Season 2, Episode 98
Post Date

May 30th, 2016



Written by

Jess and Jason/Dom

Directed by

Jess and Jason/Dom

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"She's Pregnant!?"

"Battle of O'Khasis"

"Garroth" is the ninety-eighth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and it uploaded on May 30th, 2016. It runs for 15 minutes and 33 seconds.


"With the news of Lady Ro'Meave's execution looming, Aphmau has to make a choice. Does she tell Garroth about the baby?"

Episode Overview

Aphmau talks to Katelyn about telling Garroth that she is pregnant with Aaron's child. Aphmau is very nervous about telling Garroth that she is pregnant. Katelyn tells Aphmau if she ever needs her just to let her know. Aphmau talks to Garroth. Garroth starts to yell at her (with voice acting). He reminds Aphmau that his mom is going to die if they don't do anything. Garroth thinks that Aphmau doesn't care about him anymore. Aphmau is confused. He asks Aphmau if she meant she loved him, he also asks if she lied. He tells her he'd die for her than he runs off.

Aphmau tells Katelyn that she didn't know Garroth would react like that. Katelyn says that Garroth is strong enough to get his mother on his own. Katelyn reminds Aphmau that Garroth has a relic. Aphmau wants to go after Garroth but Katelyn tells Aphmau that he does not want to see her. Aphmau admits she's scared of having a conversation with Garroth.

Vylad comes in and says he hasn't seen Laurance and he says Garroth gone off to O'Khasis. Aphmau asks Vylad to watch over Garroth and Katelyn promises to take care of Aphmau. Aphmau doesn't want to lose Garroth since she already lost Aaron. Katelyn want's aphmau to lower her walls than she breaks hers. (Lol). It than switches to Garroth's POV. He talks to himself about protecting her. He has flashbacks from the time she fell from the tree. He thinks Aphmau had changed.

He has another flashback of when he and her kissed. Garroth is upset that he waited to long to talk about her feelings. He has ANOTHER flashback of before Aphmau left the irene dimension. Garroth wants to stop thinking about her, he begins to think about how to save his mother but then he spots two kids surrounded by two thugs.  Big bro sticks up to the thugs.

The thugs want to steal their money. Big bro hits Angry thug with a stick than Garroth comes in. The thugs attack but Garroth charges and threatens them to leave the forest and never come around again. He asks if the kids are okay, which they are. Garroth tells Big Bro that he'll be a great guard one day. The kids then run off. Garroth hears noises then spots something flying above him, he draws out his swords then he realizes its his Wyvern, Raven. Garroth can speak to Raven since he has the relic. Garroth takes a ride on Raven to O'Khasis.


  • The thumbnail for this video features Garroth
  • This is the first time we see a perspective other than Aphmau's. The perspective switches over to Garroth when he makes his way to O'Khasis.
    • This P.O.V change also includes TheDragonHat, Garroth's voice actor, to be narrating.
  • The pose Garroth holds in the thumbnail is the same as Aphmau's pose in The Next Step's thumbnail.


Garroth - Minecraft Diaries -S2-15:34

Garroth - Minecraft Diaries -S2- .98 Minecraft Roleplay-

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