In PDH, he was always mean to Aphmau and tried to manipulate her into joining his gang by threatening to send the picture of her and Garroth to Laurance. They were enemies, but this changed in Love~Love Paradise. Gene apologized to Aphmau and they became friends. Gene hung around Aphmau a lot in MyStreet S3, causing Zane to become jealous. Gene claimed to be Aphmau's best friend, but it was revealed that he had a crush on her.


Dante and Gene have a good relationship. Dante always looked up to Gene. It turns out that it was Gene who taught him all of the things about relationships.


Zane and Gene have always been enemies. Zane tried to get into Gene's gang in PDH. Gene thought he was annoying and kept sending him away. In MyStreet S3, they are still enemies. Zane is jealous of Gene because Gene spends so much time with Aphmau. Zane believes that Gene wants to steal Aphmau from him. They often argue and fight.