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Garroth New Outfit

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  • Winter
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  • Athletic
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  • Dinner

  • Jury Form
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  • Cosplay
  • Love~Love Paradise
  • Gender Bend

Full Name

Garroth Ro'Meave









Hair Color

Bleach Blond

Eye Color


Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop High



Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Phoenix Drop High Baseball Captain
Personal Status




First Appearance
Voice Actor


Garroth is a main character in MyStreet, appearing in almost every episode.


Early Life

When he was younger, he, Zane and Vylad lived in a small neighborhood in O'Khasis. It is unclear if that is the same place they lived in as of Phoenix Drop High, since Aphmau was their neighbor at the time before she and Sylvana moved.

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

He first appears in "First Day of School!", where he bumps into Aphmau, who was confused and lost at the same time. Once Garroth leaves her, two angry female students confront Aphmau, telling her that they have claimed Garroth Ro'Meave (pronouncing his name like "Ger-awth Ro-mayve). Later that day, the teacher is in awe of hearing that Zane is the brother of Garroth.

All these events make Garroth seem like he is a very popular guy at school that all the girls love, even the ones that don't even know him. Garroth also seemed oblivious to it, but he is one of the kindest ones there. Caring for Travis when he got knocked down and Aphmau. He even smiled at Aphmau as a little friendly gesture. In the episode "Ro'Maeve Family Dinner PT. 3", Zane is teasing Garroth about his crush on Aphmau. Garroth became annoyed and went outside for some fresh air, with Aphmau following behind to check if he's okay.

Garroth confesses his feelings towards Aphmau, first with Aphmau confused and then abruptly kisses her. Garroth also apologized, with Aphmau stating that was her first kiss and then the screen reveals Gene spying on them with his phone as the episode ends, with Garroth and Aphmau unaware of his presence. Garroth's father, Garte is also seen at the dinner, although we have yet until we see what he looks like in Minecraft Diaries.

In the episode "First Date", after speaking with Laurance and Dante, Garroth asks Aphmau on a date. They go to the festival together and Laurance eventually joins them, unaware that they were on a date.

In "Our Last Dance", Garroth is seen to have taken Katelyn to prom, implied in several other episodes. During the episode, Garroth and Katelyn run into Katelyn's ex, Jeffory, who brought a girl with the same chestnut hair as Abby, leading us to assume that she's Abby's mother. Katelyn starts sobbing at the sight of Jeffory, even though all he does is compliment her. Katelyn admits why she broke up with him, leading to her feeling guilty as tears stream down her face. Garroth, being a good friend, tried to help Katelyn by starting a fight with Jeffory, thinking that this could possibly make Katelyn stop crying. It is unknown what happened to them after that.

The Big Move

Prior to the events of MyStreet, The Big Move was in place as a lead into the series.

Garroth and Laurance think there is something between Aphmau and Aaron, but he is just helping her move. This causes Garroth and Laurance to do some crazy antics to find out where Aphmau is moving to, and whether or not there is something between Aphmau and Aaron. In Episode 4, they get Dante to give them an outside opinion, convinced that they needed to stop and have someone talk some sense into them. However, Dante actually encouraged their actions and told them to make Aphmau jealous by fighting over another girl, Michi (this proves you should not get advice from Dante or else you get chased out of a movie theater by Aaron's fangirl army). The two proceeded to interrupt Aphmau's movie "date" with Aaron, until Aaron puts his arm around her to make them mad. As a result, Garroth goes into his Jury of Nine form and Laurance goes into his Shadow Knight form, but were overrun by Aaron's fangirls army.


Aphmau, Kawaii~Chan and Katelyn were moving to the new house, and Garroth and the others move into the house across from Aphmau. Aphmau thought that they found her address which is true, but they lied. Later, they find out Zane was the leader of the neighborhood watch patrol, and laughed at him. Then Garroth and Laurance fussed about Aphmau coming to their house. Garroth showed Aphmau their hot tub, prompting Aphmau to stating her enthusiasm to use the hot tub, wearing her new swimsuit she bought. This made Garroth blush a hot pink, and awkwardly run inside. Later, he and Laurance search for Aphmau, and hear Dante and Aphmau through Dante's bedroom door. They greatly mistook the words they overheard. Garroth broke his door, and he and Laurance proceeded to barge into the room only to find out that he and Laurance had been wrong, ultimately ending up in their embarrassment. In episode 18, Katelyn hosts auditions for a neighborhood play she is directing. Aphmau volunteers to play and Aaron volunteers to play Romeo. This causes Laurance, Travis, and Garroth to audition as well. Garroth is also seen getting annoyed from both Travis and Dante.

Pixel Painters

Aphmau, Garroth, and Laurance, ended up playing a minigame, Pixel Pictures. Garroth and Laurance don't know where they are or what's going on, but they just roll with it. They end up having fun, awkward, and amazing moments drawing weird pictures. In the end, Laurance says Garroth's drawing sucked, and he got mad and ended up saying he will kill him while running after him.

