Garrance has been around for a while now, and many more of Aphmau’s Subscribers are talking about it.

Garroth and Laurance are best friends, they’re considered to be very close, and have grown closer over time.

These two characters were always shown head over heels for Aphmau, but that eventually changed, and the story went a different direction, and Garroth and Laurance eventually starting showing signs of liking each other. Or at least signs of a very close friendship.

Garrance was first considered to be a possible Ship in Aphmau’s series Side Stories, that’s where it all began, Episode 3, Of Aphmau’s Halloween Special, FALL-ing for you. Fan Art, and much more of the two Male Characters were created after that Episode. The Ship eventually returned in Aphmau’s series, Minecraft MyStreet , A Series that followed Modren Day Aphmau, and a ton of her friends and enemies. The Series includes Garroth and Laurance of course, who shared a kiss in Episode 20, Season 1. Katelyn put together a play for MyStreet, and had her friends play the characters.

It was a modren day Romeo and Juliet. Aphmau was Juliet and Aaron was Romeo, Laurance and Garroth were upset by this, and both came up with a plan to kiss Aphmau, Garroth ended up locking Aaron in the bathroom, and since no one could find him, Garroth got to play Romeo, since he was the backup. But Laurance still had the Potion Lucinda gave him, and decided to use it, and switch places with Garroth. But that backfired when Kawaii-Chan Pushed him, the potion splashed onto Aphmau instead of Garroth, causing the two boys to kiss.

The Kiss between Garroth and Laurance isn’t talked about much after The Play by the characters in the series. But many more Garrance moments take place after those 2 episodes, to the point where some fans speculate a secret relationship between the two Characters. Garroth and Laurance eventually gave up on aphmau at the end of the season, and let Aphmau go, and be with Aaron.

Though, Jason (Jessica’s Husband, and voice actor of Aaron.) once tweeted talking about Garrance, (after being accused that Series was queer baiting) and how it couldn’t ‘publicly’ happen, due to different opinions and beliefs in this world, and Voice Actor’s comfort.

There could be a possibility for this Ship, if Jessica and Jason were willing to risk views and other things. But many things could be edited, to throw fans off, and that’s what some fans think Jessica keeps doing with this Ship.

Jessica has taken a step with certain characters, and ships, allowing more LGBTQ+ Characters and Ships into her series. - After Season 2 Of MyStreet - Love Love Paradise ended, Garroth and Laurance eventually reunited with a hug, some people considered their hug to be very ‘intimate’ hug. Garroth did lift Laurance up off the ground after all.

Many more Garrance moments take place in MyStreet | Lover’s Lane - Episode 2 Season 3, the two males move into another house together but this time with Garroth’s younger brother, Zane Ro’Meave.

Zane walks downstairs, to find Garroth and Laurance ‘platonically’ flirting with each other, Garroth asks Laurance how much Sugar He wants in his coffee, and Laurance responds with “Oh Garroth, You are enough Sugar already” Garroth giggles, and takes Laurance coffee to him, and calls him “Honey Bear” Zane comments on this situation.

Many more small moments like this happen throughout the next couple seasons, and holiday specials, hinting at a possible relationship, or some type of feelings between Garroth and Laurance.

This Ship was actually put into one of Jessica’s Rejection Video’s, where Jessica reacted to some of her Characters getting rejected, in one of the clips, Garroth asks Laurance what he wants to do for his Birthday this Year, Laurance responds to Garroth with “a date with you” but Garroth doesn’t quite understand, and considers it as a joke, and Laurance goes on to Confess his attraction and how much he loves Garroth , but Garroth doesn’t seem to get it. Jessica reacts by saying “Garroth! Come on, just stop being dumb for one second” Many Garrance Shippers think Jessica may be a shipper.

Of course that’s Video wasn’t taken too seriously, and was for all fun and games, but it is still considered to be a interesting Garrance momment to Garrance Shippers and the Aphmau Fandom.

This Ship has come a long way, and Garrance Shippers can’t wait to see what happens next for these two characters and their friendship!