Map of the Ru'aun region, the main scene of the events that occur in MCD.

(Being Made Currently) The realm of Aphmau's Minecraft Diaries is a wide, varied one with a large host of different attributes that make it unique. Dotted along the landscape there are many different villages and City-States, with Lords who run them. There are three regions (although since there are other Divine Warriors, there may be more). Known regions include the Ru'aun Region, home to Aphmau and their religious patron, Lady Irene, and the main setting of MCD; the Tu'la Region, home to the cat-people or Meif'wa, as they are referred, whose region has no known humanoid patron however it is said they worship the sun, and the Gal'ruk region, home to the Enki Warrior Tribe which pays homage to the Divine Warrior Enki. The regions and their cities are all medieval in style.

Ru'aun Region Geography/Demographics

The Ru'aun Region is an extremely large and powerful region, with many landmarks, villages, tribes and City-States calling it home. All in all, as of Season 2, there are 14 areas with large enough populations to be called villages, both withstanding and destroyed (although there are most certainly more). The region can primarily be called seafaring, with only 6 of the 14 major population zones being inland (3 of them being destroyed or abandoned). The region is also essentially split in two, mostly due to the cursed Sacred Forest that no traveler can traverse. This is another reason why the region is a seafaring one, as no roads can connect the two sides. Nonetheless, the region functions well trade-wise, with resources, information, and militaires all effectively being able to traverse the waters to wherever they need to go.

The Patron of the Ru'aun region is Lady Irene, though not all the people worship her. The official chapel of Lady Irene is in O'khasis, and her birthplace was Scaleswind, the first and second largest cities in the region respectfully.

The Tu'la region is the closest separate region from the Ru'aun. It is unknown if the extruding piece of land that is farthest west (map-above) is simply a peninsula or a land bridge connecting the two.


Mysterious Ruins

Roads - There are few roads that traverse the Ru'aun Region. Once again, the region predominately uses the water as its form of travel. However, there are some exceptions. The road that connects Old and New Meteli to Phoenix Drop, as well as a quick turn to Castor the Chicken Shaman's is one. This road heads somewhat north-east and, surprisingly, does not connect to Scaleswind, a major powerhouse in the region. The other road is that which connects Nahakra Village to Falconclaw and O'khasis, running north-west along the water line. There may also be another road leading to an unknown village (or possibly Scaleswind), as the Okasian guard watching the gate had said, "this is only the back gate".

Mountains - Another reason why there is not a lot of roads, the mountains in this region pose a major restriction to development. Except, perhaps, in Scaleswind, where they have utilized the crater of a mountain as defense. Other mountains in the region include a mountain that is close but not quite part of the Scaleswind mountains, on top of which Kawaii~Chan had run a maid cafe; and a huge mountain adjacent to Nahakra Village that hosts a Thieves Guild. Other extruding land-forms include the mountain near Malachi's Castle where Aphmau is attacked by the Eastern Wolf Tribe's wolves, the sheer drop-offs near Bright Port, and New Meteli's location on a large hill.\

Yggdrasil Forest - The Yggdrasil Forest is the home to the Elves. It is where Zoey is from, and where Zoey took Levin and Malachi when Aphmau and the others were stuck in the Irene's Dimension. It's whereabouts are unknown. Note: It is not to be confused with the Sacred Forest, they are two different forests.

Sacred Forest - The Sacred Forest covers a very large portion of the Ru'aun Region, and is the home to Hyria. The forest's trees are gigantic, and the canopy it creates is sufficient enough to allow no light to penetrate the surface. The whole forest was planted by a witch named Hyria, Lucinda's mother, and protector of the forest. She had been alive during the time of Lady Irene, who was the one who gave Hyria the ability to create it. She protects it by making it so the forest is impassable, spitting any traveler back where they started if going straight, by a lake if they go straight then right, or outside of the forest if gone straight and then backwards, as discovered by Chad in an experiment. This makes navigating to the other side of the region near impossible, effectively making boats the predominant form of transportation.

