This is the page where you can learn about all the Curses and Artifacts in Aphmau's Minecraft Diaries Season 1 and Season 2


Irene's Relic

As it was first seen in episode 100, it was only shown for a short period of time. From what people know of it, it holds the power of last Irene. In season 1 episode 100, Zane tried to take the relic captive. He failed, as the relic suddenly appeared in front of Aphmau , it absorbing into her. Many theories are said in the comments of Aphmau's video's, but that will be explained later in this page's editing.

Zaunarailian Pendant

The pendanot was first seen in season 1, episode 68, when Aphmau found the pendent on Kiki . The pendent's power made Kiki pass out and was brought to the Eastern wolf tribe village. When Kiki finally woke up, she told Aphmau that she was gifted the pendent by Zane. One of the wolfs from the wolf tribe goes on to tell Aphmau the history of the pendent. That will soon (mabye tomorrow) be corrected when I'm done editing my page and collecting all the imformation of all the relics.

Shad's Relic

Ivy had absorbed Shad's Relic years ago when she baca me part of the Jury of Nine, and when she was killed by Garroth at the end of S2, the relic flew out and came to Aphmau, because at the time she was *SPOILERS* pregnant with the last living descendant of Shad.

Alexis' Necklace

Swords of The Divine Warriors

These swords were given to Garroth , Dante , and Laurence by Katelyn .It is said these swords were blesssed by priests which represented:

Enki The Keeper

Esmund The Protector

Irene The Matron (also known as Lady Irene)-Aphmau has her sword when in her Irene firm

Shad the Destroyer-Aaron has his sword

(Maybe List)

Menphia The Fury

Kul'Zak The Keeper

These characters represented by gods and goddesses took down the shadow lord origanally and protected the overworld for many years; A story was told about them by Katelyn and Sasha , but both of them didn't give much detail.

Garroth's Sword

Laurance's Sword

Dante's Swords

Communication Amulets

An item used in Minecraft Diaries to communicate. Voice messages are transferred from amulet to amulet.

Aphmau and Garroth's Communication Amulets (S1)

Aphmau and Garroth used a communication amulet in s1 to create a plan to distract Jeffory and somehow sneak out past the curfew in the village and rescue that captive Lords.

Dante and Gene 's Communication Amulets (S1)

Before Gene became a Shadow Knight, he left Dante an amulet to remember him by,and Dante still talks to it sometimes for comfort, even though he knows that Gene isn't there to answer.

Aaron and Jury of Nine 's Communication Amulets (S1)

Zane and his spies and other cohorts all have a communication amulet network, and The Stranger(Aaron) had access to one of them, making it possible to hear every conversation they had over the amulets. 


Michi's Meif'wa Curse, this curse was given to Aphmau, Katelyn and Laurance by Michi. The effect it had on them was that it gave them Meif'wa ears and tail. Which enhanced hearing.

Falconclaw's Curse: Whe Znae gave an amulet to Aaron's son Jacob in the woods, he brought it back to his father thinking that it was treasure. But the second Aaron touched it, every single person in Falconclaw died except him, including his whole family. The people who live around the ruins of Falconclaw still believe that their lord(Aaron) had gone crazy and killed everyone, and that you could still hear the spirits wandering around.