In another episode of Pixel Painters, Aphmau invited Garroth and Zane, saying they should bond since they're family. In the end, Aphmau suggests maybe they should try hugging. Garroth tried, but Zane ended up freaking out and running away with Garroth chasing after him.

MyStreet Season 2

Garroth is no different in Love~Love Paradise but has taken a shine to Ivy as he discovers her mispronunciation was because of a lisp however the name 'Garreth' has stuck into Garroth's mind and he sleep talks 'Garreth' however Garroth is now fine with Ivy as she is appreciated as a friend. Garroth is normally out to 'feed the cat' but has been revealed for him to be taking hula lessons, however Garroth is left devastated when there is not enough people left for the hula lessons to continue Dante and Aaron join to continue Garroth's hobby in hula dancing. In the episode 'Baby Lifeguard!' Garroth disguised as a baby to help Dante's relationship with Jenna. Garroth is also found claiming a dog called Sparkles.


Garroth has bleach-blonde hair that flows the right, cyan blue eyes, pale skin that 'radiates like the sun'. He wears a white undershirt, a blue plaid jacket, and blue jeans.

In Phoenix Drop High, when outside of school, he wears a blue and gold jacket with a golden patch, a blue-gray undershirt with a lighter gray stripe, a brown belt with a gold buckle and blue jeans.


As Garnet, she has bleach blonde hair that carries down to her waist and cerulean blue eyes. Her outfit consists of a white undershirt, blue plaid shirt, blue shorts and light blue shoes. 

Love~Love Paradise

Garroth wears a white shirt with a blue jacket over the top and wears blue swim trunks.


As a cat, he is blonde, with a pale blue jacket.

Screenshot 2017-05-21 at 5.30.24 PM


In MyStreet, he retains most of his personality from Minecraft Diaries. However, he is more outgoing and extroverted. He has taken a liking for fan fictions and has critical of people's writing due to this. He judges a person's punctuation and writing and is not even shy one bit. Garroth has more goofiness in MyStreet unlike his personality in Diaries, where he is much more serious. 

He also has a caring nature. This is more towards his younger brothers, who he often looks after, even when they reached their adult years. Although he does not admit it, he does like being the oldest Ro'Meave brother. He believes that blood is thicker than water, meaning that family is over everything. However, he can reach a point where he cares too much to the point of getting attached to animals he barely met. 

In MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, he appears to be well known around the school and is polite to the lower classmen, such as Aphmau. When she bumped into him, he kindly offered help and was concerned from her odd behavior. Before the he left, he wished Aphmau good luck on her first day.

In the minigame series, Garroth holds a competitive attitude that is shown frequently.


  • It's a running gag for Garroth to break down doors. He does this in most of his entrances.
    • Despite what Garroth said in a Never Have I Ever video, that he never has opened a door with a handle. This is untrue as in PDH Season 1, he opens a door with a handle.
  • Sprinkles, the cat Garroth rescued, is based on Aphmau's cat that she lost while moving to Washington and she is currently still trying to find her cat, like Garroth is with Sprinkles.
    • This could explain that whenever someone says "sprinkles", Garroth gets triggered and develops a meltdown.
    • Garroth discovered the truth about Sprinkles' fate in the minigame episode "Truth About Sprinkles!".
  • Garroth apparently has a Wattpad account, which is here, and his username is Garmau3709.
  • Garroth seems to enjoy the winter as it brings back memories to when Vylad, Zane, and himself were young and played in the snow.
  • According to Pixel Painters, his favorite sweets is a chocolate ice cream sundae with toppings. He also likes eating funnel cake.
    • Overall, his favorite food is a cheeseburger.
  • In Phoenix Drop High, Garroth (along with Laurance) had a 'knack' for charming girls around him.
  • He admits that he is not great at drawing. This is depicted in the episode "Art Buddies!" where the students drew Aphmau into their sketchbook. Although Laurance's turned out fine, Garroth's was a little underwhelming. 
  • Garroth ships Katelyn and Travis. 
  • He was Aphmau's first kiss.
  • When he was a child, Garroth used to tease Zane.
  • Garroth was the captain of the baseball team in highschool.
  • According to Laurance, Garroth sleeps with a teddy bear named Ruffles.In his youth, he had a collection of stuffed animals, namely: Snuffles and Bearington the III.
  • Garroth's favorite video game series is The Legend of Zelda.
  • His more mature voice is first heard in "FC and Shu".
  • In the first episode of Mystreet Season 2 "Love~love Paradise", Garroth seems to be getting closer to Zane as he is seen talking with him.
  • It seems that Garroth has a perverted side which can be seen at the first episode of Mystreet Season 2 "Love~love paradise".
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • According to Zane in the hide and seek episode "Breadsticks and Puppies", Garroth has a short attention span and gets distracted easily.
  • His favorite Pokemon is Slowbro, which is mentioned in "Guess Who? - Pokemon Go~ing Crazy!".
  • Garroth apparently REALLY likes cereal and cookies. He won't let anyone near them.
  • Garroth is revealed to be the heir of his family's business, the Ro'maeve Corporation. This is a reference to Minecraft Diaries where he is the heir to the throne of Ok'hasis. Another thing that should be noticed is his reluctance to fulfill his inheritance.
  • Despite Garroth having a british accent,nobody else in his family has one.