Tundra/Snowy Mountains - In Season One there had been a large snowy biome which hosted the Eastern Wolf Tribe and a band of travelers living in camps, however in Season Two this area is trumped when the area around Pikoro Village is turned into a mountainous, desolate and snowy landscape by the spirit of Ivan, Lucinda's ex. This area reached beyond the previous snowy biome, presumably taking up 2-3x the amount of area. This dramatic change in the landscape was caused by Ivan cursing it after being killed by Lucinda for him using Lucinda only to steal her powers. The landscape essentially secluded Pikoro from the rest of the Ru'aun Region, one of the reasons why Pikoro is not included on the map.

There is also the island of the Gal'ruk Region, which lays host to the Enki Warrior Tribe. That island is also very snowy/cold but contains very unique landforms such as ice crystals as well as

The rest of the biomes - The biomes/transportation routes mentioned above are merely a glimpse of what is found in Aphmau's Minecraft Diaries. Description simply is not enough, and one must watch the series to fully understand the beauty of it. From the forests and swamps to the oceans and architecture in the towns, this world is one which has anything and everything, it just needs to be thought up by Aphmau.


Ru'aun Region -Season One-

Lady Irene Staute

The Lady Irene Statue in Phoenix Drop (better picture please for Season 1).

Phoenix Drop

Carved out from a forest, Phoenix Drop is an Eastern coastal village located on a peninsula, with a close proximity to the village of Old Meteli by land and the trading village of Bright Port by the water. At it's height notable architecture included: great walls with four large watch towers and a gate; a well maintained wheat farm; a dock; a marketplace; and a statue of their Patron, Lady Irene (right).

Phoenix Drop was a growing power in its time. With a high population; with which many were magicks users, a thoughtful Lord, Aphmau, and a fostering number of allies, it became enemies to the power hungry City-State of O'khasis.

Political Relations

Phoenix Drop was very highly regarded by its neighbors, due to Aphmau's pacifist standing and willingness to aid those in need. Included in their list of allies are: Old Meteli, Bright Port, Pikoro Village, the Southern Wolf Tribe, and later Scaleswind.

Their only real enemies were O'khasis and Scaleswind, though Scaleswind had been led to believe that Phoenix Drop had been harboring their Lord's daughter, Nicole, pushing them into war.

Phoenix Drop is the founding village of the Phoenix Alliance; as such, they are a member.

Old Meteli


First impressions of Meteli after docking.

Located in a swamp, Old Meteli is, like Phoenix Drop, an Eastern coastal village. Originally very underdeveloped, Old Meteli was at one point in the wake of a political standoff between Hayden, Cadenza and Laurance's adoptive father, and Kenmur, an ingenious inventor. Hayden eventually won, and from there progress was made. A motel like place was set up for visitors, and a road between Meteli and Phoenix Drop was created, with bridges spanning over the river.

Urla, or better known as the Crazy Cat Lady, lives on an island near Meteli. Castor the Chicken Shaman also lives quite near, to the west.

Old Meteli was burned down during the Battle of Phoenix Drop, with the townspeople taking refuge in Phoenix Drop. The town was abandoned afterwards, and they decided to restart their lives farther North.

Political Relations

Old Meteli was a member of the Phoenix Alliance. Their allies were very similar to that of Phoenix Drop's, except for having less diplomatic ties with the Southern Wolf Tribe and more with the Neapolitan Villages, as for proximity reasons.

Bright Port

Bright Port2-0

Bright Port when looking from the East.

Found on top of sheer drop-offs towards the ocean, Bright Port is a trading town located very close to Phoenix Drop by the water and the Southern Wolf Tribe by the land. Although bigger and better than Old Meteli, Bright Port did not have much to show for itself, having only 2 guard towers, a dock, and an animal pen, along with the villager's houses. During the events of Season 1 Bright Port had had 2 Lords, the first being Lord Burt and, during his enchanted sleep, the Head Guard Azura.

