Garmau (Garroth x Aphmau) is the pairing from Minecraft Diaries, involving the characters Aphmau and Garroth. Garmau is the chosen name for the pairing selected by the viewers of the episodes. Garmau has been shipped since the earliest episodes.


Garmau is one of the first ships since the beginning. Garroth gives many, many hints to Aphmau, but being the oblivious person she was, she didn't notice. Garroth actually tried to marry her; she was leaving to Scaleswind, and in the chest of items that Garroth gave her, there was a wedding ring, engagement ring, and a wreath of flowers.

When he saw an illusion of Laurence and Aphmau kissing, he goes into a deep depression. Because of Lillian and the illusion created by her, he becomes evil and travels to the Irene dimension along with Lillian and Zane. But as he battles with Laurence, he convinces Garroth to become his old self.

As Zane goes to kill Aphmau, he and Garroth clash swords. As that happens, Zoey appears along with a portal that saves Aphmau and the others. Garroth tells Aphmau to go and says that he is not worthy of her love and that he loves her. As they go through the portal the Season finale ends with Garroth saying "Now, let's end this Zane." He is now stuck in the Irene Dimension battling with Zane.

In Season two, sometimes Aphmau goes to sleep, she sees Garroth with her in a "Dream Dimension" where Aphmau tells Garroth about what is going on in the overworld. One time this happened, Garroth thought this was possibly their last time together, so he kissed her, unexpected by Aphmau. Garroth is later brought back to PD when Aaron gives up his life to save Garroth. Currently in Season 3, Garroth is still Aphmau’s guard. It is possible that they are seeing each other, since in episode 1 Kiki told Leona to watch after Lilith and Alina (Aphmau’s daughters) for Aphmau and Garroth.

On Twitter when Aphmau posted a strawpole about the ships and Garmau won . Garmau was 31% Laurmau 25% Aarmau 23% Zanemau 21%

Even Aphmau had her first kiss with Garroth in McD and PDHS (Well that also means in Mystreet too because Mystreet was supposed to be after {PDHS)

Garmau Moments

First special moment:

The biggest earliest moments was when Logan and Donna had set sail into the night to go off on their honeymoon. Garroth looked deeply into Aphmaus eyes and said "Aphmau maybe one day maybe we could--" but then, Zane comes down the steps and ruins the moment and reveals who Garroth was.

Second special moment:

When Aphmau was building a tree house for Little Levin and Malachi, Garroth came over to see if she was doing okay. As she was building, she got stuck and tried to get down from the tree. She fell was about to hit the ground. Garroth sprinted to save her and caught her before she hit the ground. After the incident, he plays with Levin, Malachi, and Aphmau up in the tree.

Third special moment:

Back in Irene's Demension when Zoey opened up the portal Garroth said "Aphmau... I love you."

Fourth special moment:

When Aphmau was dreaming, she meet Garroth in another world. They kept talking and then he kissed her, thinking it might be their last time they would ever see each other.

Fifth special moment:

On season two, episode 34 of Minecraft Diaries, Aphmau was talking with Katelyn and she said, "I get it.. If it were Garr-," however, she holds herself back from saying him.

Sixth special moment:

On season two episode 41 of Minecraft Diaries Aphmau was falling asleep while Amber was talking she said, "I was hoping to see him too," which refers to Garroth because she can only see him when she is asleep.

Seventh special moment:

On episode season 2 ep 49 she mentioned to Travis she really missed Garroth and she really wanted to see him and talk to him. She also is worrying they he got hurt by Zane some how. Aphmau says to Travis that he was her first guard and someone she known for such a long time that she doesn't want him to get hurt.

Eighth special moment:

While at Emmylan's wedding she was dancing with Laurance. Then she went away to the docks, while the party was still happening. She looked out to the ocean and she saw Aaron. Aaron asked why she wasn't with the others and she mentioned last time at another wedding, and well the obviously pointed to Garroth when she danced with Garroth and he was going to admit his feelings to her and then Aaron left and she just stayed at the docks, while the party was still going on.

Ninth special moment

Ep 54 season 2 when aphmau pulled Laurance to the side to talk about when he turned into a shadow knight he mentioned Garroth. Aphmau agrees with Laurance when he said he misses him dearly. He remember something Garroth used to say "Don't be sorry Laurance". Then he mentioned missing him and she agreed

Tenth special moment:

Episode 59 Season 2 Hyria goes to the Irene Dimension Portal and Aphmau sees her here. She starts begging or Hyria to open the portal but sadly she can't. Aphmau said "Hyria don't play with my emotions someone I care for is inside. Aphmau seemed so determined on asking her if she can open the portal. Also she said she cared for the person in the portal deeply (Of course Garroth not Zane..)

Eleventh special moment:

Episode 60 of season 2 She is sparing with Aaron and they took a break and Aaron confronted her about thinking about him. He says its fine to forget about him but she kept on insisting that she wanted to find out how to open the portal. (We all know Aaron is trying to sink the Garmau ship .-.)

Twelveth special moment:

Episode 61 Season 2 In the beginning of the episode she tries to sleep to see Garroth. She ended up screaming at Laurance of frustration. She said she was worried about him and how he can be hurt. She is also sad she has to rely on her power to just see Garroth. This shows she wants to see Garroth badly and she is worried about him. She also went to Vylad to learn about Garroth

Thirteen Special Moment:

Episode 74 Season 2, Toward the end while she was sparing with Aaron she talked about Zane which mentioned Garroth. She started crying on how she missed him. She wanted to see him and she blamed herself because of him. She wished she stopped Zane and she hoped that would've help save Garroth and with him. You can tell she misses him so much because It sounded like she was crying and all she cared about was him. (Lets admit we started crying with Aphmau too)

Fourteen Special Moment:

Episode 76 Season 2, At the ending Aphmau saw Garroth hurt but she couldn't reach him, Later on in Episode 77 Season 2, Aphmau could finally reach him, Gladly she was able to heal him, after that they started talking and Aphmau admits that she is really close to getting Garroth out and Garroth reply's with "Does it look like I'm worried" stating that he trusts that Aphmau will get him out, Later on in the episode Aphmau was on a picnic with Aaron and Lilith Garnet, Aaron took her on this picnic because she was stressed about something, Aphmau didn't want to talk about it, but later she tells him everything on how she misses him and wants him out.



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