Her Best Friends
MyStreet 32
Season 1, Episode 32
Post Date March 3, 2016
Duration 10:46
Written By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Directed By *Aphmau
  • Dom
Produced By
Edited By
Storyboarded By
Episode Guide
"Aphmau in Love PT.3 Mom Ro'Meave"
"A-Con 2016"
"Her Best Friends" is the 32nd episode of MyStreetIt premiered on March 3rd, 2016. 


"Aphmau invites Zane over to Aaron's house to have a little hang out!"





  • At 10 minutes and 46 seconds, this is the shortest episode of the season and series.
  • Aphmau mentions Gravity Falls ending and says she needs to catch up. This implies she's a fan of Gravity Falls.
    • This was most likely proven true because she made Zane dress up as Dipper in the Season 1 finale
  • Aphmau appears to have switched back her regular attire. 
  • The thumbnail shows Travis wearing a show host outfit but this is absent during the episode.
  • It is revealed that Katelyn is allergic to bees. 
  • Aphmau and Travis used to be close friends. This is proven to be true in the first episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, where they are first seen interacting. 
  • Aphmau's favorite second favorite color is white. 


Her Best Friends Minecraft MyStreet Ep10:47

Her Best Friends Minecraft MyStreet Ep.32 Minecraft Roleplay-1


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