Geography and Demographics

Gal'ruk Ocean

The icy ocean that surrounds the Gal'ruk Region as it gives way to the ice and snow of the mainland.


Ice crystals as seen no where else in the series.

The Gal'ruk Region is a very large, cold island, surrounded by the Gal'ruk Sea. However unlike the frozen tundra that is the area around Pikoro Village, the landscape of the Gal'ruk Region is one of beauty, despite the climate. From the abundance of spruce trees to the large ice crystals that can be seen nowhere else in the series, it seems as if the Gal'ruk Region teems with its own natural glamour. Although, for the regions residents, the citizens of the Enki Warrior Tribe, it may be a little overdone. This is because the region and the surrounding sea are both cursed by an evil being known as the Demon Warlock, who put a curse on them, rendering the people unable to leave.

The Patron of the Gal'ruk Region is Enki the Keeper, a member of the six Divine Warriors. It is quite easily seen that Enki is, indeed, very much worshiped among the island's inhabitants (save for the Demon Warlock), with the village being named after him. Also, similar to how certain individuals in the Ru'aun Region (the neighboring region to the Gal'ruk Region) exclaim "My Irene", people in the Gal'ruk say "May Enki be with you."

The Enki Warrior Tribe

The Enki Warrior Tribe is a village with viking-like peoples, led by Asmund.

Known Residents of the Gal'ruk Region

Travis (Former, Now travels with Aphmau)

Asmund (Leader of the only know tribe on the island)

Eirik (Asmund's Father, Unknown if alive)

Helen (Asmunds Wife)

Enki (Travis' mother, deceased)

Demon Warlock (Evil Spirit bound to island, father to Travis)

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