Galruk Sea

The icy waters of the Gal'ruk Sea before reaching the snowy island that the Enki Warrior Tribe lives on.

The Gal'ruk Sea, or the "Cursed Sea" is located in the Gal'ruk region where Travis originally lived. In the middle of this Sea is a large island that hosts the village of the Enki Warrior Tribe, who live similarly to Viking-like peoples. The Sea is called the "Cursed Sea" because Travis's father, the Demon Warlock had put an enchantment on it that made it so no one could leave the island, effectively secluding the people from the rest of the world. It can also be hurricane-prone when the Warlock wants to bring in someone of power; him doing so to be able to steal their power for himself. He had done so to Aphmau & Company when they were on their way to Scaleswind, however Aphmau was able to defeat him, allowing them to escape while he had no strength to bind them. He now has a spectre form, and has traveled to the island, so we don't have any info brought forth if he can still control the cursed sea in his current state.

The Demon Warlock controls the Imps , who can take the form of anyone that they saw step onto the cursed island. This cause troubles for the inhabitants, for they could believe one is a member of the village, yet be an Imp.