Political Relations

Bright Port had been involved in some very high tension events in its time, including a feud with the Southern Wolf Tribe and once being on the brink of war with Pikoro Village. Nonetheless, Bright Port eventually mended those ties and was a major aid to Phoenix Drop during the Battle of Phoenix Drop, being a member of the Phoenix Alliance.



The City-State of Scaleswind from the mountain gate. (this is a picture from Season 2 however Scaleswind changes little from the 15 years, except for the outside a little)

Second in influence only to O'khasis, Scaleswind in Season One and continued into Season Two is an economically, militarily, and religiously strong place in the Ru'aun Region. The City-State (one of the only two places to achieve such a title) is located in a crater from the dent of a large mountain, which the city uses as a form of protection. Another form stems from the religious impact the city imposes on the region, with the fact that Lady Irene's home-place was there, scaring any invaders away from taking over the city in fear of what divine thing may happen if they do so.

During the events of Season One the Lord of Scaleswind was unnamed, so he was simply called the "Lord of Scaleswind".

Traversing to Scaleswind in Season One was something that proved quite difficult before Season Two, as there had been no visible roads connecting Scaleswind anywhere. In Season Two, that problem is addressed.

With Scaleswind being so large it is not a surprise they have many things inside their walls. Firstly, aside from the walls themselves and numerous guard towers, Scaleswind boasts a church and also many decorative figures such as fountains. One noticeable feature is their grand lavish houses, which are much bigger than all but Okasian ones. It is unknown if Scaleswind has farms, however if they do they are certainly a ways away from the City. Finally, Scaleswind is the only known place in the Ru'aun region to utilise tunnels for above-ground transportation (the Theives Guild in Nahakra Mountain does not count), using one to connect their city to the shoreline where they keep their dock/fleet.

Political Relations

Scaleswind was a place that suffered from many years of war despite paying homage to a great person who strived for peace (Lady Irene), the first as of late being between them and O'khasis. This was because both Garroth and Nicole (the son and daughter of each respective village) had been arranged to marry, and them not wanting to do so made them both run away from their families/village. Garroth had simply ran away, however Nicole bought an expensive illusion that made it look like an Okasian guard killed her, inciting a war between the two superpowers. The next incident was against the Phoenix Alliance, when O'khasis corrupted their leader into thinking her daughter had been kidnapped by their leader, Aphmau. This sparked war, however when their leader learned the truth he immediately repented, and once again waged war with O'khasis. We do not know how that third war went.

Neapolitan Villages

Seemingly forgotten with the progression of time in Season 2, the Neapolitan Villages were a trio of small, interconnected villages located very close to one another near Meteli. Named after the popular ice cream flavor, "Neapolitan" refers to a mix of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, with the small towns' architecture rightfully displaying this; "chocolate" village maintained a primary accent of brown, pink for "strawberry", and white for "vanilla".

Political Relations

During its brief appearance in a story-arch regarding a murder case, Aphmau discovers that this grouping of small towns was, just like many others, corrupted by the Okasian elite. Their helpful Lords had been replaced by lazy, non-sentient ones and, as such, their villages began to break down. In Season 2, due to their lack of appearance or even acknowledgment, we can assume their internal affairs caused their downfall.

The Neapolitan Villages were not members of the Phoenix Alliance, and there has been no on-screen evidence of any other alliances with other villages. As such, we can only assume this grouping of towns was either quite reclusive or held relations only with their closest neighbors, such as Meteli.

Known Villages in MCD

Ru'aun Region

Gal'ruk Region:

Tu'la Region:

  • Havas (Possible Village/City-state)

(better title) What people from the different places look like!

This section will show the skins/pictures of those from different parts of the world, identifying how the culture/climate changes the people in different areas/racial groups (i.e warmer based clothing for places like Phoenix Drop ~ Colder for Enki Warrior Tribe ~ Tula people and wolves.
I will eventually add a gallery with different maps illustrating trade routes, etc. Just give me some time!