Hello Hyria
Season 2, Episode 93
Post Date

May 15th, 2016



Written by

Jess and Jason/Dom

Directed by

Jess and Jason/Dom

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"A Lord and Her Guards"

"Spa Day"

"Hello Hyria" is the ninety-third episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on May 15th, 2016. It runs for 16 minutes and 46 seconds.


"Aphmau wakes up in Phoenix Drop and begins to plan the next course of action"

Episode Overview



  • The thumbnail for this episode features Travis
  • When Aphmau says, "Lucinda says 'hello'!" and Hyria responds with "...from the other side?" (Time: 12:05), that is a reference to the song 'Hello' sung by Adele, coming from its chorus.
  • Hyria makes a reappearance ever since she took her leave in Episode 59 Mother and Daughter


Hello Hyria - Minecraft Diaries -S2- Ep16:47

Hello Hyria - Minecraft Diaries -S2- Ep.93 Minecraft Roleplay-

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