."

Aphmau: "Huh, me?"

Ivy: "Well of course you. I saw you play that innocent freshman"

Aphmau: "(Startled) what I didn't..."

Ivy: "Look...I don't have time to deal with you. Just know that Garroth Ro'meave is off limits. Okay? So, don't get any ideas. Later freshman"

Aphmau: "(Kind of frustrated) I have a name you know. Uh, who's that girl think she is? (Confused) I, huh the bell? It didn't feel like ten minutes at all. (Nervous)Oh! I have no idea where to go, do I just follow the crowd? Oh... I guess I do."

-The camera now shows the inside of the school

Aphmau:"(Sighs) This looks really confusing. (Slightly panicked) Where am I supposed to go? What do I do first?"

-Aphmau sees a teacher and walks up to him

Aphmau: "Oh, excuse me sir?"

Teacher:"Ah, welcome you must be new here."

Aphmau:"Of course I am, pretty much everyone in this room is a freshman right?"

Teacher:"(Laughs) Oh, that's right I forget! Sorry i've been teaching here for so long. Plus I just taught summer school so today doesn't feel any different since I only got a week off."

Aphmau: "(Giggles nervously) Oh I see..."

Teacher: "What middle school are you coming from?"

I up I was actually home schools from middle school

OIC up

so do you have any childhood friends here you could mingle with no I used to

live here in town but then i move and came back and I had some friends here

when I was a kid but I don't really remember them and we haven't kept in

contact at all so yeah I'm kind of alone

now's the time to be alone

do you have any friends at all

that's kind of rude question to ask but I do have friends

well up online friends that I talked to in my game but i have never met any of

them in real life up

but there's one only friend that I talked to a lot so that kind of girl oh

you poor socially awkward child huh

you're making this more socially awkward by pointing that out

oh my god I think I'm going to die and how loud you said that not to worry i

will tell you how our school system works

oh my god you're yelling so loudly please stop him now as you can see all

the freshmen are currently here in the orientation room this is where you pick

up your folder that contains your schedule

did your parents pre-register you I think so good

well then go pick up your packet once you have it it will tell you where home


then your head there and you too will guide you through orientation day

orientation day the first day of school freshman today you get to meet your

homeroom class mates then you can meet at the club social event

it's where you get to meet the clubs and a few upper classmen well thanks but I'd

rather not meet upperclassmen

I just want to stay in my comfort zone with all the other freshmen let that

well bad news that's how our school system works

freshmen sophomores juniors and seniors are usually intermingled in all classes

except for homeroom

you're kidding me

nope now go on go get your packet and has a whole room

this place is about to clear out and you definitely want to get a good seat in

your homeroom

hey I I didn't even think about that

thank you sir I appreciated no problem good luck

ok but these lines among do i go to help variety signing

huh I'm gonna be late for homeroom with this is hurry up

although is along no no

you know no no this can't be happening

the school is so huge and I don't understand the hostel is wrong about

almost 10 minutes ago and I'm so late

oh this day is just going absolutely horrible so far

you okay no i'm not i'm lost in these halls and i have no idea where to go

freshman right yeah didn't you get a school packet in the mail during the

summer they were sent out to all the local middle school kids coming into

high school I was home-schooled


well then here let me see your schedule

uh-huh sure

here I got something wrong

he's really handsome too what the heck

I'm sorry here

please don't tell me you're falling for my locks no no no no that's not it

no need to lie i have that effect on most girls in the school but don't let

these looks take advantage of you

I i want your classes nearby

here I'll walk you there

here you are thank you so much

I'm so sorry i probably made you late for your class

no no worries i'm actually setting up at the club social for all the freshmen

so I'll probably see you there i guess i will then

oh hey by the way that uniform looks good on you

oh my god calm down

he's probably got a girlfriend or something

I'm oh that's right I gotta get to class

stop wait let me guess I'm so sorry i don't know this place very well and I

the cliche

I'm late because I knew excuse right

you're looking today's the first day and that your freshman the schools and other

orientation package during the summer and cold

oh i see well then I won't give you flak for that

what's your name it's not I see your name

very unique now take a seat

we're just about done calling roll now let's see Nicole von ronson bug

president Hawaii each on it

Travis Val crumb present and last Zane remain here remain are you related to

yes I am you've got a big name to live up to

I expect great things from you all right class you can all mingle and then we'll

head on over to the club social mingle

you know what I'm not going to think too much into this whole being new thing


if I get called a freshman one more time i swear i'm i i'm just going to make

casual conversation with whoever I turn to next to me and I'm going to enjoy it

hi my name is that mouth I'm new like you and um it's nice to meet you

Oh what's your name it's travis

hey that's a really nice name really yeah

your name is nice too are you okay yeah I'm just shocked a pretty girl have to

be the first person to talk to me

oh thanks that was really bored of you

this sorry i have a bad habit of saying what's on my mind when I'm nervous I

wish I had your confidence

actually that was the first confident thing I've said to anyone all day

really you've actually talk to people today yeah quite a few

it's amazing what

really yeah at least not shy

I just upright die if I complimented a boy like that

you're kidding me I was about to explode easier

I'm just glad no one is calling me freshman right now

uh-huh that's so annoying it's like a little label they put on us right

like I know where new and kind of timid but come on

um who want to be friends shit sure

okay then ok ok

it's what friends do

hi Tony Hall it's just want to be alone for the first day here so we're

essentially not alone buddy not alone buddies

awesome so tell me about yourself

all right class we're heading to meet all the clubs and upperclassmen line up

and let's get going

are we gonna stick together eat yeah sure let's go then

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