Episode Appearances

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

The Big Move


Season 1

Season 2


  • Garroth : Laurance !!! (as he rushes in busting down the door)
  • Laurance : Ehh ?!? I'm up, I'm up, I was totally paying the bills!
  • Garroth : Never mind that, we have a problem Laurance.
  • Laurance : Euuh, Yeah WE DO, LOOK AT THE DOOR !!!
  • Garroth : [...] I swear I'm getting health of that problem.
  • Laurance : It's not hard to open a door ...
  • Garroth : Doors just get in the way.
  • Laurance : Ohh ... Sorry they're doing their job!
Laurance and Garroth talking about the Door - S3 Ep9

You should really watch out where your stepping next time. That could've been a nasty spill for you

-High School Garroth, Phoniex Drop High, Episode 1

ZANE! Look at you being so brotherly like! NOW YOU HAVE TO HUG VLYAD GET HERE!

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 27

ZANE! Did you give your baby brother a hug?

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 27


-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 27
  • Travis: A cake with......SPRINKLES!
  • Garroth: NOOOO SPRINKLES *sobs*
-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 17


-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 19


-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 19
  • chases after zane*
  • Zane: NO NEVER!
  • Garroth: C'MON ZANE!
  • Zane: No I CAN'T
  • Garroth: HUG ME BROTHER!
-Garroth, Zane, Aphmau and Garroth in Pixel Painters! | Roleplay Minigames!

Sure..H-Hey maybe later you and I could go get s-some coffee or something?

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 27


-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 1

No offense little brother, but you couldn't guard or watch over anything, Even if your life depended on it.

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 2

Heh, It runs in the family...

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 2

NO WE DON'T (Demonic noises)

Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 3

Girl Scream

Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 3

DANTE, YOU'RE DEAD! *breaks down door*

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 3


-Garroth, MyStreet (many many times),

y-yeah.. I-It's like coal... f-for the bad kids...uh...they get that house....

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 7


-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 7


Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 7

A purple cat isn't that hard to miss... *sniffles*

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 8


-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 8

DANTE! *breaks down door (again)*

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 8

Hey, Wanna flush all the toliets in the house while he's in the shower?

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 8

You puff out your feathers like this and do a little dance. not only will it attract girls but it will scare off other males.

-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 13


-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 13


-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 14


-Garroth, MyStreet, Episode 16

Well I got to walk with a beautiful girl

-Garroth, Phoenix Drop High Episode 6

H-Hey are you alright..?

-Garroth, Phoenix Drop High Episode 1

Y-You should watch where you step next time...That could've been a nasty spill for you...

-Garroth, Phoenix Drop High Episode 1

So it was you who broke my piggy bank!

-Garroth, The Picture, Side Stories

It was absolutely not your phone that had a very questionable background of your OTP on it, also you may or may not have an unread message.

-Garroth, The Picture, Side Stories

A guy goes evil one time, and never lives it down!

-Garroth, The Date, Side Stories

If you don't, then we'll get all of our fan girls and use them against you!

-Garroth, Roommates, Side Stories

"I'm actually really happy about this"

-Garroth, Phoenix Drop High, Episode 8 Ro'meave Family Pt 1

"No wonder I feel this way about her"

-Garroth, Phoenix Drop High, Episode 8 Ro'meave Family Pt 1

Oh look. You killed her.

-Garroth, Phoenix Drop High, Episode 5 Weekend Friends!

"We get to find a cute lil girl today"

-Garroth, Prop Hunt Phoenix Drop High
  • Zane, what's your weakness?
  • Garroth: Hmm... Cute girls. Speaking of which, Aphmau where are you?"
Prop Hunt Phoenix Drop High

"I wanted to ask you on a date."

-Garroth (to Aphmau), Phoenix Drop High, Episode 15
  • Garroth: Ya see that over there? *looks at Laurance* 'S adorable.
  • Aphmau: What? Laurance? Is Laurance adorable? *excited* You think Laurance is adorable?!
  • Garroth, slightly flustered: No! No!
  • Laurance: I'm FREAKING adorable!
  • Aphmau: That's so cute Garroth! *giggling*
  • Laurance, in the background: Garroth admits to it! Garroth admits to it!
  • Garroth: It's only because I shampooed him while- ugh
  • Aphmau: *fangirl shriek*
  • Garroth: -really needs to learn how- you know- circles, circles.
  • Aphmau, probably with narrowed eyes: mmhmmm
Garroth, Aphmau, and Laurance; Aphmau's Childhood Home | Phoenix Drop High Minecraft Prop Hunt
  • Aphmau: Huh. Do you think Laurance has a nice butt?
  • Garroth: Oh hey, he does.
-Chaos! | MyStreet Sims Siminima



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