Gaurance is the pairing between the former Head Guard of Phoenix Drop, Garroth and former Second-In-Command Guard of Phoenix Drop, Laurance.



The relationship between Garroth and Laurance has not been shown to be anything beyond good friends. They are usually seen together in the Side Stories, and currently live together in MyStreet. They both share a love for Aphmau, but manage to keep a great friendship. One of the most memorable 'Gaurance' moments is during the episode, "Fall-ing For You", where Garroth pins up Laurence onto a wall and begins to "flirt" with him, saying they should hold each other as Katelyn takes photos. Despite this, they are still great friends, and only (at least shown to be) friends. #PrayForMoreGaurence.

YOUNG CHILDREN! WE HAVE GOTTEN MORE GAURENCE! During the episode: The Kiss - Neighborhood Play, Garroth and Laurence accidentally kiss. Laurence is given a potion by Lucinda so he can switch bodies with Aaron so he can kiss Aphmau. Little does he know that Garroth locks Aaron in the bathroom, and Garroth, being his understudy, takes Aaron's part. When Laurence throws the potion to kiss Aphmau, he misses, and ends up kissing Garroth.

Also, during Valentine part 2 episode, Garroth and Laurance enter together. When Zane teases Garroth, Garroth hesitates to say no. Coincidence? I think not!

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